Friday, September 25, 2009

How to Get Flatter Abs in No Time

When we are sitting on the sofa, observing yet another couple of fitness models on TV demonstrating yet another ab machine, we may begin to absently push into our own pudgy tummy. Disappointed we push our fingers at the belly and feel dejected by the feel of that pouch. Suddenly, relieved, we realize we failed to tense the muscle. So we do and sure enough there is a nice wall of muscle there, firm and hard, but of course the fleshy skin is still there.

But, satisfied with that inspiration we justify that you have a set of abs too just like those attractive fitness models. Only....for some reason your abs are totally different from the fitness models abs. For a start, when you look in the mirror, the look is quite different and even disappointing, when we compare our abs to theirs. What is going on here? We just found our abs didn't we? We tensed them and sure enough they were there! They were hard, you even swear you could feel the bumps! The six pack!

However, if you took your shirt off, hardly anyone would notice you. You would wager, if they take their shirt off, everyone notices and admires their abs. Whats is going on here? Suddenly you realize something very new and different about your abs. You conclude abs is not about the muscles, because you obviously have those. It is about presentation!

The difference is the fitness model has a layer of smooth, supple, thin, skin across their abs. Your skin however is thick, fleshy and full of engorged fat cells. This is what is hiding your abs and therefore destroying your presentation!

Lose a few pounds a week over the next month and watch how good your abs begin to look!

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How To Get Flat Abs Fast

Lets face it, the abdominal muscle group is the center piece on any muscular body. The reason why is because of the science of aesthetics. The eye will naturally follow the V shape of wide shoulders and a small set of abs. This V shape makes the eye settle at the abs which is why the abdominals are so popular as a body part to work on.

But there is some bad news. Most people are very confused about getting a flat, lean, ripped set of abs. Many people give up because of the phenomenon I am about to share with you now. People get confused about the V shape. The reason why a muscular body is so much more appealing with a nice set of abs is because of the differential dimensions between the shoulders and the torso. The wider the shoulders and the smaller the torso, the more satisfying the body is to look at. The eye searches out that V shape.

But what do we do when we decide to get a real nice set of abs? What can we do? We do what all the trainers suggest and that is to work them. To do ab crunches and sit ups. Makes sense? Of course it does...or does it? When you work your abdominals, you GROW them. I hope you just read that, it is the most important point on this page!

When you grow your abdominals you reduce the differential between the top of the wide V shape and the narrow tapered bottom, the abs, because the abs are getting thicker and wider. When we begin to work the abdominals, we grow them. The abs naturally respond to the strain you apply to them. If you also have a layer of fat across your abs, this along with the now larger abdominal muscle group begins to dominate your physique and shape. Make sense?

The abs are a large muscle group that respond very effectively to resistance training. They can easily be ripped. But we are not trying to grow this responsive muscle group. We are trying to create the V shape taper that the eye naturally seeks out. so the job is essentially to reduce your body fat percentage. Increase the size of your shoulders arms and chest (which can never be too big) and make the skin across your abs as thin, tight and supple as possible. The good news is, groveling on the floor doing back breaking sit ups is completely unnecessary on an ongoing basis. You do need to do some crunches to get them to respond, but the abdominals is one muscle group that you don't need to grow too big!

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How To Get Defined Abs For The Ultimate Body

The ultimate body shape, for men anyway, is the V shape. This inverted triangle shape is a natural shape that the eye is drawn to. The eye and the brain naturally look at the shoulders than rests at the abdominals to ascertain the slimness of that person. The differential between how broad and massive the shoulders are and the tightness and "smallness" of the abs is what the brain uses to perceive the fitness of the individual.

To get the ultimate body, you must have bumpy abs, or what is often referred to as the six pack. Without this detail a muscular body loses its legitimacy. You are often perceived more as fat than muscular until you have that six pack detail. The reason why is because of aesthetics and not muscles. When an area has no features it looks bigger because the eye has nothing to look at in the middle so it naturally follows the outline of that area. Because of this, an area is always perceived bigger when it is featureless, this is a well documented fact and known in scientific circles as an optical illusion.

If you have a thick layer of fat on your abdominals, what happens is that the details or definition of the muscles underneath are not visible. It is just a flat area with the belly button in the middle. The eye naturally traces at the edges because apart from the belly button there is no features to dwell on. This makes your torso look bigger not smaller.

There is a lot of confusion about abdominals. Specifically because what happens is this, we decide we want a nice tight set of abdominals, so what do we do about it? We train them of course. But something strange happens when we train them. The abs start looking worse, our body starts looking worse than before we put in the work! If you have a layer of fat on your tummy and on top of this layer, you enlarge your abdominal muscle group, what happens is the entire area gets bigger!!! But what we are actually after is the V taper. Large shoulders, small waste right? I hope this is making sense to you!

To get a defined set of abs you need to reduce your body fat percentage and not enlarge your abs too much. You want to train them to the point where they are bumpy. But that's it. Any more and your torso becomes too wide and that V shape becomes a square. Build shoulders arms and chest and reduce your body fat. Your abs will naturally show and be the focal point of your physique.

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How to Get Hard Abs Without Busting a Gut

Ever thought about really putting the effort and getting a set of ripped lean and defined set of abs? I'm sure you have, who hasn't. They look so dang good, how can we not hope for looking like this some day. In this article a I expose a little ignorance and give you a few interesting ideas about getting hard abs without working too hard.

First and foremost, you must realize what you want. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the abdominal body part. The confusion lays in working them. It seems logical, that if we want better looking abs we should work them and grow them. This fact is responsible for more people quitting and never bothering again. The confusion is understandable, but you should approach this intelligently and you will get the results you are after without too much work.

Getting a good set of hard abs is about presentation and not the muscles themselves. Its about a visual balance and aesthetics. Working your abs for hours and hours a week actually has the opposite effect, hence this is why most people give up. Their muscles grow around the waist as a response to their diligent work outs. Then they despair as they notice something strange. They dont look good!

If you have a layer of fat across your abs, and you do the work outs that make the abs grow too, you are actually making your torso look bigger. But wait? Isn't that the point? Heres why. A set of neat tight abs on a muscular body make a great center piece. All muscular bodies are not complete without the familiar six pack. But....when the eye looks at a muscular body it focuses on the six pack because it is a natural resting place. The eye follows the V shape, the wide shoulders and rests at the point of the V the bottom of it, the abdominals. The eye searches for this natural shape, the V or a triangle and is naturally more satisfied with a smaller V The wider the top, the more tapered the bottom, the more satisfying it is to look at.

So if we work out our abs and grow them...we are actually doing the opposite of what we want. A nice tight torso. The key to a nice tight center piece is reducing your body fat. That is really how abs are made. The bumps you will find quite easily and naturally once your skin layer is absent of the access fat which hides them!

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How to Get Killer Abs Rapidly

The trick to killer abs is presentation. Plain and simple. Many people become confused about this particular body part.. The abdominals are an attractive center piece on a good muscular body. When we decide we want an attractive set of abs too, what do we do? We start training them. We work them and work them and work them until they start getting larger....but there is a problem. If you enlarge the abdominals you are actually doing the opposite of what you really want.

The eye always travels and rests on the abs. This is why abdominals are so popular to train. However, this myth is perpetuated by the fitness industry to help sell more ab machines. The truth is, you don't want big abs. A good muscular body has a nice tight set of abs, yes, but they look good because they are SMALL!!! The eye compares the shoulders and the torso to effectively make a decision on how tight lean and skinny a person is. If you have a thick layer of fat on your torso, and you train your abdominals also, what happens is your torso GROWS the added muscle fiber along with the existing fat makes the torso look bigger not smaller.

Clearly there is a lot of confusion here. Killer abs are a matter of aesthetics and not muscle. You can easily get them to respond with some mild pedestrian resistance training. The key is to reduce your over all body fat. Single digit percentages body fat gives the definition you need to get a killer looking set of abs.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Get Toned Abs in Your Spare Time

Ever wonder how those gorgeous fitness models manage to look like they do? Seems unfair doesn't it? They probably worked for years to develop that sort of look. The truth is, they probably went from flabby and weak, to tight, ripped and lean within under two months....cmon, you don't believe that? It's often more painful to believe the truth. Because if they did manage such a remarkable transformation so quickly, you lose your excuse. You lose the reason that is keeping you happy and chubby.

What if you could be happy and ripped? When we press our fingers into our tummy, we find it spongy and flabby. Our pot belly distends and we feel disappointed by how it feels. Then suddenly we realize we didn't tense them. So we tense them and a little relieved, we are delighted to discover, there is actually a fairly firm wall of muscle behind that pudgy stomach fat. Phew! A little happier now, we casually glance up at the TV to witness a pair of glamorous looking fitness models demonstrating some exercise or other and it strikes us their abdominal muscles and your abdominal muscles are exactly the same but different in a very important way.

Take your shirt off and it barely even gets noticed by the opposite sex. When they take their shirt off, everyone looks and admires.

Something suddenly occurs to you. Something totally different. Something completely new about your abs. Getting abs is not about the muscles, it is about presentation and how they look. Toning your abs is not very difficult. This large muscle group responds very effectively to some mild pedestrian strain. They are a very large muscle group and can easily be trained to a point of ripped. The different is in the presentation. Those taught lean fitness models look so good because the skin across their abdominals is thin, supple and tight. Yours may be thick flabby and loose!

Getting toned, neat abs is more about reducing the body fat than it is building up and working these muscles.

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How To Get Strong Abs That Look Good

You may have considered beefing up your abs recently or in the past. Some people want stronger abs, for health reasons. And, yes it is very true that a strong set of abdominals takes the strain off the lower back. Often, when we have weak abdominal muscles, we rely on our lower back to support our posture. This often leads to lower back pain. Others want stronger abdominals simply because they want to look good. This is not unreasonable, as a tight set of abs is the center piece on any muscular body.

Sitting there on the sofa, we push our fingers into our abs and are completely underwhelmed by the feel of them. Then, relieved, we remember we haven't tensed them. So we tense them and sure enough there is a relatively firm wall of muscle there. Happy with that, we look up at the TV casually and notice a pair of fitness models demonstrating the latest TV ab cruncher machine, sitting there with your hand on your tummy, u realize something. You have abs just like they do...but your abs are decidedly different to their abs right?

When you put on swimming clothes and go down to the beach, possibly the opposite sex barely even notice you much less admire your abs. When these fitness models go to the beach, everyone notices. Everyone looks and admires. Whats going on here? You have the same abs they do right?

What is the confusion? What is the difference? Suddenly we realize something completely new. A great, strong set of abs is less about the muscles and more about the presentation of those muscles.

The fitness model has exactly the same abs you do. Only the skin covering across their abs is thin. supple and tight. The skin across your abs is thick with engorged fat cells, it is flabby loose and your abs are not even visible.

The key to abs is having them sure, it takes little to get this large muscle group to respond to stimulation, however the real work of this task is getting your body fat percentage lean enough so your abs DO show through a little!

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How To Get Better Abs In A Hurry

I am going to assume you already have some muscle tone in your abs. I am also going to assume you are fit enough to do the types of exercises that create a defined six pack like ab crunches and sit ups. If other parts of your body look great but your abs are still a little out of shape, here are some good ideas you can consider.

It's important to realize that the abdominals is a fairly large muscle group and respond quite well to stimulation in most people. A tight set of abs on a muscular body is the center piece of that body. Aesthetically, the eye goes to the abs for one reason. You may think it is because they are so big and developed. But the opposite is true. The abs attract the eye because they are so SMALL in contrast to other body parts like shoulders arms and chest. This is the ultimate truth about a nice set of abs and can confuse people often.

When deciding you want a better set of abs the first thing you do is start training them. This enlarges the muscle group. If you train them too much you lose the V shape you are after. The shoulders being wide and the torso small.

The biggest factor that gives a torso the visual effect of being smaller is detail. It is an optical illusion. when there is not detail on the torso, no bumps and ridges, the mid rift looks bigger. It literally appears larger because the eye has nothing to look at so it travels to the outer edges of the torso, looking for definition. When there is detail, when the 6 pack shows, the eyes is satisfied and looks at the interior. This is why a torso looks smaller. You want your torso as tight looking as possible so your shoulders appear bigger.

So ultimately the key is making the skin layer covering the abdominals as thin as possible. That means cardio and limiting calorie intake. When that skin layer is supple and tight across the abdominals, you will get the detail and therefore get the visual effect you need.

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Six Pack Abs And A Great Way To Burn Them When They Are Stubborn!

I've always really enjoyed seeing my clients faces when they finish one of our workouts and are holding their stomach's and shaking their heads in satisfied understanding.

You see many times people have come to train saying they've reach what we call a 'plateau' in their abs training. They've become used to a particular exercise and rep range. That's when it gets exciting. I go into this in much more detail in my book - AbMetrics. But for this article I am going to explain what we do.

Basically I work 'opposites' - by this I mean, when that feeling of a plateau sets in, I work with the client to see exactly what they are doing and I reverse the program.

i.e. if they do 100 sit ups for example with just body weight - I reverse them to lower reps of say 10 with weighted abdominal work.

This is a simple example and it is more in depth than that but the gist is exactly as I said. I firstly like to confuse and 'reprogram' the abs - regularly doing this in the way I do blasts through plateaus. Don't get me wrong, these are challenging moments but I love going through them and seeing the other side, where training kicks in to being a 'results based' past time again....

Secondly, I have a complete guide to my 'confusion' techniques in the book but another thing that works wonders is 'exhaustion reps' - these have been around a while and are something you work up to...but after all is said and done and the ab workout is over, I've been known to get my clients straight back into an exercise they've not done in a while or not even heard of. I'm there letting them know its got to be done...etc etc and the results are incredible as the body is not prepared and the mind is already on its way to the showers...

but you can do it alone also. Just don't think about anything else, do your sets then when you know you are finished pop in a new final set of a completely different exercise for say 10-30 this with as much strict form as possible - THEN finish....

The showers await and your stomach WILL burn...all the way through your plateaus. And six pack abs are the final end result.

Tristan Lewis is a Certified Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer and Author of the most informative book on abdominal training on the internet. He has travelled the world training clients and has spent 15 years in over 15 Countries in the research of his book. His AbMetrics - The Global Almanac of Proven Abdominal Training was researched thoroughly and provides many new and exciting proven abdominal exercises as well as a structuring of the 'classics' that work. Get the book now

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How To Get Washboard Abs That Make Your Girlfriend Shreak!

Imagine hiding your secret workout regime under loose fitting jumpers and coats for a few weeks while you transform your abs. Your partner has no clue why you are distant, but in a month you unveil your work. A neat set of washboard abs, tight ripped and lean. Would she/he be a little surprised?

You bet! A friend of mine did just that. He was an average looking guy with an average soft body, with a typical layer of fat surrounding his abs. He suddenly got inspired by the idea of a surprise set of washboard abs and decided to keep his project top secret for the month he worked out. Boy was his girlfriend surprised. To say she had a positive reaction was an understatement.

The thing I explained to him that really made it fall into place for him was how to approach a tight set of washboards. Most people are very confused and have some strange ideas about how to get washboard abs. The confusion lays in the working of the abs themselves. It is confusing because we want nice ripped abs, so we decide to work them. We are set on the idea that we need to grow them. Let me clarify this once and for all for you.

Washboard abs are a matter of presentation. A set of tight lean abs on a muscular body is the center piece on that body. It is the focal point. The place the eye rests aesthetically speaking. Many people that decide to get a good body want the abs and focus on the abs. The only problem is that if you have a thick layer of fatty skin covering your abs, the size of your mid rift actually GROWS bigger when you work the abs. You are actually achieving the opposite of what you really want. The ab muscles grow, underneath the thick layer of fat covering the abs, adding to the mass of the torso. Making it bigger to look at.

A muscular body is made up of large arms, large shoulders and large pecs. The focal point of the body is always the abs. The reason why the abs are the focal point is aesthetic contrast. The abs look good because they are so SMALL not big. They are tiny compared to the chest and shoulders and that is why they make the whole physique look good.

The abs are a large muscle group that respond very easily when stimulated. Getting the familiar 6 pack bumps is not hard to achieve. You really don't want them TOO developed. What you are after is the V shape. So, large massive shoulders is the key. Reducing your body fat percentage is the answer. Not growing the abdominal muscle group too much.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

How To Get Perfect Abs, Suprisingly It Is Really About Presentation!

To get the perfect abs, you need to begin thinking about the task differently. In most peoples minds, images of sweating and groveling on the floor come to mind. However, if you approach it intelligently, you can really get a perfect set of abs without too much trouble or work.

To approach the task intelligently, first lets look at what we are really tying to accomplish then we can formulate a good way to complete our goal in the easiest and simplest way possible.

Abs are actually less about hard work and more about presentation. To illustrate the concept, let me give you an analogy. Lets pretend we got our mountain bike out of the shed and placed it on the ground laying it side ways. Then we take a thin blanket and cast it across the mountain bike. Immediately after the blanket settles we can see the bike. The bike is still familiar to make out. We can see the outline of the wheels and the peddles are sticking up through the blanket. The handle bars are easy to make out too because we can guess whats under the thin blanket, by seeing the clues and shapes of the bike.

Now lets try this again, but this time we remove the thin blanket and instead throw on a mattress. The thick mattress covers the bike entirely and gives absolutely no clue what is under that thick mattress. There are no shapes at all to make out. Just a mattress.

The fat layer you have over your abs can be like the thin blanket or like the thick heavy mattress. If it is like the thick mattress then you have no definition. The abs are actually a large muscle group that is easily trained and responds quite well to stimulation. You can literally create a desirable set of abs quite quickly.

For most people, the hard work is uncovering those abs, so they show. Getting a perfect set of abs is about presentation. It's about reducing your calorie intake and reducing your body fat percentage.

If you would like to get a six pack in 23 days or less, buy The "Abs In 23 Days" training program. You can learn more about this award winning, abdominal pumping, fat stripping product by clicking HERE

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How To Get Flat Abs Fast - The Secret Tricks Of The Trade!

Ok people let's get into it! Its clear that your here reading this article as you wish to stop messing around and get down and dirt with insider info on how to get flat abs fast. No matter were you are at with your current fitness levels be it overweight, fitness trainer, bodybuilder etc these principles will take you down the right path when applied to your day to day life.

The biggest component is going to come down to your currently eating - Now when i say this I'm talking times between meals & what your eating. How often you eat is just as important as when you eat. To those of you that don't know already, our body is a incredible vehicle. When we have not had a meal for over a couple hours we simply begin to slow down, which then leads to our metabolism slowing right down.

So first things first, diet and eating intervals. I want you to eat 5 - 6 times a day to ensure that your metabolism stays cranked. This will ensure that your burning of as much calories as possible when simple sitting down or sleeping. The next aspect of your diet is the food that you consume, we need you eating foods that will not slow down your body's natural fat burning ability. Sludgy foods like fried foods and meals with excessive amounts of cheese such as Pizza will slow your body right down. Believe it or not our body takes quiet some time to recover from such foods.

One of the best ways to alter your currently eating habits is to first deal with your day to day items. If you eat white bread - get red of it now and convert to Wholegrain as a bare minimum. If you enjoy multi grain, take this option and its far better for you. We want/ fibre in a diet so non processed foods or meals that contain grains are usually very good for you.

Want to know How to Get Flat Abs fast? Learn all there is to know about Diets/Workouts/Fat burning tips!

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How To Get Great Abs In Your Spare Time

One of the problems with exercise is that it is boring and the other problem is finding the time. But, did you know you can get a great looking set of abs, without any equipment, You can do it watching tv, you can do it for 20 minutes while driving to work and you can even do it while laying in bed.

The secret to a good set of abs is low body fat percentage. When the layer of skin covering your abs is thin, it shows through the bumps underneath. So, even if you do have a great set of abs after putting in all that work, you will still need to reduce the fat cells in your skin to a point where the skin is thin enough to be taught and tight around your mid rift.

The good news however, is that getting those abs is not hard. The abdominal muscle group is very large and responds very effectively in most people, to stimulation.

Resistance training is important, but you can do the exercise below for 10 or 20 minutes a day and get the same results without doing a single ab crunch or sit up. It may take you a year or two, but it certainly is one way to create a great looking set of abs without disrupting your schedule or setting foot in a gym. Also, you don't need to sweat, it is not a difficult exercise, but within a week you should begin to see a difference in over all tone and flexion.

Whether you are in your car or laying in bed, all you have to do is aggressively tense your abdominal muscle group, hold it for 10 seconds, simply by counting, "1 cat and dog, 2 cat and dog, 3 cant and dog" till you get to 10, then release. Don t rest too long, then do it again, really feeling the tension and squeezing as hard as you can for another 10 seconds then release. Do this exercise 60 to 120 times over 10 or 20 minutes and watch the abs begin to respond.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

How To Get A Six Pack Fast - Do You Want Abs Easily?

Ok ladies and gents, Summer is around the corner so the time has come when everyone knows the shirts are about to start being ripped off all over your area. Whether you want your six pack for yourself or simply for the lady's, its crucial that you learn more than just ab routines in order to get rid of that stubborn body fat.

Unfortunately people you can not choose where on your body you wish to take of some fat, so we are talking about the need to reduce your overall body fat. When most people think of reducing there fat they think to hop straight on the treadmill, cross trainer or other cardio equipment & run themselves into the ground. Cardio is most definitely a key element in the process needed to get abs but the most crucial part of your game plan needs to start in the kitchen. Now I'm not about to tell you to starve yourself - I'm most likely going to tell you to start eating more food throughout the day!

When in say this I'm talking about 5 - 6 Meals a day instead of the traditional 3 - 4. There are many reasons for this, the main reason being that your body slips into starvation mode after not receiving any food after 2-3 hours. Once your body hits starvation mode your energy levels will decline and your metabolism will slow right down. This is not what we want if we want to get a six pack fast for summer.

In order for you to get abs fast you need to learn the following

- Perfect ab exercise/ Weight training ratio

- Learn about foods that boost your metabolism

- Eat 5 - 6 meals a day religiously

- Learn Ab Routines to hit all areas of your midsection

Want To know How To Get A Six Pack Fast? Come And Learn Perfect Ratios of Weights/Cardio/Ab Diets

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Do The Abs Best Exercise That Works For You

One of the major areas of concern whether you're a health buff or not is achieving flat abs. The truth is it is not easy and even getting a six-pack abs can be very frustrating. Many of those have tried all the recommended abs best exercise from all source of information. In the internet alone, you can find thousands of links about this topic. There are more than enough of the types of abdominal exercises to choose from.

Why does it have to be the abs? This is because the abs is where the human body stores excess fats. Every person on earth needs fat. But to have too much of it is unhealthy. So the never ending pursuit of getting rid of unwanted fats in your body becomes a big deal. Now the argument is that if there are excessive fats in your system, you have to get rid of it.

There are several kinds of abs exercise claiming that these are the abs best exercise. The truth is, not all of them may work for you. In fact, you don't need to try all of them. Just choose the ones that you think are easier and manageable. Read the step by step methods in each exercise to know which ones are easier. The bottom line is to get those muscles working in your tummy.

There may be countless exercises to choose from but some are recommended as more effective for you than others. Surprisingly, the traditional crunch isn't the abs best exercise at all. Below are three most recommended but you may only need one or two to go.

- The Captain's Chair. This is performed by relaxing your arms with two horizontal supports in a frame. An improvisation is by fastening these supports to a wall. Of course it follows that these must be able to carry more than just your weight. Then you bend your legs up to your abdominal area. This is similar to how you would do a leg raise with folded knees, except that you are doing this vertically straight up. Check out some websites on how this is done properly.

- The Bicycle Exercise. Specific abdominal muscles are targeted when doing this exercise. Generally this is done by lying face up with your body positioned as how the traditional crunch is done. When doing this, you will be moving your legs just like how you would ride a bicycle. Hence its name. This exercise is also considered an abs best exercise because particularly works for the rectus abdominis and the oblique muscles.

- The Exercise Ball Crunch. Another effective abs workout is this one. Although you need to buy an exercise ball to do this. It's a flexible rubber sphere that looks like a very huge balloon. You do the exercise by resting your lower back and have your feet rest on the floor. Then you do the abs crunch. This type also targets the rectus abdominis. A lot of pictures are also available for better illustration.

People aim for six-packs. The sad thing is, if we don't get it instantly, we get discouraged and give up. Flattening your abs requires discipline including your lifestyle. Yes, that is correct. Your lifestyle and that includes getting your habit for the abs best exercise regularly with proper diet. And while it is true that it requires hard work and the right mind set, all of these exercises only work if done repetitively. Great abs never happens overnight.

Don't waste your time with the wrong flatter abs exercise! Achieve flatter abs with the abs best exercise that works for you!

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How To Get Nice Abs Fast

Getting a nice set of abs is not so hard. The abdominals are a large muscle group that respond very effectively to stimulation in most people. Care must be taken with the abs and approaching it intelligently is vital. If you build this muscle group without paying close attention to presentation, you can actually end up with a large over sized mid rift for all your work. Proportion and presentation is the key.

Building large shoulders or arms requires lots of work, however the abdominals respond easy. Most people get the two confused. They endeavor to work their abs really hard, often they have a thick layer of fat covering their abdominals so it becomes difficult to see the results of their work. So they work even harder. This is important...when you build bigger abdominals and you have a layer of fat across them, you will actually make your mid section look bigger not smaller! The larger muscles of the abdominals pushes out the thick layer of skin to make an even larger mid section.

The key to a nice set of abs is reducing the over all body fat percentage. You are not really trying to make your abs massive like you do for the shoulders and arms if you are a guy. The abs are a center piece, to a nice muscular body. They are the focal point on a good looking muscular body. But here is the confusion. They are a focal point because they are small. Not because they are big in proportion to the shoulders, pecs and arms.

It's a strange contradiction that most people fail to recognize. The logic goes, if I am working my abs, I must make them grow bigger. But the truth is you are not. You are putting in effort to make the mid section as SMALL as possible compared to you upper body. In this way you get the attractive V shape.

Working the ab muscles mildly and lowering your body fat percentage is the key.

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