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How to Lose Your Love Handles With Abs Exercises

People want to look fit, but hey know that the main obstacle in their way is the belly fat, and to be more specific they know that it's about losing the "love handles". These are deposits of body fat located at both sides of our torso, covering the oblique muscles. So, it is important to know also how to lose your love handles.

The traditional exercises will not work for this purpose because exercises like crunches and sit-ups don't work on your obliques; rather they center their efforts on the rectus abdominus. However there are good exercises that rigger the obliques and let you lose the love handles along with a healthy diet. Let's have a look at them:

Side Bend

These is my personal favorite exercise to lose the love handles.

1. Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent.

2. Lower you torso to one side and then to the other slowly and with control. Be sure to lean side to side only.

Torso Twist

Do this after the side bends.

1. Stand like in the side bend.

2. Twist the body to the right, then to the left. NOTE: Twist form the torso not from the hips. The twisting must be done with your obliques.

Side Crunch

Time to lie down on the floor! You can use an exercise mat or a towel to soften the surface. 1. Lie down on the right side.

2. Bring your right arm across your waist and let it rest

3. Touch your ear with the fingertips of your left hand, so that your left elbows winds up pointing straight upward.

4. Lift your shoulders of the floor 30cm contracting your obliques.

5. Repeat for a full set and change sides.

Seated Knee Drop

1. Rest on your hipbones on the floor. You can stabilize yourself with your hands behind you.

2. Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the surface with your ankles together.

3. Lower your knees to the right. Your feet should roll to, but still rest on the floor.

4. Continue until your knees are 6 inches above the floor, hold for a second and repeat on the other side.

5. The key here is control of movement, instead of using momentum.

Now you know how to lose your love handles. These are pretty simple exercises that require nothing but time to do. Stick to them every day or leaving a day off and you'll start seeing results in no time!

Learn how to get the stomach you want with How to Lose Your Love Handles.

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3 Easy Post Partum Abs Exercises

Having a baby is perhaps the most beautiful thing a woman can experience, all the previous months to the delivery everything is filled with joy an amusement as they see their tummies getting bigger and bigger. But...once the baby is born, things get different, the main question is "how to recover my tight stomach?" Some say use special clothes, other recommend to be on diet, but the truth is tat you need in any case to do post partum abs exercises.

Don't be discouraged by the lack of energy. Doing these exercises will in fact give you more energy! Before engaging in these activities it is best to consult with a professional to perform them in an effective way with no injuries.

Progressive Crunchless Crunch

This post partum ab exercise will help you work your abs the same way as traditional crunches but avoiding the strain in the neck.

1. Sit on a chair, with on hand above the bellybutton and one below to let you feel the contractions.

2. Expand your midsection with a big deep breath.

3. Breathe out while pulling your belly in towards your spine.

4. Briefly contract your abdominal muscles 5 times.

5. Repeat for an entire set.


1. Sit on a chair like with the progressive crunchless crunch.

2. Breathe deeply to open your midsection.

3. Exhale and bring your belly halfway to your spine.

4. Pull the belly fully to your spine. Hold for one second.

5. Repeat form the halfway 100 times.

Crunchless Crunch

This is like the first exercise but with just one move.

1. Lie with on your stomach, and relax completely.

2. Pull your bellybutton towards your spine. Hold for tens seconds or until you can't feel the muscles very good.

3. If it feels too easy hold for more seconds.

The goal is to hold the contraction until you feel the rest of abs muscles working harder than the transverse abdominal muscles.

The good thing about these post partum abs exercises is that you can do them any time throughout the day. You can even do them while breastfeeding your baby! (Except the crunchless crunch) Stick to them and you'll recover your tight stomach in no time!

Learn how to get the stomach you want with Post Partum Abs Exercises. While you are there be sure to join our newsletter for tips and more product reviews.

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Sexy Abs

Let's face it - abs can be sexy. And they should. But, most of us can only dream of having the kind of sexy abs we might see on TV or the magazines. The fact, though, that ordinary people can do it (and, being in a magazine does not make them less ordinary than the rest of us) means that it can be done. And it can. With persistence, patience - and having the right knowledge - we can all benefit from having a pair of trim, well-defined, sculpted, sexy abs.

Really? Tell me more

Firstly, you've got to focus on diet. Yes, 'diet' may be an evil word in most of our vocabulary, but diet (according to professionals) can account for 80% of our physique. This means that by focusing on diet, you're 80% there in getting the abs you want.

Abs are not the same as the rest of the body, in the sense that you don't 'build' them or 'work' them as far as size is concerned. Rather, you work at getting rid of body fat, which in turn exposes your sexy abs that you actually already have underneath the fat and water which covers them. You need to work your body fat ratio down to just below 13% for women, or 10% for men. This can be done easily with the proper diet of carbs, proteins and good fats. Plus, cardio training is essential. You will not get rid of body fat through doing exercises that focus on strengthening or firming your stomach muscles. You will only get rid of fat through cardio training and dieting correctly.

Cardio training has many other benefits as well, and is essential to your overall health. For losing fat, you need to spend about 20-30 minutes doing cardio training about three times a week. People with a slower metabolism should consider cardio training for 45 minutes, six to seven times a week. Cardio training can be done through running (using treadmills) or using elliptical machines, as well as swimming and many other exercises. Combining cardio training with a proper diet, and you will be well on your way to losing fat and seeing your abs.

The Exercising You Can Do

The above doesn't rule out exercising altogether, but it's important to focus on the right kind of exercises to do. Mostly, crunches, sit-ups or leg lifts will do very well. The secret of exercising your abs is to keep your exercises varied and 'natural.' What this means is that you should work with your abs in your exercises, understand how they work, and train them functionally. They are responsible for bending your body forwards, backwards and to the sides. Exercises that do this are very effective. Your abs also strengthen very easily, becoming quite resistant to a particular exercise that you may be doing. By varying your exercises, you train your lower, middle and upper abs, rather than just a specific part - and this leads to the firm, sexy abs you're looking for.

Mark Bennet is a fitness enthusiast always looking for the easier and quicker ways to get fit and look your best. Mark has some of the best strategies for real people to get and keep great abs at http://www.RealEasyAbs.com

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The Easier Ways To Get Perfect Abs

We are all searching for those perfect abs, and getting the much coveted physique of a six pack or a smooth stomach. The truth is that you already have the perfect abs, and training them is all about getting rid of the fat that covers them, increasing their definition, and strengthening them. This is all done through the proper diet, an abdominal training programme, cardio exercise and weight training. Sounds like a lot, but it's not really that difficult. It will take dedication, patience and some willpower on your part. But what else are you going to do? The confidence gained, not just through the right physique but also seeing that you can do it, is worth more than sitting around watching people on TV (who probably have the body you're looking for!)

A Balanced Diet that Burns Fat

You can do as much exercise as you want, but if you're not eating right you will never get to see the perfect abs that you're looking for, because your body needs a low level of fat. Typically, men need to have about 10% body fat (or lower) and women 13% (or lower) body fat before you see your abs. A healthy body fat ratio, with a great physique, for guys usually sits around 6-7% and for women usually around 11-12%.

A balanced diet needs to consist of carbs (40%), proteins (40%) and good fats (20%.) It's advised to have a good chat to a dietician or your doctor about where to find the right foods. It's not actually that difficult, and most of the foods are ordinary foods that we eat anyway. It's really just about having the right quantities at the right time.

Cardio Training

Cardio training is a very important part of abdominal training, and brings with it many healthy advantages as well. When you start the fat burning process, focusing on cardio will get you there much more quicker and allow you to see results. You will also feel a lot better. Cardio training should consist of about 20-30 minutes, three times a week.

A Weight Training Routine

Ideally you should be spending about 45-60 minutes, four times a week, in the gym. There are a number of exercises you can do at the gym, with the help of weights and the rope-pulley machines. Most people actually underestimate the kind of weight they can lift, and weights are also useful if you are doing crunches and a number of other exercises. Being at the gym is also helpful for building the rest of your physique, so that your body complements your abs.

An Abdominal Training Program

By learning how your abdominals work, and keeping in mind that they are there to perform a function (not to be built up like the rest of the body) you can find effective ways of training your abs. Exercises outside of the gym help a lot, as well as interval training. You not only want to get rid of the fat surrounding your abs, but also strengthening the abs so that they can be firm and hard. This will indeed help to create the chiseled, perfect abs that you are looking for.

Mark Bennet is a fitness enthusiast always looking for the easier and quicker ways to get fit and look your best. Mark has some of the best strategies for real people to get and keep great abs at http://www.RealEasyAbs.com

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The Truth About Defining Your Abs and Abdominal Area - The Secret Is In The Food!

Since it's almost summer again I'm sure many people are out looking for ways to get that great six-pack developed. The problem with this is that you can't just decide a few months ahead that you are going try to get your abs moving now. This has to be a priority in your life at all times. Depending where you are at physically you need at least 3-6 months of dietting and intense training.

I would say that abs are 80% diet and 20% exercise. What you have to do is plan a good schedule. You have to know when you have free time and when you are not available. Another thing you have to lower your overall stress (students, laborers, etc) because you will not subject yourself to a steady diet if you are highly stressful. Trust me, I speak from experience. So that aside, I think everyone with some motivation can get their abs to appear and in some cases make them defined to the point that they should be receiving calls from fitness magazines!

Ok so the first step would be to get your eating plan. In order for this to work you have to determine your weight, goal weight, and body fat. Usually males need to be lower than 10% BodyFat to reveal their abs and women need to be lower than about 17% BodyFat. A good healthy diet would consists foods such as:

-100% whole grains (cereal, bread, etc)
-Lean Meats (chicken, tuna)
-Green Vegetables (green peas, green beans, broccoli, spinach)
-Nuts and Seeds (peanuts, almonds)
-Natural Peanut Butter
-Cottage Cheese

Sticking to a diet is quite possibly the hardest part about developing abs. A good rule of thumb is to take in 10-12x your weight in calories per day. Most people eat a few large meals per day which lowers your metabolism. Healthy dieters will eat 5-6 meals per day to keep their metabolism at top speeds, burning more fat. Also, a major factor for losing fat is drinking a lot of water. Multply your weight by .66 and this is how much water you should take in in ounces per day.

As for supplements

A good supplement to take is Whey Protein. This is easily absorbed by the human body and generates a lot of fat loss while increasing the speed of your metabolism. This also helps build muscle after every work out so that your muscles will be available faster the next time you work out. I'll also recommend Flaxseed oil as a supplement. There's been some reports that claim flaxseed oil helps burn fat much faster. I personally use this and believe it works great.


Beginners will want to take it easy and start with regular situps and crunches. As you develope your ab strength you can move up the next level and start doing weighted situps. Begin by putting 5 pound weights on each hand resting on your chest and do situps that way, about 4 sets of 20 to start. As time progresses you'll eventually be able to do 4 sets of 50 with 15 pound weights on each hand!


In between your sets it's a major plus to be stretching your abdominal area by laying on your stomach and doing a superman pose with your arms and legs up as high as possible. Another good stretch is laying on your forearms at 90 degress and keeping that pose for as long as 1:30secs.

I'm in really good shape after doing different routines similar to the above statements for about 6 months. I was in average shape but it took a little longer because I was on and off my diet.

These are the basics for losing bodyfat and getting in shape for summer and to reveal your abs, that's right, reveal them. Everyone has abs, they just aren't viewable yet! Don't worry, don't stress, anyone and everyone can have the body they want with time, effort, and discipline. Remember, it's just a matter of time before you get what you have always dreamed of!

Good luck! Best Wishes!

Hi my name is Ernie I live in California and I'm an athlete. I was supposed to play for San Jose but I injured my knee and now I can't play for them anymore. I'm currently a college student and I'm self employed. Currently working on my online business that I'm just starting up.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

How To Get Abs

Focusing on how to get abs is definitely one of the most coveted and sought after goals of most people. The truth is that it's not that difficult to get abs - especially since they're actually already there, but just covered by a layer of fat and water. The secret to getting abs is working off the fat that surrounds your abs - and this requires a combination of the right balanced fat burning diet, the right weight training routines and the best abdominal training program you can find. It also will require some dedication and patience. It's important to remember to keep going if you don't see results. You will see results, eventually, and they will surprise you. If you give up, you certainly won't see any results at all!

Diet? Just What Kind of a Diet?

The minute we see the word 'diet' we tend to groan and give up already. The fact is, though, that working off the fat that's hiding our abdominal muscles must come with a proper diet. Professional bodybuilders and fitness trainers tend to go so far as to say that 80% of our physique is due to diet, rather than a lack of exercise. Of course, exercise is important (and fun, too) but diet is even more important.

For abdominal training, the kind of diet you need to go on is actually not so bad at all. It really consists of 40% carbs (such as oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes), 40% proteins (such as chicken, tuna, lean red meats and turkey) and 20% good fats (from mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated sources, such as virgin olive oil.) As you can see, this is actually quite a normal diet, and nothing too complex or life changing. During your extensive work out period (in the beginning) it's also a good idea to avoid fruit and dairy, due to the fact that these foods can often slow down fat loss.

Typically, if you're a guy, you start seeing your abs when you have just below a 10% ratio of body fat. If you're a woman, it's usually below 13% body fat. This doesn't mean you won't see significant results sooner.

Abs Exercises?

Yes, and they're generally quite fun. There's a whole range of exercises that you can use, and the important thing to remember about abdominal exercises is that your abs are designed for function, not for being built up. This means that ab exercises ought to be functional - such as crunches, or leg lifts, sit-ups etc. Your abs are there to allow your body to move and bend forwards, sidewards and backwards. By understanding how your abs work, you are able to find effective training methods.

Also, because of the way your abs work, doing the same exercise over and over does not tend to be as effective as you would hope. Your abs strengthen and become 'immune' as it were to that exercise. It's important to keep your abdominal training varied, with different exercises and methods. There are also certain exercises that will work better for you and not for others. This is because your abs are strong in certain ways and weak in others, while someone else has a different set of abs with their own weaknesses and strengths. Cardio training is also highly important when you look at the subject of how to get abs, and it should not be overlooked.

Mark Bennet is a fitness enthusiast always looking for the easier and quicker ways to get fit and look your best. Mark has some of the best strategies for real people to get and keep great abs at http://www.RealEasyAbs.com

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The Best Ripped Abs Diet

The best ripped abs diet must include low fat, high fiber, high protein and little or no carbs. You can have the glamorous six pack, it's not really hard to accomplish. But, you must understand, you will have to make sacrifices to get ripped abs. Eating low fat is not very difficult. You just stay away from the inner aisles at the grocery store and stop parking your butt at the fast food joints. Fat is an essential part of every diet, so you will need to find some good supplements. The best kind is Omega 3 fatty acids found in Salmon. You can find these in different quantities at a health food store.

Adding fiber to your diet will help push food and fat through the body quicker. It will move it out instead of storing it, in the body. I always slowly build up to a level of around 40-50 grams. Make sure you do this slowly, it can wreak havoc on your intestines if you jump right up to a high level of fiber. You don't want to spend half your day in the facilities. Start jacking up your protein intake to 1.5 grams to every pound you weigh. You may find it hard to ingest protein at those levels. I suggest finding a supplement in the form of a whey protein powder shake or bar. It makes it easier for people who have busy schedules and do not have time to prepare meals.

You will hate cutting carbs but your ripped abs diet must include it. You should try and cycle your carb intake. I would eat oatmeal in the morning and then a yam or other low glycemic carb for lunch. Do not eat any more carbs during the day or night. I would then play a trick on my body and feed it a bunch of carbs every fourth day. This will fool the body, your metabolism will start to taper. It will think it's starving for carbs and then it will get what it ask for and will feel like it got its fill.

You can eat a clean diet and do all of the above, but there is no substitute for a killer cardio workout. You need to help your ripped abs diet with a brisk cardio workout five times a week. This will help the body remove excess fat. You do not even have to lift weights very often. You should start to see a six pack forming in three weeks and by the sixth week you will have the look you desire. One more tip to help your ripped abs diet. It can be a pain to eat clean every day. I would suggest incorporating a cheat day every couple of weeks. Your body needs it and you will have a healthier state of mind.

Discover more ways to drop pounds and lose belly fat by visiting Get Rid Stomach Fat

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Yoga For Abs - Six Pack The Yoga Way!

Among the different methods to achieve a flat stomach, there's one that has been gaining ground over the last years, and now it stays as a permanent routine on thousands of gyms around the World: Yoga. But Yoga for abs is nothing new; many people in the western world are discovering how it can have a positive impact in their lives.

Yoga relies on poses, and these Yoga poses that we are talking about will strengthen your abs in a way you thought it was impossible. On the other side, is good to note, that any change must be integral - that means that if you really want to see results you'll also have to work your way to reduce excess fat (cardio and a great diet with stable sugar levels are critical components for success).

What are the great poses on yoga for abs?

The Bow Pose.

Lie flat on your stomach and grab your ankles with both arms while lifting at the same time your head. You should end up resting on your stomach. NOTE: This is great also for chronic constipation!

The Peacock Pose.

In this pose you'll need to balance your abdomen on your co joined elbows while at the same time raising your legs. This is a hard pose that you may not achieve at first, but still will do wonders for your abs.

Sun Salutations

This a pose combo. I tried to do these and at first found it very challenging. That's the thing with yoga, you may think it's easy but it's not! Sun salutations have also a spiritual importance in yoga, and like I said it involves motions, backward and forward motions. Sun salutations are a great way to begin your yoga fro stomach workout.

Cat Cow stretch

This exercise will stretch your abdominals, allowing them to grow. Stretching is also a way to strengthen your muscles. To do this, come on all fours and bend your spine on both ways, like a cat.

Although most people perceive these exercises as useless, I challenge you to just try them. You'll see how good they are! And we are talking about just yoga for abs here, in the end you'll find yoga has solutions for very part of your body. Good luck getting that tight stomach!

Learn how to get the stomach you want with The Truth About Six Pack Abs. While you are there be sure to join our newsletter for tips and more product reviews.

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Get Ripped Six Pack Abs With Interval Training

Getting ripped six pack abs is more than just doing crunches and abs exercises. Way more. In fact I always say that the most important aspect of having six pack abs is by doing cardio exercises and what better way to do them than with interval training.

Doing cardio with intervals means that you don't perform the exercise with the same intensity at all times. Instead work at first with a warm up intensity to then vary between your max and your normal effort.

If you do this type of exercise at least 3 days a week, you'll see how your entire body fat will reduce, and you'll sport some sexy ripped six pack abs. Here's an example of interval training for ripped six pack abs:

1. Let's say you choose running as your cardio exercise of choice.

2. Jog for about 5 minutes at a warm up intensity to avoid injury.

3. After those 5 minutes, perform 40 seconds of high intensity running (run as fast as you can) You'll get tired very fast.

4. After those 40 seconds reduce your intensity to a normal level (something not too fast, not too slow) for a whole minute.

5. Repeat this for 10 times to start.

There's no way to get faster results. If you are up for it, you can even train this way for all week, but it would be a good idea to first let your body get used to this system. Remember that you can choose any cardio exercise you prefer like:

-Jumping rope
-Running in place
-etc, etc, etc.

After some week you'll see great results, however don't obsess with dates and fast weight loss, this is a fast way to do it, but all great results need time and determination. Good luck!

Learn how to get the stomach you want with The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

While you are there be sure to join our newsletter for tips and more product reviews.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

How To Get A Flat Stomach & Perfect Abs In 2 - 3 Weeks

If you want to get a flat stomach and perfect abs fast, this article has the answer you seek. While many people believe that it takes months and even years to get the flat stomach that they dream of, this is simply a misconception. If you play your cards right, follow the right diet guidelines and do the correct workout routines, you can get an impressive flat stomach in as little as 2--3 weeks. This article will show you how.

In order to get flat abs in 2--3 weeks, you need to burn off that layer of stubborn belly fat which hides your abdominal muscles. To do so you need to invest in proper nutrition and exercise.


1. Avoid fried food -- All that fried oil is like a blanket of fat which goes to your belly and covers your abs.

2. Avoid sugary drinks -- All that artificial sugar is quickly converted to fat.

3. Avoid trans fats (unhealthy processed fats) -- Check each article of food that you buy in the supermarket to see whether it contains trans fats. If it does, forget about it for 2--3 weeks.

4. Avoid un-complex carbs -- white bread, regular rice, regular pasta and other pastries are full of empty calories which give you little energy and are quickly converted to fat by your body. Eat whole flour or wheat bread, whole rice, pasta made from whole wheat, and avoid useless pastries.


1. Avoid regular cardiovascular activity -- Most people do continuous cardiovascular activity at a regular pace for a long time. This is a mistake. By doing interval cardio activity, you will burn much more fat and bring out those sexy abs.

2. Avoid doing crunches and sit-ups -- These kinds of low intensity exercises do little to develop your ab muscles. They also waste your time and you'll need to make excellent use of every minute of it in order to get a flat stomach in 2--3 weeks.

3. Avoid focused workout routines -- Invest your time in full body workouts. These kind of workouts are much more strenuous and so will burn a lot more fat from your entire body in general and your stomach in particular.

4. Avoid workout machines and gadgets -- working out with free weights or barbells is much more effective. These kinds of exercises will develop your body and cut down on your body fat much faster than workout machine exercises.

If you follow these 8 nutritional and fitness tips, you will see fast results. In 2--3 weeks, your stomach will be flatter and your abs more prominent and attractive.

To discover 27 additional nutritional tips to boost your metabolism rate and more fitness tricks to take your workouts to a new level, click here: Tips and Secrets To Getting A Flat Stomach And Sexy Abs. John Davenport achieved his flat stomach and six pack abs. To read how he did it, click here How To Get A Flat Stomach Fast.

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Six Pack Abs - Too Many People Do Too Many Reps Too Many times!

In training many people from many different Countries I've been able to not only pick up a good feel for how different people and body types respond to different training. But also compile actual facts and a clear understanding of what works for people trying to get six pack abs and their 'perfect' midsection. When I started training at the age of 15 (15 odd years ago - wow!) I jumped into it like a boy possessed. And I did exactly what I'm going to tell you all NOT to do. I did my 100, 200, 300 sit ups like a 'fiend' - sweating like mad as I did exactly what my workout through the mail' told me to do...

I now know different.

You see as far as I'm concerned and judging by the results of the programs I've set people on, a varied approach is my big 'thing' based around a principle of some days less and some days more. It is OK to do an occasional workout of 100 'crunches and 100 leg raises' for example. I like that approach as a good 'Shock' treatment. BUT I do not do it religiously and I don't want you to. I believe, and so do my students, that you need to treat abs like any other muscle and even though some may disagree I feel a rep range of say 6-10 intense reps in 5 sets with minimal rest is one great example of a lower rep count BUT absolute intensity that will produce results...

I have numerous other programs that I mix and match with the odd 100 sit up 'stomach burner'. But the moral of the article is please, please, please do not just stay stuck in the '80's' and continue the 100+ sit ups as your only abdominal workout plan.

Sincere best wishes to you all, Tristan

Tristan Lewis is a Certified Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer and Author of the most informative book on abdominal training on the internet. He has traveled the world training clients and has spent 15 years in over 15 Countries in the research of his book. His AbMetrics - The Global Almanac of Proven Abdominal Training was researched thoroughly and provides many new and exciting proven abdominal exercises as well as a structuring of the 'classics' that work.

Get the book now http://www.fastsixpackabs.com

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Effective Abs Exercises - Part V

Doing the following ab workouts will result in a leaner and flatter stomach after repeated sessions. Although your midsection area is quite difficult to trim down, as the muscles around this area are difficult to carve out, discipline and the proper contractions will bring your satisfactory results in your ab workouts. Be sure that you maintain your regimen of ab workouts by doing these exercises for two to three times a week, leaving a day's rest between each session. As you progress, you will need to add more repetitions to your workout in order for you to be able to increase the strain and maintain the loss around your midsection area.

Crunch and Reach.

This exercise targets the side midsection. You begin your ab workouts by keeping your body straight and supine over an exercise ball, while holding a light weight extended behind you. Next, contract you're your abdomen while lifting and bringing the light weights way over your head. While doing your ab workouts crunch up and twist your upper body to the left, thereby contracting the left side of your waist. Repeat these steps in your ab workouts for the prescribed repetitions and switch sides.

Crunches on the Exercise Ball.

These ab workouts require the use of an exercise ball, and it targets your front midsection. Instead of doing the usual crunches on the floor, lie with your back straight on an exercise ball. Your abdominals will be challenged in a whole new way in this position in your ab workouts, all the while working your entire body in the process. But be sure that when you get up from doing a crunch that you don't pull on your neck, as this may cause injury; if the ab workouts get a little too difficult for you, you may roll forward a bit to lessen the strain.

Eugene never thought he would be a personal gym trainer when he once weighed 311 lbs.He is now a total fanatic about muscle-building and crunches his way through his CSI. Now doing freelance teaching to people who require proper healthy diets, he always advocate his motto of "not giving up". Get to know more about Ab Workouts Here!

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Lose Your Belly Fat & Get Six Pack Abs - 4 Things You MUST Learn & Know

I Learned that the food we eat can have huge affects on how our body works. Some diets which are meant to help us to lose weight are actually stimulating hormones in our body to store fat and can be very dangerous to our bodies. There are key foods which unlock fat burning hormones in our bodies, this is the way to know how to keep yourself healthy and slim. Losing weight could not be made any easier-- all one needs to do is to eat the correct foods.

Exercise is a great way to keep healthy, I personally only exercise 1 1/2 hour per week. By eating the right healthy foods I am able to keep my toned body with barely any exercise. If you use the right foods and use more intense workouts you can achieve a perfect muscled body. Know a routine that will make you lose weight or build muscle weather your male or female.

I am going to tell you about the true problems of unhealthy foods and how you can learn more about eating healthy and staying in shape. Many diets out there are not good for you, I learned secrets to burning fat with healthy foods which allowed me to loose weight, keep fit and healthy.

I have been eating health for the past 2 years and have felt great for doing it with more energy. We all should know food is good for us, it is knowing the right stable diet of these foods which will make huge changes to our body. Helping it work properly and making you healthy while losing weight and with exercise achieve a body not only healthy but strong.

The Four Tips That Work

1. Eating foods which help your body to promote fat burning and weight loss, foods are the strongest weapon against losing weight. Using some weight loss products may not be doing what you think they should, instead it promotes your body to hold on to food and store as fat.

2. Exercising is a great way to lose weight but some exercises can be doing yourself harm. Old fashioned exercises that actually damage our bodies. Learn safe easy exercises that will work to lose that belly or build 6 pack abs.

3. No taking fat loss pills, pills may have worked for some people but they are not natural and can damage our bodies. Tablets never cure a problem they only cover it up in order to treat the root of weight loss using health foods works every time.

4. Learning to create a routine for exercising, but be healthy and fit doing different activates. Walking, Running, Climbing, Camping, Swimming there are thousands of ways to keep fit instead of doing the same exercises over and over. Have fun in life To learn more about fat burning foods CLICK HERE!

I personally use this system and love it, as I have very little time on my hands. This is a way for me to get the most out of my body, and not feel guilty as i did before about not being in shape which can have a very negative affect on your personallity. I personally felt ugly and to feel like that about yourself is not right. But now i am so positive in all aspects of life.

So if you feel unhappy about your health, weight or want to build muscle and look the way you want I would definity sugjest this system for you. Click Here More Infomation!

Thank you and i hope you achive what you want out of life.

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Effective Abs Exercises - Part II

It is important that you combine the following ab workouts with the others we have previously discussed for more intense results.Alternate exercises which target the front midsection with ab workouts that target the sides.The most common ab workouts revolve around the basic crunches, though variations are made to target nuance areas around the abdomen.

A great thing about the abdominal crunch in exercises is that it focuses the strain all in one small area - that is, the midsection, by controlling contractions.The following ab workouts are designed for a better-rounded abdomen, and also to expose those enviable muscles called the six-pack.

Intense exercises, coupled with an over-all body shaping program, will give proportion to the entire body.Try the following ab workouts to burn that beer belly and reveal that six pack.

Wood chop ab workouts are exercises designed to target your side abdominals.This is a great way for beginners to try out since it involves simple movements while giving great contractions to your abdominals.You begin your exercises by attaching one end of an exercise rubber band to something stationary and sturdy, and then wrap your hand around the other end for increased tension.

Continue your exercises by grasping the end of the rubber band with both hands, and then begin a lunging position, reaching down with the arms.Keep your arms straight the entire time you do your workout, rotate and lift your body sideways while doing a diagonal motion.

Repeat your exercises by returning to starting position and moving to the other side.Trying out this workout tightens your side abdominals if done properly, and preferably regularly.In addition, these ab workouts must not be overdone as it may cause possible irreversible damage to your abdominal muscles.Overdoing your regimen may cause muscle damage and other injuries.

The recommended regimen for your ab workouts would be to perform several exercises, at least three to five at a time, two to three times a week with a day's rest in between ab workouts.The purpose of this is to make sure your abdominals get the most contractions during your regimen while giving them time to relax, thereby reducing muscle tear and other injuries which may be experienced when overdoing ab workouts.

You can start your ab workouts by doing two sets of ten to fifteen repetitions per exercise.As you progress in your exercises, you can move to three sets of twenty repetitions, and so on as you become accustomed to the increasing strain.

Remember, you should not do all of the available exercises in your regimen as there may be strain to your muscles; too much of it results to tissue damage.You can try out these simple exercises and incorporate them in your ab workouts.

In the "Alternating superman" workout, you begin by lying face down on an exercise mat with your arms stretched way above your head, just like superman.You continue your regimen by raising your right arm and left leg about five to six inches off of the floor, or preferably as far as you comfortable can.Hold this position in your exercises for three seconds and then relax your body.Repeat your ab workouts by doing the exact same process with the other arm and leg. In side bend ab workouts, you begin by holding a dumbbell with your hand, then stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.Continue your ab workouts by placing your left hand behind your head and slowly bend sideways to your right side while lowering the weights to your knees.Finish your regimen by returning to first position and repeating with the other side.

James never thought he would be a personal gym trainer when he once weighed 311 lbs.He is now a total fanatic about muscle-building and crunches his way through his CSI. Now doing freelance teaching to people who require proper healthy diets, he always advocate his motto of "not giving up".

Get to know more about Ab Workouts Here!

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