Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Six Pack Abs - Why Do People Fail?

Six pack abs are hard to get at the best of times. Sure there are those who naturally seem to have one. It might be their jobs or their recreation but either way, they are doing something. I must admit that they annoyed me. They didn't work-out or do any exercise, their body naturally equipped them.

Too bad it didn't work out for me. But I have since learned that being a victim does nothing. I can complain all I want but in the end, it does nothing to help me to get six pack abs.

If I want six pack abs, then I have to go out and get them.

Why do people want a six pack?

Six pack abs say to everyone around you that you are disciplined, strong, sexy, and that you go for what you want. Who wouldn't want to be known as a person like that?

Why do so many people not have a six pack?

Of course, not every single person in the world wants six pack abs, but I'm quite sure that a lot of them do. I must say that I quite enjoy mine and the effect it has on those around me. But why don't people have a six pack like me? I don't think it's because they don't want them - most people would have a six pack if they thought they could. I think that the single, greatest reason why people don't have a six pack is laziness.

Yep, you heard correctly. It's not diet, it's not lifestyle, (although all those things are important), it is their choice to not take action. Anyone can read a book and find out all sorts of exercises to get six pack abs, but in the end, unless they take action, they have nothing.

I have a quote in front of me saying, "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits". That is so very appropriate to six pack abs. If you are a quitter, you will never have a six pack. But guess who gets to choose whether you are a quitter? YOU!

So Why Do People Fail?

People fail because they give up. People fail because they blame someone else. Do you want to be someone who succeeds? Then go for it. Go out and take action. Taking action is the greatest tip anyone can ever give you, and providing you follow it, you can have anything you want.

If you would take responsibility for yourself, if you would stop blaming your flab on external variables, if you would say, "It is my choice and my fault if I am fat, unhealthy and ugly". Sorry to be rude, but it's the only way. Something has to move you to action. I want you to have what you want and I am trying to motivate you to take it. You are the only obstacle in the way of you have sexy six pack abs.

If you have decided to take action and responsibility for your life, I congratulate you. The next step is directions and I have them. If you have decided to take action and claim your six pack abs, please visit: for a killer workout.

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Flatten That Stomach - Here's How To Get Amazing Abs

It's summer... but do we dare bare our body on the beach?

Maybe not this year! I need to lose some flab off my stomach.

Would you like to have great abs? Of course you would... that's not really the question is it? How to flatten that stomach and get great abs... that's what we want to know!

Oh! And while you're at it... make it easy. None of those tough workouts or diets!

There are lots of places for finding exercises that flatten the stomach:

You've already started with the internet and you'll find lots of resources here. But be warned... there are lots of very cruel people out there who lurk at gyms and will no doubt harass you into a life and death struggle with getting those six-pack abs. If that's what you're looking for then go for it. But with a little less total commitment and a little more time you can achieve a pretty decent looking body without all that pain.

Videos can be a real help.

With videos the music will move you along and you won't really notice the workout. What seemed like a struggle before becomes fun. Music is amazingly therapeutic.

Another great activity to flatten the stomach, if you have the time and money, is to join a gym or a fitness club. Here you can get help from trainers and have access to different types of equipment dedicated to your abs.

The real value of a fitness center is the group experience. It's fun to work in a group. You can join in the fitness sessions, join the line dancing classes (don't be fooled... line dancing can give you a pretty good workout) and you can form a group of like minded friends to support you.

And don't forget the library. The library is a great and often times overlooked place to find exercises that flatten the stomach. Especially if you're on a tight budget! You'll even find workout videos to borrow here.

But keep in mind... if you have a lot of flab on your tummy then exercise alone will take a long, long time to deal with that. No point having great abs if they're hidden under the flab.

Ideally you'd like an eating plan that would take off the weight without any pain or struggle.

I can show you how to do this!

If you're interested I can show you a plan to make this a reality in your life; you'll lose weight and you won't be hungry! We have recently written a book entitled "Lose Weight - Never Go Hungry" which lays out a plan for overcoming Carbohydrate addiction and losing weight.

You can download it FREE here: "Lose Weight - Never Go Hungry"

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are Six Pack Abs Sexy?

Some people see six pack abs and find them a turn off, others find them very sexy. What makes people go from one end of the scale to another? Maybe the people who find a six pack grotesque are the ones who think that they would never be able to put in the amount of determination it takes to achieve a similar body physique. This is true in only one respect; they have not convinced themselves that they "could" achieve this look if they wanted to. Like many thing in life, you must believe in your own ability and the ability to push yourself when you need to.

A sexy six pack is a reward for the hard work that people put into it, this does not happen in a couple of days or weeks. Here is another stumbling block for many, they don't see the results quick enough so they quit. The reality is, you must lose fat to get that toned look, this is necessary with any kind of exercise. Without losing fat you will not achieve the desired effect, the muscle will just be hidden by that fatty tissue.

Cardio Vascular exercises are the best for burning fatty tissue; of course this is where you really do earn your six pack abs. sit ups, abdominal crunches and others may seem like a walk in the park compared to the cardio section of a workout. This is where the body you desire is either achieved or dumped, if you give up here you are destined to quit.

If you can overcome the desire to give up, then all of your hard work will start to show through before you know it. Once you can actually see a change for the better, you will receive a vital boost to your ego and your stamina. Like anything, once you see an improvement you push harder to achieve more, keep going and before you know it you will have sexy six pack abs.

If you want to get six pack abs, think positively, set aside time to exercise and make sure that you warm up properly. You may not always see the results within the first couple of weeks, after a month to six weeks you will start to see improvements, if you stick to the proper training. Above all, if you are exercising at home, train safely and follow a good guide. Eat sensibly and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

For more information on how to get a great six pack click - Sexy Six Pack Abs

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Six Pack Abs

Six pack abs don't come by mail order unfortunately, you have to work at them. Anyone who tells you that you can have a six pack in a week is talking about cosmetic surgery not exercise. If you truly believe that you could put in the effort to get ripped abs, then you can strike one up for determination. Determination and a positive attitude will only take you so far, the hard part is sticking to the workouts, even when you want to skip a session.

There are many exercises which will help you achieve a great six pack, but did you know that doing these exercises wrong can either have no effect or worse, they can injure you? It's true; so many people every year just have the thought of getting fit and working on the stomach muscles like a madman. If you have ever torn a muscle during exercise you were probably told to rest the injury for am couple of weeks, not everyone does this. People have injured themselves through using the wrong techniques and continued to train regardless. This is taking the expression "no pain no gain" to extremes, a little pain whilst training is ok, but never try to work through an injury.

Sit ups used to be the only stomach exercise people used to obtain six pack abs, unfortunately these only worked a fraction of the muscle group. Abdominal crunches are a good all round technique for the muscles and can only be varied slightly. After extensive research, fitness instructors and medical professionals have found many exercises which will help to build those all important stomach muscles. Abs blasting crunch, seated jack knife, abs bench crunch, hanging knee ups to name but a few.

If you want to get six pack abs, think positively, set aside time to exercise and make sure that you warm up properly.

You may not always see the results within the first couple of weeks, after a month to six weeks you will start to see improvements, if you stick to the proper training.

Above all, if you are exercising at home, train safely and follow a good guide.

For more information on how to get a great six pack click - Six Pack Abs

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How To Get 6-Pack Abs Quickly At Home - The Shocking Technique Of The Alphabet

Do you want to use exercise equipment to get 6 pack abs quickly without having to go to the local gyms to do it? Here is some good news for you: you don't need to go anywhere to get those 6 pack abs!

To get your 6 pack abs quickly, one of the most efficient exercises remains the classic abdominal crunch: lie on the floor with your arms across your chest or your hands held firmly and tightly behind your head. Keep your feet on the floor. Tighten your abs and slowly curl your shoulders up off the floor one inch. Curl your shoulders up toward your knees until your shoulder blades come up one to two inches off the floor. Hold the position for 7 seconds and then return to the starting one.

Another very effective exercise is the bicycle: forget doing hundreds of crunches, if you want a flatter belly and defined abs the bicycle is your better choice as it will target both your upper and lower abs. Lie on the floor on your back. Now bring your knees to a 90 angle, place your hands behind your ears and gently move your legs back and forth as if you were riding a bicycle.

My favourite abdominal work out is definitely the alphabet: lie on the floor with your arms stretched and hold tightly something behind your head-a chair or something you can really hold on to-. Stretch your legs as well and keep them straight parallel to the ground. Then, and slowly keeping your legs straight, move them a few inches off the ground. Do the first letter of the alphabet, A, with your legs starting on the left, moving up in an oblique way to get to the top of your A and then moving down. Next move on to B, then, C etc., making sure that you follow the shape of the letter you are up to. This is the fastest way to actually visualize your progress: at the beginning you are going to start with the letter A and slowly make your way through the alphabet! By the time you are able to shape the letter Z with your legs, you will be very close to having six pack abs!

You must always remember that having six pack abs is a matter of having the right balance: if you have excess fat, you can exercise all day long and you will never see those 6 pack abs. That is why it is so important to balance specific abs exercises with appropriate cardio vascular training.

Stationary bikes are one of the most common at-home exercise options. Most people invest in a stationary bike for their exercise routine because it's one of the easiest things to do to stay in shape, and you can ride while watching television or listening to the radio. Because it's not complicated to use, it gives a person satisfaction in knowing that they accomplished their exercise routine for the day. Not only will it tone up you abs but it will help tone other parts of your body as well: it is a very comprehensive exercise.

If you do aerobics for your exercise routine, you should consider using a stepping block in your aerobic program. The step increases your calorie burning and helps tone up your legs and buttocks. The steps can be adjusted to the height you need for your personal fitness program and they're easily stored away in a closet. The more you do it, the more weight you lose and the closer you get to your objective: getting 6 pack abs quickly. There are also more expensive exercise equipment options to choose from. The more popular ones include the treadmill, the rowing machine, stair climber and skiing machines. These are much bigger and aren't moved around very easily.

There are a myriad of exercises you can do at home to help you get 6 pack abs quickly. You don't even need to get out of your place. So just get yourself into the right frame of mind, stop reading and get started now!

Sophia Munoz is fascinated by health and fitness and explores little known methods on how to get 6-pack abs. She has recently started a new career in fitness training and works on the publication of a book on fitness instruction.

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Female Abs - Six Pack Abs For The Ladies

Not many years ago, if you said to someone that you wanted a six pack they would have told you to go to the liquor store. Today it seems that wanting to improve and tone ones body is very high on our list of priorities. Looking to achieve a rock like chiselled stomach is not just for men either, more and more women are looking upon the six pack as a sign of extreme fitness. Geri Halliwell is probably one of the more noticeable example of sexy abs lately, she didn't get like this over night though.

There will be men out there that will start pulling their hair out at my next comment, but it's true. Women are more likely to succeed at gaining sexy abs than men are to get ripped! Women can put a picture in their mind of what they want to achieve and keep going until they achieve it. Men on the other hand, well we get a picture in our mind and it probably lasts until the next pizza or wild party. Men will achieve their goals; it just takes a little longer.

Whether you are male or female, achieving sexy abs can not be done without a controlled diet. There are many diets for weight loss which are very good, but you are looking for a fat burning diet which will also provide the nutrition which enables you to exercise. There is no point trying to simply cut down on the amount you eat whilst training, you will simply collapse from exhaustion because you do not have the correct vitamins and supplements.

Ant training regiment must only be undertaken when you understand what it is you want and what it takes to achieve it.

If you want to get six pack abs, think positively, set aside time to exercise and make sure that you warm up properly.

You may not always see the results within the first couple of weeks, after a month to six weeks you will start to see improvements, if you stick to the proper training.

Above all, if you are exercising at home, train safely and follow a good guide. Eat sensibly and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

For more information on how to get a great six pack click - Six Pack Abs

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Fast Way to Show Off Your Six Pack Abs and Build Abdominal Muscles]

Why don't you have "killer abs" or that "6 pack" Abdominal Muscles?

Ask any woman what is the sexiest part of a male body is and most of the time, they will tell you it's the six pack abs. This means your abdominal muscles showing up with beautiful definition. The abdomen muscles are widely considered to be a very sexy and a symbol of health and fitness. Women are unconsciously drawn to men who are the healthiest and most fit because it is a primordial sign that the man is strong enough to protect her and her offspring. Rippling six pack abs are one such indication. So don't be surprised when you are to the gym and you see dozens of men of all ages doing hundreds of sit ups, crunches and leg raisers in the hope of obtaining the much desirable six pack abs. Sadly though, most men will never see their abdominal muscles in their magnificent brilliance. Why? The following fitness tip will show you why.

Listen up carefully. You may do a zillion leg raisers, then another million crunches a day, but as long as there is a layer of fat covering your stomach, you will never see your abs because it is covered by the blubber of fat. You may not like how I said that but it's a fact and the sooner you realize it, the sooner you can work towards getting those abs. Another surprising fact is that your waste will actually become bigger if you do these workouts because you are adding muscle under the current layer of fat on top. So instead of having a slim waistline and showing off your abs, you will have thicker love handles and a bigger waistline. Now get this straight. There is no such thing as spot reduction! Once the fats are off, your abs will show, I promise you that much. It is just that simple to display your abs. Lose fats! That's it and that's all.

Magazines and late night infomercials have been telling you that you can have well defined abs by using this gizmo or that electronic gadget. Do you really believe that it is that simple? If that was the care then everyone will have that six pack abs in no time. The reason why that isn't so is because it doesn't work that way.

To lose fat permanently and effectively for your abdominal muscles to show, you must include frequent cardio workouts, a mildly deficit calorie restriction diet, and strength training with weights to build muscle so as to raise your metabolism in order to lose weight and burn fat naturally. Your target will not be attained when any one of the three elements is done incorrectly or not even included in your slimming program.

All of the fad diets and ping slimming pills . These may work initially but in the long run, they are bound to fail.

For more information and helpful tips, check out my Website

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Fitness Toning And Abs Workout

Millions of people all around the world attempt to do daily exercises to get them those toned abs that they have been dreaming of. However a lot of times although they are doing the exercises their technique is hindering their fitness toning and abs workout results.

Many people have the misconception that during the day they can eat whatever they want and then at night time they can simply do their crunches to work off all those fat foods they put into their bodies however this is simply incorrect. The truth is if you put too much junk food into your body, it does not matter how many crunches you do your results will be minimal if any.

Not only that however you may get reverse results which means your stomach might actually get bigger. You may wonder how this is possible but it is. The reason being muscle is being built on top of the already existing fat. We all have fat on our stomach however we must work it off by toning our abs and stomach. Your number one goal should be to lose your fat and you do that by having a good diet and actually following it lower amount of fats and calories and higher amount of protein will help you get the best results.

Protein is something that you very much need for your fitness toning and abs workout. Many people don't know or believe the fact that quality is better than quantity but it is. So 50 good quality crunches are a lot better than 250 half done crunches that were just rushed. The final thing that people need to realize is that you cannot just concentrate on one area. If you only concentrate on one area your body will not build up enough metabolism to burn off excess fat. If you listen to this advice you will be soon finding yourself with a much more desirable body.

If you need more FREE information on Fitness Toning And Abs Workout, please visit our website:

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Six Pack Abs - When You Don't Have A Lot Of Time! - A Workout For You

Sometimes you don't have the time you need and want to do a full abdominal workout program. This is a 'quickie' you can use and be done in less time than you can imagine.

3 Exercises.

1) Basic Crunch

2) 90 Degree Crunch

3) 'Invisible Ball' Raise

Step 1 - lay on your back, perform a basic crunch, legs at 45 degrees, feet on floor, hands at side of head (don't pull your head) - raise up until your upper abs contract. hold, then return to start.

6-15 reps

Step 2 - After a 5 secs rest, immediately bring your legs up to ninety degrees, shins parallel to floor. Do crunches again with legs continuously in this position - don't put them down even in between sets of this one.

6-15 reps

Step 3 - Now, imagine you have an 'exercise ball between your legs/shins' - with your legs at the same ninety degrees, put arms resting at side of your body. Raise your lower body up and off the floor about 4-5 inches - using your lower abs to raise it up. Then back to start slowly. If its too hard put your knees together, but use your lower abs and keep your legs at ninety degrees.

6-15 reps.

Now - no rest between each different exercise.

AND between each set take 5-10 seconds rest.

Do 3-5 Sets/Cycles of these three.

Then you are done.

This will be a quick, but a good one to really put a quick burn on your abdominals. Indirectly you'll work the side obliques as a stabilizing motion and primarily your core.

Stretch when finished by raising your arms over your head and stretching up and slowly back a fraction so you feel it in your stomach/abdominals.

Anyhow, hope that works for you all. A great little supplementary workout for your six pack abs.

Tristan Lewis is a Certified Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer and Author of the most informative book on abdominal training on the internet. He has travelled the world training clients and has spent 15 years in over 15 Countries in the research of his book. His AbMetrics - The Global Almanac of Proven Abdominal Training was researched thoroughly and provides many new and exciting proven abdominal exercises as well as a structuring of the 'classics' that work. Get the book now

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Losing Stomach Fat And Get Six Pack Abs The Right Way

Losing stomach fat can be a challenge. The truth is you are going to have to make some sacrifices. You will need to exercise. You will also need to watch what you eat. This in actual fact is critical. However with that said each components success is somewhat dependent on the other.

In truth some exercises will not reduce stomach fat as much as you think. Doing lots of sit ups for example will not in itself help you to lose flab around the stomach. So as mentioned above we must prioritize our goals. The first goal is to get rid of fat. You will not be able to see those wonderful muscles if you have stomach fat.

So we will need to focus on cardio and diet. This will go hand in hand in your objective to lose that stubborn fat. Now what I do is this. I do not work out for long durations on one machine. I like variety. So I work out for short intervals on a number of machines. During these intervals I increase the intensity. Then I take a rest and move on to the next machine. So the key here is to focus on intensity, short bursts of intense workouts.

You also want to work the body as a whole. Don't think that if you focus on one area of your body to lose fat that this will happen. I think this is where many people get disappointed. The goal here is to increase your metabolic rate. Again the goal is to get rid of fat. I may be repeating my self but you must understand the nature of the problem, and that is excessive fat in certain areas of your body.

So the points to be noted here are this. You need overall fat loss. The factors involved in achieving this are as follows. Intense short workouts, with small breaks in between. Working on cardio to increase your metabolic rate hence burning calories. Treating your body as a whole, not trying to lose fat in parts. Then remember you need regular consistent exercise..

Select one of the links below to get a Free Bonus ebook - Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body.

Finally The Right Way To Lose Belly Fat. - starting today! You can also learn how to get Six Pack Abs. Do You Know The Hidden Dangers of Your Excess Abdominal Fat?

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