Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to Get Flat Abs

Everyone wants to know how to get flat abs. Unfortunately, there is no big secret or quick fix. To get flat abs, it takes a lot of discipline, hard work, and a little bit of time. The tips outlined in this article won’t hurt either.

The first thing you need when working towards flatter abs is to lose some of the fat surrounding those muscles. This can be done through aerobic exercise such as: running, cycling, even walking will help. This type of exercise needs to be done for at least thirty minutes, 3-4 times a week.

Once you have lost this fat, you can then begin to work and tone the abdominal muscles. Many people just do crunches at this point and think that’s enough. It’s not. There are three abdominal muscle groups: the rectus, abdominis, and the obliques. In laymen terms, these are the back muscles, the front muscles, and the side muscles. All of these groups need to be worked. Try crunches, bends and twists to make sure that all of these muscles are being worked equally.

And just when you’ve got your exercise routine down pat, you need to change it. The more often you do an exercise program, the more your body grows accustomed to it and the easier it becomes. That’s why it’s so important to constantly incorporate new moves, take out old ones and mix and match the old with the new sometimes.

Using weights or a weighted exercise ball is a great way to mix up the routine and you get the added bonus of building muscle rather than just toning it. Make sure you have enough weight so you can’t do more than 15-20 reps otherwise, your body isn’t really getting much out of the workout.

Discover the 5 major myths about how to get flat abs and how to train smartly to get that 6 pack abs you wanted with using any pills or medication.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reveal Your Abs Easily and Quickly Using Secret Diet Techniques and Work Out Methods

Before I go any further I want you to know that I understand how grueling abdominal workouts can be ! I personally have been brought up with a miss guided understanding of food and exercise and the end result was me pumping away doing hundreds of crunches a day to find out without several other systems in place your work is useless.

Please be assured in knowing you do have a six pack!

Yes that’s right I just sad you have a Six pack underneath your currently belly fat. Now having said that your goal should be to a learn methods to strip this fat away & methods to develop your abdominal region so they show even more.

Any fitness trainer is going to tell you no amount of exercising is going to get rid of that fat layer. Now you’re probably thinking after is this guy on about? J Well its true, without the correct body fuel, food portion sizes, self discipline and diet, ripped abs will most likely never happen for you. One without the other is not good! Why train for years to get what you can have in Months?

By eating 6 smaller meals per day, the metabolism is increased, and the fuel is then burned much more efficiently. Any excess fat will be used up at an increased rate. Please understand that a well thought out exercise regime in conjunction with good eating habbits is the best way to develop six pack abs without the risk of injury. This also ensures that you get maximum results in the shortest time frame possible.

Here are a couple abdominal exercises I currently have added to my workout. I have listed a resource below where you can find all you need to learn more specifics about diets, workouts & professional methods.

Barbell Ab Rollout

Equipment: Barbell

Tips: The elbows are to be locked and kept in a vertical line with the shoulders. Many ab wheel commercials show the user with their arms extended out but it is felt by some that this puts unnecessary stress on the shoulders and lower back. Keep the body locked in a straight position with no back "sag" when in the bottom position. All movement in this exercise is initiated by the hips, not the arms/lats. The emphasis should be on raising the butt as high as possible in a "piking" motion when in the upright part of the movement.

Cable Crunch

Equipment: Cable

Tips: Kneel below a high pulley. Grasp cable rope attachment and place wrists against the head. Flex hips slightly and allow the weight to hyper extend the lower back. With the hips stationary, flex the waist so the elbows travel toward the middle of the thighs. Return and repeat.

If you would like more in depth information into workouts, food planning & tools needed to fast track your fitness click on the link below ! I personally have had great success using this system.

Rock hard abs are the result of diet, discipline, correct workouts and using the right tools, learn about Abdominal Exercise and correct eating plans at

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4 Top Tips to Lower Abs Fat

Fat around the Abs is a common problem for many adults. And, unfortunately, stomach fat is one of the hardest areas to work on. You must never give up though. It is never too late to remove belly fat from around the waist. Here are some things you need to look at doing:

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet- Healthy diet is of vital importance. You need to eat at least 6 servings of fruit and vegetables a day as well as 6 servings of grain. You can have sweet foods and snacks but you need to make sure that you don't eat them that often.


  2. Cardiovascular Exercise- Cardiovascular exercise, and the burning of calories, is the most effective way to burn fat and hence lose weight. You won't just be burning fat from your stomach though; you will be burning fat from your entire body.


  3. Abs Workout- Another thing you have to look at is working the lower belly region with an Ab targeted workout. A mid-section workout will have some effect on lowering fat around the Abs, but it will also build up your muscles and help your posture. A better posture can help you look like you have less stomach fat.


  4. Build your Upper Body- If you want to help with the illusion of less belly fat, you need to also work on your upper body. If you work on building your arms and chest- as they get bigger it will have the illusion of your mid-section looking smaller.
Lowering fat around the Abs, or at least giving the impression that you are thinner is a result of all of the steps I have mentioned above. If you follow these tips, you should see results fairly quickly.

Want a free report that will help you get rid of Stubborn Abs Fat? Just visit to pick up your free copy.

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How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast

Knowing how to get six pack abs fast is not very easy to discover.
First of all let me say that everyone has already six pack abs.
The only problem is that most people can’t see their six pack abs because it’s covered by
al layer of fat.

First of all you don’t need any fat burning pills or weight loss supplement to get six pack abs.
Fitness experts are agreeing that 95% of these products don’t work.
Do you really want to spend your hard earned money on abs gadgets.
The truth is that they spend a lot of time in the fitness.

Six pack abs is a very deep subject so it is impossible to tell everything in this article but I can give you already a few secrets.

Lose fat to get you six pack abs.
As said before in the introduction you need to lose fat first
if you want to get six pack abs.
There are several ways to do it think about:

- Increase your protein intake by eating more meat, soy and dairy products.
- Eat five little meals each day instead of three big ones.
- Start jogging in the morning even before you take a breakfast.
- Drink at least six glasses of cold water per day.

Six pack abs exercices
A lot of people who want to get a six pack are doing crunches or sit-ups.
Perhaps this will surprise you but these exercices are the least effective method
to getting rid of stubborn stomach fat and love handles.
Here are seven six pack exercises that do work.

- Abs Blasting Crunch
- lying bicycle
- seated jack-knife
- Abs Bench crunch
- hanging knee-ups
- Abs Bench crunch pulls
- Do cardio.
Please note that cardio is not the most effective way to get six pack abs fast
but if you want to lose abdominal fat you will have to do cardio exercises.

If you want to get six pack abs fast you will have to work for it and doing the right exercices
with a combination of an effective diet

To your six pack abs success.

Discover the truth about abs
Crunches, leg raises and set ups are uneffective
Do you really use fat loss pills or supplement to lose abdominal fat?
If you realy want to get a six pack ab fast then you must read
the work of Michael Gary the best resource when it comes to losing abdominal fat
and six pack exercices.
Discover the secrets to get six pack abs fast know

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How To Get Abs

Many people, young and old, desire to know how to get abs. What if I told you that you already have abs? Well believe it or not, you do but there hiding. The reason you don’t see them or many of your other muscles is because they are surrounded by the very thing we hate the most, fat.

Let me end the confusion on how to get abs once and for all. I am speaking from many years of trial and expense so let me save you the time and money. Don’t buy fancy magic ab machines, please don’t buy the magic fat burner pill because it will do more harm than anything, and save your money that you would spend on those items to buy for the new clothes you will have to buy once you lose those inches!

How to get abs? Here you go... The main keys in order to lose that tire around your belly once and for all are to:

1. Be patient. You must tell yourself that this is not going to happen overnight. How long did it take you to get that tire? A long time. I am not saying that it will take you years to lose it because it won’t. As long as you are committed, you will lose the weight.

2. Discipline yourself. “Do or do not...there is no try” as Yoda says. Whatever you do, realize that this will not work without you sticking to this program. Unfortunately, they don’t sell discipline at the store. I wish they did. I would be the first in line!

3. Exercise. Depending on how fast you want to achieve your goal, I recommend working your abs out 3 times per week every other day. A good ab routine should take approximately 15-20 minutes from start to finish. So you shouldn’t complain that this is too demanding. Though there are many routines, you can start with the basic crunch. Slow and controlled movements are what we are after. Remember quality not quantity. I recommend 3 sets of 10 reps. Start there and work your ways up.

4. Do cardio. You can do many different exercises to lose the fat. They include running, walking, aerobic exercise, spinning, jump rope, basketball, swimming, or anything else that will get your heart rate into the targeted zone.

5. Eat right. Ok, I know, this one is probably the toughest one for many of us but it is the most important. Eat 5-6 small meals a day. Usually it would be breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Choose foods high in fiber. So instead of white bread choose whole wheat and brown rice. Cut down on sodium because it will for sure bloat your stomach and watch the seasoning. I am not saying to take it out completely but remember in moderation.

6. Avoid alcohol. This will only give you more work.

7. Water. Whether you are doing this for abs or not you should be drinking water all the time. A good rule of thumb is to take your body weight, divide by 2, and that’s how many ounces you should drink. As an example, if you weigh 200 pounds, divide by 2, would mean to drink 100 ounces per day. I know it sounds like a lot but once you do it your body will want more. Trust me. Your body craves water.

I can say with complete confidence that if you do these things, people will be asking you how to get abs. Go for it!

My name is George Gerbasi, an avid lover of fitness, and I am here to tell you nothing but the absolute truth about abs. For more great tips on how to get abs visit my site at

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How To Get Six Pack Abs? You Are Doing It All Wrong

Almost everyone wants six pack abs as one of their fitness goals. It may seem easy on the surface, as you may hear that all you need is to do ab exercises everyday for X hundred times and your six pack abs should become visible. But after a few months, you realize that your stomach still looks the same, and there are no six pack abs to be seen! Does that sound familiar?

How To Get Six Pack Abs: The Myth

Ab exercises alone are not enough if you want to remove your stomach fat and see your abs. It is almost impossible to lose too much fat by simply working the muscles in your abdominals, since it is a very small muscle group. In order to lose stomach fat, you'll actually have to lower the overall fat percentage in your body while maintaining the muscle in your body.

Tip #1

In order to flatten your abs and see your six pack abs, the most important aspect is still your diet. The type of food you eat and the frequency of eating are both very important. When you eat often, you maintain the metabolic rate in your body, which in turn will burn fat provided you have enough lean muscle. By increasing the frequency of your meals, you must also be careful to limit the amount of food you eat per meal, since your only objective is to keep your metabolism up, but you do not want your body storing fat away in your body. Drinking green tea also promotes fat loss.

Tip #2

Changing your diet alone will not get you your abs. It is also important workout to build up the lean muscle in your body. Contrary to popular belief, doing cardio for too much or too long actually does not do much in helping you achieve your six pack abs. Doing cardio for long hours will only maintain the high metabolism in your body for 1 to 2 hours after your workout, after which your body will return to its normal metabolic rate. To maintain high metabolism throughout the day it is actually more important to work on your lean muscles, since these are the tools in your body that promote fat loss and burn body fat away.

Tip #3

Finally, the amount of work you need to put in will also depend on your genetics. Some of us are luckier, and our bodies will lose more fats from our stomach when our body fat percentage decreases, while others might lose them slower. Men generally have their excess fats stored in their stomachs while women have their fats stored in their thighs. Despite all the possible obstacles, getting your six pack abs is still very realistic and easy if you have the correct diet, training program, and determination. Even people with very slow metabolic rate have succeeded in getting their six pack abs, so why not give yourself the chance to have a great body today?

For a fully comprehensive and scientific program that people all over the world are using to strip body fat off their abs for good, check out a Great Abs Guide at

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Nope - You Won't Get 6 Pack Abs By Doing Crunches All Day

Well my friend, you have lead down the wrong path. Although there is a bit of truth in that sentence you are only being told part of the story. Right now you probably already have a good set of abs, not great, but good. Unfortunately your abs are covered with a thick layer of fat and no how many crunches you do, they won't get rid of that belly fat. In order to get rid of that fat you need two things; cardio and a good healthy diet. You mean I can't eat junk food, do my crunches and get rock hard abs? No. If it were that easy we would all be walking around showing off our beautiful 6 packs, but instead, most of us have a gut and unless we work hard at burning off that fat, no exercise or exercise machine is going to do us much good.

Let's get right down to it.

First, stop eating all that junk food. You know, the energy drinks, fat laden lattes and triple layered burgers. Learn to eat vegetables and fruits. I am not saying that you need to love them, just eat them. Both veggies and fruits give our bodies the energy and nutrition that it needs. They are both also low in fat and calories and full of fiber which will help you stay full longer. Then add in some non-fat dairy products, 100% whole grain breads and lean meats. Don't let fruits and veggies be last on your list of foods to eat, let them be first. Once you start to rely on good healthy food, you'll notice that you have more energy.

Now that your energy level has been raised lets talk about cardio. So what is cardio? Cardio is just another buzz word for aerobics. Aerobics sounded too structured with having to take classes and all, so people started to use the term cardio to let you feel less intimidated. Cardio is basically any exercise (or sport, or game)that raises your heart rate to it's ideal level and sustains it for 30 plus minutes. Cardio can be as simple as brisk walking 45 minutes a day, playing racquetball, swimming or some activity more advanced like jogging or running. If you have an older, push type lawnmower and it takes you 30 minutes to mow your lawn you can consider it, cardio. To get the best fat burning benefits from cardio you should your activity at least five times a week and try to push for a 45 minute time frame each session. As cardio will raise your heart rate be sure that you start off slowly if you have not be working out for a while and it's always smart to get a full physical and get the go ahead from your doctor.

Ok, now that you have cleaned up your diet and have started to add cardio to your life, you can proceed to do your crunches. This time however, you will see the results you are looking for...6 pack abs that everyone will envy.

Patricia is a health focused content author, today giving you a bit of insight into working on your belly fat. To pick up a free special report "The Stubborn Fat Solution" and learn the real way to get 6 pack abs, visit: How To Get 6 Pack Abs

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