Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some Examples Of Building Good Abs

Alternate exercises which target the front midsection with ab workouts that target the sides. The most common ab workouts revolve around the basic crunches, though variations are made to target nuance areas around the abdomen.

A great thing about the abdominal crunch in exercises is that it focuses the strain all in one small area - that is, the midsection, by controlling contractions. The following ab workouts are designed for a better-rounded abdomen, and also to expose those enviable muscles called the six-pack. Intense exercises, coupled with an over-all body shaping program, will give proportion to the entire body. Try the following ab workouts to burn that beer belly and reveal that six pack.

Wood chop ab workouts are exercises designed to target your side abdominals. This is a great way for beginners to try out since it involves simple movements while giving great contractions to your abdominals. You begin your exercises by attaching one end of an exercise rubber band to something stationary and sturdy, and then wrap your hand around the other end for increased tension.

Continue your exercises by grasping the end of the rubber band with both hands, and then begin a lunging position, reaching down with the arms. Keep your arms straight the entire time you do your ab workouts, rotate and lift your body sideways while doing a diagonal motion. Repeat your exercises by returning to starting position and moving to the other side.

Trying out ab workouts tightens your side abdominals if done properly, and preferably regularly. In addition, these ab workouts must not be overdone as it may cause possible irreversible damage to your abdominal muscles. Overdoing your regimen may cause muscle damage and other injuries.

James never thought he would be a personal gym trainer when he once weighed 311 lbs.He is now a total fanatic about muscle-building and crunches his way through his CSI. Now doing freelance teaching to people who require proper healthy diets, he always advocate his motto of "not giving up".

Get to know more about Ab Workouts Here!

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Abs Exercises Guaranteed!

The following ab workouts must be done for up to three times a week, alternating it with a day's rest in between. For a more intense exercise, increase the repetitions from 2 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions, to 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Do these exercises in alternation. Remember to perform the exercise properly, taking care to inhale and exhale slowly and at the right time. These exercises will add more muscle in the abs in place of fat.

Weighted Oblique Crunches. Begin your ab workouts by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat against the floor. Next, hold a medicinal ball or weight plate towards your chest (start with five pounds in your workout). Then put the tips of your fingers to the side of your head behind the ears. The next step in your ab workouts would require you to push your lower back towards the floor, keeping the arch flattened, and hold this position. Curl up slowly in your ab workouts so that both shoulder are raised off of the floor for a few inches. Hold this position for a count of two and return slowly to your first position. These ab workouts strengthen and tighten the front area of your midsection with continuous repetitions.

Side Bends. These ab workouts target the side abdominals after repeated exercises. While holding a dumbbell in your left hand, stand on a firm surface with your feet a shoulder's width apart and with your knees slightly bent. Then place your right hand at the back of your head and gradually bend sideways to your left while lowering the dumbbell down to your knee in your ab workouts.

Finish your workout by returning to the upright and first position, and then repeat the exercise with the other hand for another set.

James never thought he would be a personal gym trainer when he once weighed 311 lbs.He is now a total fanatic about muscle-building and crunches his way through his CSI. Now doing freelance teaching to people who require proper healthy diets, he always advocate his motto of "not giving up".

Get to know more about Ab Workouts Here!

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Can You Get Flat Abs Fast?

Is it possible to get flat abs fast? Or is an impossible feat? The truth is that the answer depends on just one thing: You. You have to be willing to work in order to reach that goal. But you also have to be realistic - and please don't start exercising two weeks before summer hoping these two weeks will suffice. So, there are various factors to keep in mind when starting the quest to get flat abs fast.

Observe What Your Eating

You can exercise your ass off each and everyday, but if you keep eating junk food, and filling your stomach with chocolates, it won't mean a thing. A good diet id of great importance to speed your progress; the bas won't show if you have fat on top of them. Start by watching what you eat, your caloric intake and the quality of your food. Avoid processed foods, they contain a lot of junk you don't need.

Don't Overwork your Stomach

There are some people who are obsessed with repetitions and more repletions. However overworking a muscle isn't the way to improve it faster. As any other muscle in your body, your abs needs rest. In fact your muscles become stronger and bigger when they are resting! Give them a rest and they'll thank you by improving. Do the repetitions at the required pace, taking things too fast can lead to injury and strain on other parts of your body.

Don't put All Focus on the Looks

You should have a higher goal than just looking great. A nicely worked set of abs will not only make you look better, it will also give you a great posture and a better performance in any physical activity you engage in. Even sex!

As you see the right approach to get flat abs faster is not what many people think. You must work them with intelligence and focus along with other factors such as the diet and cardio training, and you'll start seeing amazing results in no time. Good luck!

Learn how to get the stomach you want with The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

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Mike Geary's Truth About Abs Review

The Truth About Abs diet and fitness program which was created by Mike Geary has become one of the most popular abdominal programs today. But what is the true nature of this program? Is it worth using? And does it suit you personally? Read the rest of this article to discover the answer.

The main thing which distinguishes Truth About Abs from other abdominal programs is that it doesn't focus on the stomach muscles at all.

I know that this may seem like a bizarre thing, but I believe that this is an advantage which this program possesses: It deals with complete body workouts and a way of life diet guidelines.

You see, the truth is that in order to burn off a lot of belly fat it is better to invest your time in intensive, full body workouts instead of wasting hours doing endless crunches and sit-ups. The rate of belly fat loss will be much higher, and since the stomach acts as a supporting muscle for many exercises of other muscle groups, your abs actually develop when you're working your full body. The Truth About Abs program shows you how to create short but effective full body workouts which will get you leaner and harder in your entire body in general and in your stomach in particular.

Is this program worth using?

I believe that any man or woman who is interested in being and looking healthy and fit will find a great deal of valuable information in this program, both in the form of dietary guidelines and in the form of fitness routines and exercises. I learned a lot since I first used this program and I trust that you will too. In fact, it can even save you a lot of money because it cuts through much of the marketing nonesense which is common in the fitness market (bogus pills, useless abs machines, and more). I know that it stopped me from buying a lot of useless stuff.

But the main advantage of this program is the active support of the creator of this program, Mike Geary. Every email I sent him with questions was answered within 1-2 days. The answers were complete and the service excellent.

However, this program isn't for everyone: if you're not prepared to alter your eating habits, do intensive workouts, and actively strive to improve your physical condition, don't use this program. This is a program for serious people. If you're the sort of person who believes that you can get flat abs without working hard, then go ahead and buy another useless gadget which will end up accumulating dust in you garage. If you are willing to invest in yourself, Truth About Abs is the program for you.

I know that it seems that I'm biased towards this program. This is my opinion. I recognize a good thing when I see it and am willing to give credit where it's due. Truth About Abs deserves this credit.

To read 23 fitness tips and 47 nutritional tips to getting a flat abs, click here: Six Pack Abs Tricks and Secrets. John Davenport wrote an extensive review about Truth About Abs and added more tips and tricks to get a flat stomach on this webpage: Truth About Abs Review and More Tips to Burn off Belly Fat.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How To Get 6 Pack Abs Without Doing Situps

As a London Personal Trainer I often get asked how to develop a strong core and 6 pack stomach muscles. It seems that so many people are still practicing old exercises and cranking out hundreds of sit ups on a daily basis in the hope of reducing stomach fat and developing their 6 pack abs.

Doing regular sit ups or crunches will not only give you back problems but doesn't really help in developing your core and revealing your stomach muscles. Our core / stomach muscles are more complex than you may think and need to be worked in three different planes of motion for optimal results. Doing regular sit ups and crunches is both unnatural and only addresses one plane of movement, and it's not very good at doing that.

As well as taking the core / stomach muscles through 3 different planes of movement the body fat covering the abdominals must also be addressed. Forget the old wives tale about spot reducing fat, this simply isn't the case, hundreds of sit ups won't burn stomach fat - fat naturally comes off in layers from all over the body. The only way to reduce stomach fat is with a good total body exercise programme and by eating a healthy diet.

Remember that we all have stomach muscles waiting to be seen under our belly fat but in order to increase their size and make them more visible they need to be trained like any other body part. So, a combination of the correct abdominal / core exercises, a healthy diet and a good all over body routine will bring your 6 pack abs out for all to see.

I have found the following 6 exercises to be the best for stabalising your core and reducing potential back pain whilst bringing your abdominals / obliques to the surface.

1. The Side Plank - keep your hips inline, belly button in and maintain this position for as long as possible. Start with 30 secs and increase up to 2 minutes over time. Breathe!

2. The Front Plank - keep your body in a straight line, belly button in and arms at 90 degrees. Start with 30 secs and increase up to 2 minutes over time. Breathe!

3. The Bird Dog - keep your back flat, belly button pulled in, thumb up and out at 45 degrees. Opposite leg goes straight back. Start with 6 reps on each side and work up to 3 sets of 12.

4. The Front Mountain Climber - in a press up position with you back flat and belly button pulled in bring your knee straight up to your chest. Breathe out as you do so and contract your abdominals as if you were being punched in the stomach. Take leg back and repeat. Start with 6 on each side and work up to 3 sets of 12.

5. The Outside Mountain Climber - as above but drop your hips slightly and bring your knee to the outside of your elbow. Squeeze the side of your stomach, your obliques, together as if being folded in half sideways.

6. The Inside Mountain Climber - as with the above mountain climber but bring your knee across and squeeze the side of your stomach muscles (obliques).

Perform all these exercises 3 times a week along with your regular workout for the ultimate strong core and the highly elusive six pack stomach muscles.

Good luck and enjoy your new abs!!

Greg is a health and fitness professional based in Hampstead, North London. He achieves fantastic results for his clients by using his in depth knowledge and the most up to date techniques.

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Having A Baby And The Six Pack Abs - Inside And Out

Many women, when they have given birth, find it increasingly hard to rebuild or restructure the abdominal region. I have always felt that a woman's abdominal structure is truly one of the most impressive forms of the human body.

I also know, through my research that many women not only find it hard to re-vamp their abs but also, internally. There is a little topic I like a lot called - Kegels.

The book - AbMetrics - focuses a great deal on the internal physiology for both men and women and the need to be 'aware' of the internal workings and feel of your abdominals as you do any midsection/trunk exercise.

The Kegel - named after Dr. Arnold Kegel - primarily focuses attention on the pelvic floor muscle.

Up until the kegel exercise was created, women had to either put up with urinary stress incontinence (the inability to prevent urination when laughing or jumping or other forms of exertion) or risk a possible surgery - which often did not work.

So, what I now help my clients train for is both internal as well as external focus.

Basically, men and women can benefit from this type of focus. Women, for the above reasons, but men also - and the exercise can also have proven effect upon a male's ejaculatory response.

But back to the abdominal and trunk exercises - women who have recently given birth should definately understand this simple process and the exercises it involves to not only give them well defined and strengthened abdominals, but internally, strengthen the muscles that can really be affected during pregnancy.

Tristan Lewis is a Certified Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer and Author of the most informative book on abdominal training on the internet. He has travelled the world training clients and has spent 15 years in over 15 Countries in the research of his book. His AbMetrics - The Global Almanac of Proven Abdominal Training was researched thoroughly and provides many new and exciting proven abdominal exercises as well as a structuring of the 'classics' that work. Get the book now

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How to Get Abs Fast

Now that we're well into the fall and approaching winter, it's easy to slip into a lazy routine and lose those six pack abs you've worked so hard for. The holidays wreak havoc on flat stomachs thanks to large meals and cold weather. So how you can retain your sexy abs during the most testing time of year? Don't sweat (yet); it's easy if you know how to get abs fast in the first place.

The key to six-pack abs is all about your routine. Find some ab exercises you're comfortable with, create an exercise diary, and stick to it! Some of the most effective ab exercises include crunches, sit-ups, and leg lifts, and they'll have your abs back in shape or firmer than ever as long as you follow them with discipline, despite the challenging winter months.

The first ab exercise, sit-ups, is probably already familiar to you. I know, I hate sit-ups, they're uncomfortable, they take too long, etc. The reasons sit-ups get such a bad rap in the quest to get abs fast is because people just don't do them correctly, or worse -- they do them lazily. First, lie on your back in a flat, open space with knees bent and feet on the floor. With your hands crossed over your chest, focus on your abdominal muscles as you bring your chest up all the way to your knees. Squeeze your abs! The most common mistake people make is that they use muscles other than their abs to pull themselves up. You don't have to do a million fast sit-ups to feel the burn in your ab muscles, you just have to do good ones where all the stress is on the abs.

The crunch, also a great ab exercise, is a variation of the sit-up. Instead of placing your feet on the floor, rest your calves across a bed or piece of furniture so that your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Again, visualize your flat stomach and focus on squeezing your abs as you bring your body against your knees. As you get to higher repetitions, picture your sleek, sexy abs or flat stomach with each pump (it really does motivate you).

Finally, leg lifts are a strong lower ab exercises that should get your stomach cut up nicely. While lying with your whole body flat on your back, put your hands under your butt and raise your legs about six inches from the ground, concentrating again on the ab muscles. Breathe in as you lift your legs, breathe out as you lower them and tighten your abs. You get a lot of resistance from these fast, so try to do about three more than you think you can. Remember that you want those abs fast!

Although this guide is on the abdominal exercise area of how to get abs fast, never underestimate the other factors of fitness, especially cardio work and diet. You might find that on your journey to get abs fast you're not seeing the results you expect, and that may be simply because you need to do some jogging as well. In fact, strong abs under a flabby stomach can actually make you look fat! If that's ever happened to you, doing a bit of running will bring all your hard work full circle and reveal those beautiful abs.

Ashley Gray is a personal fitness adviser with over 12 years experience. She recommends as the best home training program available.

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Diet and Six Pack Abs - Where's the Connection?

Have you ever considered the fact that diet has a great deal to do with getting six pack abs? With diet, I don't mean eating little food or no food, and staying away from fat and carbs whatsoever. Nope, that is totally where you are mistaken and that is exactly what has been keeping you away from reaching your goal...

When it comes to diet, there are certain things that most people believe works but it is exactly the opposite and I am going to show you some of the basic diet facts that most people have twisted out with their big fat lies...

First and foremost, you need to get enough protein in to your body.

High quality protein has high Thermic effect which means it will burn more calories while digesting, increase metabolism and also helps maintain lean muscle. And I hope you know for a fact that more muscle means more fat loss even while you sleep...

...Also, it helps suppress your hunger for longer periods. I bet you'd love this part.

Fiber is another very important factor when it comes to carbs. Carbohydrates are not all bad, but you should definitely stay away from wheat, and refined sugars which will only hurt your metabolism which means slow fat loss. Make sure you get most of your carbohydrate intake from fruits, vegetables and unrefined grains. You will definitely feel energetic and much more lively by staying away from refined and processed foods which are just what most people feed on these days.

Fat is an important part of the diet as well. I don't know why on earth you are afraid to eat fat. Of course there are types of fat and certain types, you should run away from like the Road Runner, but there are types that are key to fat loss. That's right. Fat burns fat too. Plus, if you don't eat enough fats, you will only increase the demanding power of your cravings thus encouraging you to hog up food off guard.

Olive oil, avocados, organic meats, eggs, nuts and seeds, nut butters and saturated fats from tropical oils are really important in your meals. You miss them and you'll end up being stuck half way in your goal.

I personally remember losing so much fat with exercise that I forgot about nutrition. It was so horrible that I was 10 pounds under my recommended weight and the worst part was the fact that I was low in fat AND muscle, thus the thin but bloated look. When I read certain guides on smart fat loss and muscle building, I realized that diet and nutrition plays a key role too, and one of the biggest mistakes I did was staying away from fat and protein.

When I started up on protein and essential fats, I noticed big changes in my body. My skin started tightening up and I started seeing a stronger more muscular body which had been hiding for a very long time.

When it comes to getting six pack abs, diet plays an important role because your six pack maybe already behind all that fat. All you need to do is remove the layer of excess fat off your belly and you've got a six pack.

So how do you do it? Smart and efficient fat loss - Exercise and Proper Nutrition is key.

If you want to lose fat and get six pack abs the smart way, click the link below for a detailed review on a method I found extremely effective in getting a great set of six pack abs in the least time possible.

Truth About Six Pack Abs

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3 Reasons You Need To Have Abs Now!

Our bodies are constantly being measured. In gyms, playing fields, beaches and bedrooms all over the world they are measured by others. In mirrors and on bathrooms scales we are constantly measuring ourselves. Besides the vanity measurements, there are many other reasons why having strong abs are not only beneficial but almost necessary. While some people may think that working towards having six pack abs is shallow, there's nothing wrong with striving to have great 6 pack abs. When you have abs you are telling the world that you're motivated, confident, healthy and disciplined. You will feel better about yourself and you will look better. A survey showed that 32 percent of women said that abs are the muscles that most likely to make them melt.

Having strong six pack abs will do more than just turn heads at the beach though. Here are the top six reasons, besides vanity, that you getting those strong abs will make your life better.

Abs will Help you Live longer

Many studies have shown that having a larger waist size can cause many life threatening diseases. According to the National Institute of Health, a waistline larger than 40 inches for men signals significant risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Having abs is not a get out of the hospital free card, but studies show that by developing a strong abdominal section, you'll reduce body fat and significantly cut the risks associated with many diseases, not just heart disease.

Abdominal fat can also put you are risk for a lot of other conditions that rob you are a good nights rest including asthma and gastroesophageal reflux. This can lead to an ugly cycle of having poor sleep, being sluggish and tired, then your body will crave some quick energy, so you snack on some high-calorie junk food. That junk food leads to more abdominal fat...

Abs will Improve your sex life

Having strong ab muscles will increase your stamina. The thrusting power you generate during sex doesn't come from your legs; it actually comes from your core. Strong abs will give you the stamina and strength to try new positions and help you to maintain the motion control that's important for your staying power as well as your partners pleasure.

You will have better erections. When you eat a lot of fatty foods, the gunk that blocks blood vessels leading to your heart will also block the blood leading to your genitalia. This decrease in blood flow will equal softer, or no erections.

You will also have increased length. The fat that is at the base of a mans abdomen covers up the base of his penis. Studies have shown that losing just 15 pounds will add up to a half an inch to the length or a man's member. Technically it is not growing, losing the fat that surrounds it will allow all of you've got to show and perform.

Abs will Strengthen your back

Most back pain is related to weak muscles in your trunk, maintaining a strong core can help resolve many back issues that men suffer from. If you are one of the millions of men that suffer from back pains, developing strong abdomen muscles are essential.

When your abs are weak, the muscles in you glutes (your butt) and the muscles in muscles in the back of your legs (your hamstrings) have to compensate for the work your abs should be doing. The effect is that it destabilizes the spine and eventually leads to back pain and strain. It could even lead to more serious back problems.

For more information and helpful tips, check out my Website

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How To Get Flat Abs Fast - The Best Tips

Fat! It was a word that was used to torment me all through grade school. When I tell people that I used to be fat, they are surprised. In this article I will tell you how did I lose weight and get flat abs.

Tip 1:

Stay hydrated. First of all, what you perceive as hunger is often actually thirst. Some people snack a lot because their bodies are crying out for water. Also, not drinking enough water can slow your basic metabolic rate, and that means that it is harder to burn the fat on your stomach. We'll talk more about that later.

Tip 2:

Get your rest. By this, I mean, sleep. Not only will you be able to perform better after a good night's rest, but it will help your body get on with the business of re sculpting your muscles, wherever they may be.

Tip 3:

Get the proper nutrition. This means not only the right foods, but in the right quantities at the right times. A tip inside this tip is to try to eat several small meals a day rather than two or three big ones. Foods should be high in protein.

Tip 4:

Exercise your stomach muscles. Your "stomach muscles" are actually made up mainly of three sets of muscles. Each one is in a different position, and has a different job to do. By the same token, developing each set of muscles will require you to do specific exercises for that set of muscles. The three sets of muscles are the Rectus Abdominis (the six pack down the middle of your body from ribcage to groin), the Transversus Abdominus (TVA) which runs from back to front and holds everything in place, and the Obliques (internal and external) which lie on the side.

Tip 5:

Add cardio activity to your fitness program four to six times a week. Thirty to forty-five minutes would be good. Again, work your way up. As great as cardio is, the fat burning effect lasts primarily during the exercise session itself.

Tip 6:

Start weight training or other progressive resistance strength training. As you build muscle over all the parts of your body, you will be creating thousands of little tiny heaters that burn the fat day and night. You don't have to use super heavy weights. An explanation of a basic weightlifting workout is a little too much to get into here, but many websites can point you in the right direction.

Want to know more about the best exercise plan which will help you to get six pack abs as fast as possible? Visit the website below for more information.

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How To Get Six Pack Abs As Fast As Possible

The simple step process to gaining and maintaining a six pack abs is as follows: strengthen your abdominal muscles and lose body fat. The concept is simple, but putting it into action is not. It will take dedication, willpower, patience and time to get a six pack but in the end, the effort is well worth it.

Do Crunches:

Lie on the floor and cross your arms in front of your chest. Another alternative to crossing your arms in front of your chest is to lightly place your finger tips behind your ears, without pulling on your neck or ears to help raise you off the floor. Draw in your abdomen towards your spine while inhaling through your nose. Now raise your shoulders towards your knees, using strictly your abdominal muscles.

Do Sit Ups:

Lie on the floor, feet on the floor, knees up and fingers placed behind your ears or hands crossed on your chest. Sit all the way up, lifting your lower back off the floor along with your shoulder blades. Lower yourself down.

Do Leg Lifts:

Lie on the floor, legs straight out, hands at your sides. Lift your legs straight up, until they're at a ninety degree angle (or close). Lower your legs and repeat without letting your legs touch the floor.

Do Jackknife Sit Ups:

Lie down flat on the floor. Place your hands on the ground to your sides for balance; simultaneously raise your knees and torso so that your knees and face meet on an imaginary line extending from your pelvis to the ceiling. Your legs will naturally fold bringing your feet towards your hips, much like a jackknife.

Do V-ups:

Lie on the floor, legs straight out, hands on the floor but this time extended out over your head. Simultaneously raise legs and torso.

Static Hold and Side Static:

Put your body into the push-up position but with your elbows on the floor, and you whole body flat. This position is known as the static hold position and it trains your core (including your abs) to hold the body in place which is the real purpose of your abs.

Train Your Oblique Muscles.

There are multiple ways to do this and anything that includes twisting your torso against a resistance counts. There are twisting machines at gyms, you can twist while you do sit-ups, you can do side bends, you can twist side to side with a medicine ball in hand, etc.

Do Cardio.

No matter how muscular your abs are that six pack isn't going to show if you cover it up with a layer of fat. Running, biking, swimming, stair climbing, jumping rope, tennis, volleyball, dancing, squash or any other activity that gets you moving and keeps you moving is a great way to burn fat.

Regardless of aim, having the right attitude towards your motivation is important. If your motivation source is purely the result, you will likely not last very long. It's important to enjoy the exercise, the immediate and long term benefits and to incorporate enjoyable activities into your exercise routine.

Want to know more about the best exercise plan which will help you to get six pack abs as fast as possible? Visit the website below for more information.

The Truth About Six Pack

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How To Lose Fat And Get Six Pack Abs - The Smart Way

Millions of people in this world have yet to know the real truth about how to lose fat fast and get six pack abs. So far, the common belief that has been living for a very long time is that fact that doing hundreds of ab crunches and starving yourself to lose weight is the quickest way to get six pack abs.

Well, I am here to say something that will show you if you did believe in what I mentioned above. Hundreds of ab crunches are a complete waste of time and starving yourself is the fastest way to GET FAT!

That's right. Our bodies are designed in such a way that it adapts to any situation as soon as it realizes it. If you begin starving with the intention to lose weight, your body will be triggered into fasting mode which causes your body to start conserving fat so that you can last longer with dropping dead.

Fat is definitely used as energy when starving, but your body becomes very stingy in using up the fat because no additional energy is provided so your body thinks that is all you have to live with. This is the real case behind starving your self to lose weight.

Fortunately, the world has changed greatly in the past decade and so have the facts about obesity and weight loss.

Latest research proves the fact that eating 5-8 short meals a day is the most effective way to lose fat extremely quickly. This accelerates your metabolism and thus, you will be burning fat even while you sleep.

This is the easiest way to lose fat fast although total body strength training workouts too play a major role in shifting your metabolism to super accelerated mode.

The fastest way to get six pack abs is if you lose over all fat in your body. You probably have a six pack that is simply covered with a thick layer of fat.

Even if your abdominal region is not strong, there is a quick fix for this. It is called "Core Training", which means you will be working the entire ab muscles from the inside so it becomes rock hard.

Core Training does not require thousands of reps like ab crunches and is simply a part of the Total Body Workout program. Exercises like; Front Squats, Planks, Stability Ball Crunches, Dumbbell Swings are simple exercises that work your core in the most effective way possible.

I can't remember the last time I did an ab workout because all you need is to strengthen your core using total body exercises that also burn fat from the total body.

Another factor you can consider to lose fat fast is Interval Training. It can be anything from a treadmill to a dumbbell to even your own bodyweight.

Interval Training is the something that got popular in the mid of 2000. It is a simple technique of elevating your heart rate to its maximum level for 30 sec to a minute and then let it rest for another 30 sec or a minute. This cycle is repeated for 6-12 sets and once you are done, your metabolism will be shot through the roof.

All you need is a proper goal, a structured diet and workout plan to make this whole thing extremely simple for you.

Discover the most effectively structured diet and workout plan with a complete detail of every single step to the fastest fat loss experience ever.

==> Read my review on the Truth About Six Pack Abs system and make your life healthy and dreamy. <==

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Abs Exercises For Six Pack Abs

Many people are looking for abs exercises for six pack abs. If you want to know how to get abs, that is, great abs, then there is one thing that you need in order for you to reach your goal: Motivation.

There are different reasons why people want tight abs. For some it may be for health reasons, for others it may be for looks. What is your reason? Understanding why you want better abs can keep you motivated and this will help you reach your goal.

If you are toning your abs for health reasons then there are many benefits that you will enjoy. You stomach is the support for you back muscles. A trim stomach means a better posture and as a result a well supported back. Those who have pot bellies usually have lower back problems. This is a great reason to keep that stomach flat.

If your quest for perfect abs is so that you will have a great body to show off then besides a great looking body you will also enjoy a better self-esteem. When you feel good about your looks you feel good about who you are. This is also a good reason for doing abs exercises.

But is it really that important for you to spend a lot of time caring and worrying about your abs? Consider this quote by a man named Samuel Johnson, a British Author, who said, He who does not mind his belly, will hardly mind anything else.

Do you want people to think that you do not care about yourself? This does not go over well at an interview. Studies have shown that better-looking people get hired more often than less attractive and overweight people.

Here are some more reasons why you need strong, healthy abs:

-- You have a lower chance of injuring yourself during physical activities such as sports or even chores around the house. When your abs are tight and strong they give support to the whole body.

-- When lifting things that are a little too heavy, strong abs will protect your back and can prevent a strain that could otherwise render you immobile.

-- And possibly one of the best health reasons for doing exercises for your abs is that doing so will reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and can even help prevent heart disease. This is because if you have six pack abs then you have less body fat.

There are so many important reasons why you need to take care of your abs and I want to motivate you to take action and start feeling better about yourself. It is easier than you think to get going on some system and to meet your goal.

It is especially easy if you have a goal in mind, that is, you know why you are doing your abs exercises. Are you toning your abs for health or are you trying to get six pack abs for looks? Either is fine. Just picture yourself with the great abs you want and imagine what people will say when they see the new you! Go for it!

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Burn Fat in the Stomach Area for Better Abs

People are anxious to know how to burn fat in the stomach area. This question makes a lot of sense. The sooner you get a set of great looking abs, the better you will feel about the effort you are putting into your fat loss program. Unfortunately this question targets the somewhat controversial topic of spot reduction.

For years television and infomercials have conditioned us to believe that spot reduction is possible. Fitness professionals and physiologists know that you lose fat from all of your body gradually and there is no way to isolate a single area for fat loss. But spot reduction has seemingly achieved the status of urban myth and the public doesn't want to hear the truth.

To stir things up a bit more an Australian fat loss researcher has recently released a study which seems to suggest that it is possible to selectively burn fat in the stomach area with certain types of training. These results are extremely preliminary and by no means conclusive. The proven route to seeing great abs is to lose body fat. You may already possess washboard abs. They are just hidden under a layer of fat! A substantially muscled man will see his abs at around 15% body fat. Women will see their upper abs at about 16% body fat.

Ultimately aerobic exercise is the key to burning fat. Your body will not start burning fat until the glycogen stores are depleted, so your aerobic workout should last from 30 to 60 minutes. Don't forget your eating plan in your haste to exercise. No matter how hard you exercise if your calorie intake is greater than your calorie expenditure you will not burn fat in the stomach area or anywhere else.

It is important to train regularly. As your body adapts to the new regimen it becomes more efficient at providing oxygen to burn fat. Regular exercise will improve your circulation making it easier to transport fatty acids for fuel. Over time your cells will produce more mitochondria. These produce energy for your body. More mitochondria working means more available energy.

Resistance or weight training combined with cardio and a sensible eating plan will create the calorie deficit you need to burn fat and show off your great abs. Abdominal exercises will be a part of your resistance training, but focusing on these will not burn fat in the stomach area.

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