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How to Get Nice Abs

The way to get nice tight abs is often a source of confusion for people. Most people simply decide they want nice abs and start working them in the hope of getting what they want. Lets look at exactly what we want so we can better understand how to get it.

Everybody wants nice tight abs. The reason why is because everybody recognizes, that the abs are the most visually appealing part of the body. There is a technical reason for this. It has to do with the science of Aesthetics. It is actually an optical illusion.

But what do we do when we decide to get a real nice strong set of abs? What can we do? We do what all the trainers suggest and that is to work them. To do abs crunches and sit ups. Makes sense? Of course it does...or does it? When you work your abdominals, you GROW them. I hope you just read that, it is the most important point on this page!

Getting a nice set of abs is not so hard. The abdominals are a large muscle group that respond very effectively to stimulation in most people. Care must be taken with the abs and approaching it intelligently is vital. If you build this muscle group without paying close attention to presentation, you can actually end up with a large over sized mid rift for all your work. Proportion and presentation is the key.

It's a strange contradiction that most people fail to recognize. The logic goes, if I am working my abs, I must make them grow bigger. But the truth is you are not. You are putting in effort to make the mid section as SMALL as possible compared to you upper body. In this way you get the attractive V shape.

Lose a few pounds a week over the next month and watch how nice and good your abs begin to look!

CUIC SUAREZ is the creator of the new and fun workout LatinCardio and the website He also writes health related articles to help improve his students and customers health and wellness.

To read more of Cuic's articles visit his blog at

Cuic has been featured worldwide on CNN, Fox News, Univision, Televisa and Television Azteca. Cuic has incorporated his extensive background in Jazz Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance and ethnic dances into his dance artistry for television, stage and festivals around the country.

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6 Pack Abs Diet Top 10 Foods

In order to get a flat stomach and six pack abs, you have to watch your diet very carefully. What you put in your mouth determines the amount of belly fat you will have and therefore your chances of having the six pack abs you desire. Most people believe that exercise plays the dominant role in determining whether you will have a flat stomach or not, but it's simply not true. Exercise is important, but without sticking to a correct flat stomach diet, you will never succeed.

Here are 10 Great 6 pack abs diet foods which you should have in your fridge and pantry

1. Vegetables -- Veggies provide a lot of vitamins and are a must have ingredient in any diet. I particularly like zucchinis, lettuce, peppers, carrots, and my ultimate favorite: tomatoes.

2. Cottage cheese -- cottage cheese is a lean cheese and contains a great deal of protein. It's also possible to chop some walnuts into it, and along with some raisins or a teaspoon of honey, it's delicious and healthy.

3. Whole eggs -- Egg whites are one of the top sources of high quality protein in nature. Most people throw away the yolks and that's a shame because they are highly nutritious despite containing cholesterol. I often make myself a triple omelette with three egg whites and one yolk. This way I get a ton of protein and have a tasty ommelette with little cholesterol.

4. Whole wheat and whole grain pasta -- These pastas contain a great deal of protein and provide and excellent source of calories.

5. Whole rice -- I never ever eat white rice because it's full of empty calories. But whole rice is an excellent source of nutrients.

6. Lean meat -- Chicken, turkey, ostrich, buffalo and other lean meats and fowl can be used in many delicious dishes and sandwiches, provide a lot of protein, iron and other nutrients. Make sure to include them in your diet.

7. Fish Oil -- Fish oil is a necessary part of any healthy abs diet. You can get fish oil in tuna, salmon, and other fish.

8. Walnuts and almonds -- These nuts contain a lot of healthy fats and other nutrients.

9. Green teas -- green tea contain a lot of antioxidants (which slow the aging process).

10. Raw honey -- A little honey can turn even the most bland dishes into a delicacy. It's a natural sugar and has many positive qualities. Don't overdo it, but a little honey will not harm your flat belly diet.

Incorporate these 10 flat stomach and 6 pack abs diet foods into your menu and you will see your energy levels increase, your belly fat decrease, and your overall health improve.

To discover 27 additional nutritional tips to boost your metabolism rate and more fitness tricks to take your workouts to a new level, click here: Tips and Secrets To Getting A Flat Stomach And Sexy Abs. John Davenport achieved his flat stomach and six pack abs. To read how he did it, click here How To Get A Flat Stomach Fast.

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How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast - 4 Tips You Have To Know About

This is one of the most common questions in the fitness world. Having six pack abs turns a person into much more sexy and desirable, whether that person is a man or a woman. Because of this, many people desperately wish they had flat 6 pack abs. Yet most of them fail. Why? It's not due to lack of trying. In any gym you can see people who do hours of abs exercises, yet never manage to bring out the six pack that's hiding beneath that layer of stubborn belly flab. If you want to be one of the few that do succeed, read the rest of this article.

4 Tips To Getting Six Pack Abs

1. Keep track of your results and progress -- Getting six pack abs is a course for professionals. If you want to succeed you need to act like one. That means keeping track of your progress and results, the exercises that you perform, the diet you keep, and the development of your abs. Always take a small notebook and pen with you to the gym and write down what you do (type of exercise, number of reps) so you'll know what works for you and what doesn't and when to switch exercises routines. You will get faster and better results.

2. Don't do the same abs exercises all the time -- Your abs muscles need variety in order to properly develop. You see, your muscles become accustomed if you do the same exercises over and over again. When that happens, your muscles aren't developing as they should. Change you abs workout routines every 4 weeks.

3. Maintain a healthy diet -- Many people starve themselves in the hopes of losing their stubborn belly fat. This is a mistake. Going on a low calorie diet disrupts muscle development. Your abs need food in order to develop. Make sure to eat a reasonable amount of food each day. Go for lean protein (chicken, turkey, eggs), whole grain bread, healthy carbs like yams and potatoes, fruit and vegetables. A healthy diet will lower your belly fat and help you build those six pack abs at the same time.

4. Do cardio and full body strength exercises -- Many people neglect doing cardiovascular activity or concentrate on their abdominal muscles alone. This is a mistake. You need to be fit all over in order to lose all your excess belly fat and bring out those sexy, ripped 6 pack abs. If you want to get six pack abs fast, make sure to do at least 2 cardiovascular workout sessions and 2 full body strength sessions each week.

Many people believe that getting six pack abs takes a long time. And for some it does. I can tell you from personal experience that it doesn't have to be this way. You can get six pack abs in a matter of weeks. It all depends on how you do things. Follow the 4 tips I laid out in this article, and you will have great results faster than you can believe.

To discover 27 additional nutritional tips to boost your metabolism rate and more fitness tricks to take your workouts to a new level, click here: Tips and Secrets To Getting A Flat Stomach And Sexy Abs.

John Davenport achieved his six pack abs. To read how he did it, click here How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast.

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Exercise Ball Abs Workouts For Everyone

Exercise ball abs workouts are here to stay. The advance of abs workouts and exercises has produced in the way, many tools and equipment geared towards making the most out of physical motion and stress. The exercise balls (also called Pilates balls or Swiss balls), are perhaps the perfect equipment to work our core are, by giving it strength and good looks.

When you do traditional abs exercises, you are working only one part of your abs for the most time (either your rectus abdominus, the transverse abdominal muscles or the obliques) but with exercise ball abs workouts, you are working a bigger group of muscles at the same time. This makes them a complete solution to develop the core section.

Try these two exercises I show you here and you'll start seeing amazing results and triggering muscles you didn't even know you had!

Abdominal Curl with Exercise Ball

With the abdominal curl with an exercise ball, you are going to work the whole muscle groups on the abs. It is one of the most complete exercise for abs out there.

1. Lie on the exercise ball, parallel to the floor. Knees forming a 90 degree angle.

2. Slowly and with control, lift your shoulder upwards without bending the hips.

3. Slowly go back to the starting point.

4. Repeat for a full set.

Exercise Ball Abdominal Roll-ups

This ball exercise targets the obliques, the rectus abdominus and the hip flexors.

1. Kneel and position the ball in front of you.

2. Lie on top of the floor.

3. Reach out, letting your hands touch the ground, rolling the ball towards your thighs.

4. Walk your hands until the chin touch the ball, while keeping at all times the abs contracted and the shoulders aligned with the hands.

5. 5. Pull forward the ball with your legs, and then bend your knees towards your chest while the ball is rolled beneath the exerciser until the knees touch the chest.

6. Go back to start and repeat for a full set.

Try these instructions, and you'll be surprised how effective exercise ball abs really are. Remember to be constant and complement exercise with a good diet. Good luck!

Learn how to get the stomach you want with The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

While you are there be sure to join our newsletter for tips and more product reviews.

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Peyton Manning - 3 Tips to Rock Hard Abs

I'm sure you've seen the commercial by now with Peyton manning giving a "HeartFelt" pep talk on the virtues of shirt shopping and abdominal training. Peyton goes on to say "If you're over 23 and not in the N.F.L buy bigger shirts and forget about rock hard abs".

Peyton Manning is probably right most people in America will need bigger shirts especially after the Holidays. The average weight gain for most Americans is about 7 to 10 pounds, that's enough to soften up even the best of abs. The weight gain starts with Halloween. and continues straight through to the New Year

Well, we're going to try and save you some money on shirt shopping and get you a pair of abs even if you're over 23 years old and not in the N.F.L

Here's 3 tips to Rock Hard Abs and Smaller Shirts

1. Eat Better- Plain and simple if you are eating "Super Sized" portions of fast food throughout the day culminating with a giant meal before you go to bed you are in for a bigger shirt size guaranteed. You must eat five to six small nutritious meals throughout the day spaced out every three to four hours consisting of a lean protein (chicken breast ,turkey breast, lean red meat, egg whites e.t.c.) Complex Carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, yams, e.t.c.) and a healthy fat (almonds, walnuts, ½ avocado, flax seed oil e.t.c.) Give this tip a try- You'll feel and look better.

2. Exercise- Yes you must move your body if you want abs and smaller shirts.

Exercise isn't just for those under 23. The most efficient way to train is performing full body workouts using muti- joint movements. This will ensure you are burning maximum amounts of calories as opposed to Bodybuilding workouts where muscles are isolated and calorie expenditure is minimal. Use Multi - joint movements and full body workouts and you can't go wrong.

3. Consistency- Last but not least is consistency. Eating well and exercising some of the time, while an improvement, won't bring rock hard abs and smaller shirts. You must stick to your diet and exercise program. There are many temptations to take you away from your goals but with hard work, and persistence, rock hard abs and smaller shirts can be yours - Guaranteed.

There you have it. "3 tips to Rock Hard Abs and Smaller Shirts". Let's Prove Peyton Manning wrong but remember small meals throughout the day, exercise using full body movements, and be consistent. Follow these tips to abs and smaller shirts and you're on your way. Good Luck!

Eric Bonilla has been a Fitness Professional for the last fifteen years. Eric owns and operates Premier Sport & Fitness, located in walnut, C.A. Eric works with athletes, seniors, and soccer moms, but specializes in helping kids stay fit and learn healthy lifestyles. His programs have helped literally hundreds of people lose body fat, achieve their goals on the sports field and learn strategies that will help them lead longer healthier lives.

Eric Bonilla

909 595 2670

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Get Great Abs - The Plan

Greetings Health and Fitness Individuals,

Fad diets come out all the time. You may have even tried some of them. They have a plan or even a system that if you will just follow it the pounds will fall off and you can get in shape.

Dieting and exercise requires a great deal of commitment. You can't do it alone. Everyone needs help. Tell your family doctor your plan and see what he or she has to say. They read about the diets and medical information often. Your doctor should know if a supplement will harm you or if a diet product will cause more problems than it is worth.

Years ago my back sustained an injury. The doctor I had at the time recommended a series of back exercises I could do to improve my back. He gave me some information to read and exercises to do. They really did help me to improve.

You could have a history of heart problems so you would need a special diet and exercises that would be good for you. Riding a bicycle, walking or running would improve your physical condition.

You don't have to join a gym or buy expensive exercise equipment. Go to your local library and find some books on exercise that you can take home and read. You'd be surprised at what your library has that can help you out.

Here is what you need to really succeed at dieting and exercise. You need a plan, an exercise routine, some goals, self-control and accountability. Make sure you write out your plan and goals. You have to learn to say no. Don't go around where temptation will get the best of you. Stay away from places that provide unhealthy food choices that will put pounds on and fatten you up. Commit your diet and exercise plans to a friend or mentor, someone who can talk to you weekly about the results you are getting. Confession is good for the soul. Everyone fails. Once in awhile you will fall down and goof up. You'll eat the wrong food. You'll forget to exercise. You could even be sick. That's ok. Just pick yourself up and keep going.

Find out from your doctor what your weight should be for your age and height. Now make your plan. Then work your plan. Weigh in at least once a week. Measure your waist line. If you are following a weight lifting program you will need to measure your arms and legs too.

Finding out how to get great abs is very popular among men and women who exercise regularly. Some feel this makes them look sexy and more appealing. The persons who are able to achieve this will physically look good, yet not everyone can get to this level. Some call it a myth. It is true some have a better chance of accomplishing this challenge than others and that is because of their body built. Not all bodies are the same. Some have less muscle and are leaner, whereas others have more bulk and a larger frame.

In closing that are many magazines both online and off line where you can get good advice by experts in health and fitness. That old cliché birds of a feather flock together is true. Make some friends from fellow body builders, health and nutrition types. You can really encourage each other. Let's face it, this isn't going to be easy, but you can make it achievable and fun. The New Year is coming. Make your plans now so at the end of 2008 you can look back and feel good about what you have achieved. Have a great New Year as you find out how to get great abs. Remember it is a process.

For additional information and three other articles with pictures please visit my blog at:

Author of health and fitness information that improves any person's physical condition.

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Six Pack Abs - Abs Gear or Fat Loss?

Are you sick and tired of trying to lose that belly and struggling to show those abs? You have probably been searching on the Internet to find a solution to get those six pack abs. Or maybe you have been watching the TV commercials offering numerous amount of abs gear.

Although many online companies bombard us with possible solutions to get those abs and in spite of all the TV commercials that tell us we only need the next new abs gear solution, we still are left behind with the stubborn fat layer that covers our abs. So what is the real solution?

2 steps to six pack abs

You already have the abs and in some cases they are already well developed. There is a layer of fat hiding the abs.

So what we need to do is get rid of that fat and develop those abs a bit more.

How to get rid of the fat?

You need a good fat loss program, that teaches you how you can get rid of the fat in a healthy way. A program that teaches you how to avoid fat gain in the future. You need a diet planner and a calories planner.

How to develop those six pack abs?

Well, the question should rather be: "How to train my entire body?" The best way to a healthy and good looking body is following a workout program that trains all the parts of your body in an easy and pleasant way, but that also focuses on developing those abs. You don't need special gear as shown on tv. Very often apparel of that kind is not safe and could bring damage to your back and even your neck. The exercises need to be done in an accurate way to avoid damage to your muscles and to avoid back pain. The only way this can be achieved is by somebody showing you how to do the exercises.

The psychological part.

You need to set goals before starting any fat loss program or abs workout. So you will need guidance by an expert. You will have to persevere in order to achieve results. You will need other people to encourage you to continue with the fat loss or abs program. There are specific fitness communities and talk groups online. Very often these forums and talk groups have fitness experts among the members to give good advice about fat loss and getting those six pack abs.

Before everything else you will need to see a doctor. Just to keep it safe.

Rudy Dhondt sits in front of his computer screen 8 hours a day. As a result he has gained a lot of weight. He has taken the challenge to show six pack abs within a few months time.

You can follow along with his progress at Six Pack Abs

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The Increased Resistance Abs Exercise

You can use a decline bench to provide increased resistance in your oblique muscle ab workouts, because with this equipment you use the greater bulk of your body weight to give the brunt of the load taken by your midsection area. Because the decline bench is ordinarily used to target the front abdominals during ab workouts, you will have to do variations in your movements by doing a twisting motion as you crunch your lower body upwards. If performed correctly, they will effectively tone down the abdominal muscle group known as the external obliques. Remember that for best results, it is advised that you observe the proper execution.

Prepare the decline bench for your ab workouts by setting it at a slightly steep angle of at least 35 degrees. Then position your body by lying on the decline with both of your feet locked in to it. See to it that your upper body is at an angle which is perpendicular to the bench, so that you have to contract your midsection in order to stay in place during them. Place your hands on the sides of your head and take a deep breath.

Begin by deliberately, but slowly contracting your right oblique abdominals; this movement will then cause your torso to twist to your left. Then try to reach your left knee with your right elbow in order to get the best crunch for your ab workouts. If you feel that you have curled as far as you comfortably can, finish off them by unwinding your body and returning to your first position.

For the succeeding repetition, you basically just have to reverse the movement in the ab workouts; this time contracting the left oblique and reaching your right knee with your left elbow. Alternate these motions until you have performed up to 15 repetitions for each side.

When Eugene weighed 255 lbs, he never though he would cut weight,gain muscles and sculpt abs. Visit Ab Workouts to find out more today!

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The Secret To Razor Sharp Abs

The side abdominal crunch is the equivalent of the basic crunch ab workouts which you perform on your back, though this exercise focuses more on your oblique abdominals. It is one of the more solid ab workouts because it is simple and effective. There is no reason for underestimating this exercise, though, as there is much more than meets the eye with the side crunch. Performing them with focused intensity can give your side abdominals a formidable load, even if you are an advanced body builder.

Position your self for the ab workouts by lying on the floor with your back against it and your knees together and slightly bent, just like how your form should look like in a regular ab crunch. Put your feet on the floor, and then place your left hand at the side of your head, while your right hand is positioned on the right side of your midsection area. Then keep your knees together as you let them fall to the right, as your head and chest faces up to the ceiling. Breathe in and brace your body for the ab workouts.

Begin by breathing out, and then curling and crunching your chest toward the hip that is faced up. Though your lower trunk is faced to the right, make sure that you curl your upper body straight up during the ab workouts. Cap off them by slowly returning to your starting position.

Complete an entire set of about ten to 15 repetitions of this exercise, and then roll over and do the same movements with your knees and lower trunk facing the other side. If you would like to add range in the motion, try placing a half foam roller beneath your lower back or your hips, or do the exercise on a Swiss ball or on a Roman chair.

When Eugene weighed 255lbs, he never though he would cut weight,gain muscles and sculpt abs. Visit Ab Workouts to find out more today!

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Not Beginner, Not Intermediate But Advanced Abs Exercise

For professional level ab workouts, the cable crunch is the best exercise which you may perform because you can adjust the resistance substantially by adding weights to the stack on the cable pulley. This type of variation to regular crunch ab workouts is great for long time and experienced body builders. If you are just in the beginning stages of it, it is suggested that you try out the basic crunches first before progressing upwards as your ab muscle endurance increases.

Set up the equipment you will use in your ab workouts by attaching a rope handle to a high cable pulley, and placing a light weight to the stack as initial resistance. Position your body for the ab workouts by kneeling on the floor with your back to the equipment, and your head slightly nodded with your eyes focused downwards. In this position in yours your upper legs should be at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the floor, and your torso almost parallel to it. Slightly arching your back, hold the ends of the rope in each hand with your hands above your head.

Begin by pulling the rope towards your knees and down to the floor, while keeping your pelvis and your lower back stationary in the process. Stop pulling just before your head reaches the floor and contract the tensed abs for two counts for maximum effect in your ab workouts.

Finish off the exercise by carefully allowing the weights to pull back your body towards your starting position. Allow the weights to pull your back past the upright position in order to stretch your abs a little further than the usual. Take a breathing pause, and then contract your abdominals again, until you have performed the required number of repetitions.

When Eugene weighed 255 lbs, he never though he would cut weight,gain muscles and sculpt abs. Visit Ab Workouts to find out more today!

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