Friday, November 25, 2011

How To Get Great Abs Fast - 3 Easy Steps!

There are few important things, that many people will overlook when they are trying to get their sexy and ripped abs into sight. If you have heard the phrase sometimes less is better it hold true, when you want to get ripped abs fast!

Nowadays, majority of peoples are impatient and want results immediately. They want to get off easily and therefore they fall on different scams found on magazines and watching from television.

Some people doesn't want to have a huge muscles, but almost everyone wants to have an attractive six pack abs. But unfortunately, for many of us, it could be very challenging and too complicated to achieve, yet you have to spend a substantial amount of time and energy while still figuring, what if something goes wrong..

There are too much so called solutions, how to get ripped abs fast, one that you probably seen on TV commercials and other you may have seen, is the ridiculous workout programs bunched with dozens of ab exercises and hundreds of reps each. Many have tried this without any results not to mention of terrible lower back pain.

You may have searched the best way to get six pack..

1. Burn the fat around the waist through well planned diet

Nutrition plays an important role when you want to get your abs visible and ripped. You need to burn more calories than you eat through an effective cardiovascular training and diet. It would be impossible to reduce fat from the stomach area only.

Increase the protein consumption. At the same time, as you increase your cardiovascular exercise, you will become a highly active person and in that regard you have to follow a diet, where the protein demand is at lest 1g per pound of body weight. For example, if you weight 180 lbs. The amount of protein would be then 120g per day.

An ideal foods to your low calorie diet would be the foods that are low in calories for example egg whites, cottage cheese, bananas, brown rice, full grain bread, turkey breast, pineapple, vegetables etc.. Chips and hamburgers will only increase the fat cells around your waist. Once a week, you can favour yourself by eating whatever you want.

Eat smaller meals approximately 5-6 meals per day, instead of three big meals. Stop eating carbohydrates or solid food about three hours before sleep. You can take some slowly absrobed protein, like milk casein and before you go to sleep.

2. Develop the hard rock solid six pack abs through the exercises

You will build the actual six pack abs through exercises. The truth is that, an individually planned ab workout combined with cardio exercise and low-calorie diet, will bring you the best results. You will not only shape your abs, but you will strengthen the abdominal muscles and make them stronger that have an positive effect to your movability and posture.

Instead of doing hundreds reps of sit ups, you will need only three exercises, total of 9-12 sets, hitting abs 2-3 per week. Surprised? This will be a relevant workout to your abdominal muscles to help you to get great abs fast! If you hit the abs every day, you'll risk to overtrain your abdominal muscles. I hit my abs hard only twice a week and the results are amazing!

Keep the rest periods short, approximately 1 min between each sets. That way you will keep the workout short and intense and you will burn fat much easier. Each exercises should be performed smoothly and controlled by keeping the tension in abs. Jerky movements will only tease your lower back and at it's worst leads to an injury.

You will need exercises, that will develop the upper and lower section of abdominals and obliques as well. My favourite ab exercises are decline sit-ups (straight and twisted), leg raises and crunch. These are the exercises, you'll need to build the great and ripped abs.

Cardio exercises three days a week, 45min per session combined with strength training, will help you to burn fat much faster and will help you to burn the extra calories.

3. Track your results

Tracking your progress is very important if you want to get real results. This may feels like a daunting and strenuous progress, but you have to know your progress, how does it work, how fast it work and last, does it work at all. There are few simple steps, how to track your results.

- First, write a reasonable goal. Divide it to short term goal and long term goal.
- Take a "before" picture of yourself. Next you will control your development from mirror. Take another picture.
- Measure your weight every other day. Write everything down.
- Write down your workouts including date, exercises, sets and reps.
- Measure your fat percentage. I recommend using fat calibers. They will give you the most accurate results.
- Track your calorie consumption and keep diary of your foods.

A clearly visible ripped abs are possible only if you burn more fat than you consume. This seems to be a problem for most of us! Basic exercises, like squad and deadlift are the best exercises that help you to burn fat. Training your abs will become necessary only when you want to shape or develop the abdominal muscles! Ab exercises are not the main priority to burn fat from the mid section!

If you are tired of wasting your hard earned money to "magic" pills and useless fat-loss products, stop confusing yourself and learn the truth of how to get great abs quickly with tips that solve all the belly fat problems that you have come across.

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Less Soda, More Abs

Soda accounts for more than one-fourth of all drinks consumed in the United States. Chances are that you, too, drink soda on a regular basis. Did you know that this is hurting your ability to achieve flat abs, good weight, and a healthy life? Soda is the unknown danger, the inhibitor to having a great body. Read on to find out how dropping soda can and will help you on your way to building a better body.

Just one regular soda per day has enough calories to cause 15 pounds of weight gain per year. Read that again - one soda per day = 15 pounds per year. That right there should be enough to get you to stop drinking soda. If you're trying to get flat, hard abs, putting on 15 pounds a year (and the first place fat goes to is the belly) is going to seriously hold you back.

Each soda by itself also usually has 100% daily value of your sugar intake. And since you're bound to eat other items throughout the day with sugar in them, that means that you are over consuming sugar.

Besides the immediate effects of soda, it has some serious long-term complications. Being overweight leads to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and early death. This is about more than just building an attractive body, this is about your quality of life.

So if you want firm, flat abs (or just to become healthier), stopping drinking soda is your first step. Keep those extra 15 pounds per year away. I've known some people who used to have a couple of sodas a day, and when they finally stopped the results were immediate and amazing. If you're exercising every day and working those abs, yet you are still drinking soda, you are just going in circles - killing all the progress you make by exercising. So stop drinking soda - I promise, the results will be amazing.

Would you like to know how to get rid of your belly fat once and for all and get six-pack abs with minimal effort? Click here to learn how I got firm, flat abs.

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Six Pack Abs - Don't Go Through Life Without Them!

Why Are Six Pack Abs So Rare?

A washboard stomach is a rare thing these days. Although you see a lot of people in magazines and movies with great abs, you rarely see a regular guy or girl walking around with a six pack. Most people eventually give up on their quest to get a defined midsection. They believe that it is only something for movie stars or super models. I'm telling you to quit thinking that way!

Lifting a Large Amount of Weight is Not As Impressive as Toned Abs

There are many, many more guys who can bench 315 pounds, than there are guys with a tight midsection. Many women can jog over 6 miles, but not many women have 6 pack abs. If you want to be exceptional, than having a defined midsection is the way to go. If you are spending any time in the gym at all and you don't have a 6 pack, then you are spending your time doing the wrong things. You will need to shift your focus if you want great muscle tone in this area of your body.

When Your Abs Are Defined, Your Whole Body Will Look Great

The fat around your stomach area is usually the last to go. If you get to the point where your abs are showing, then I guarantee you that the rest of your body looks amazing as well. I believe that this is the reason that people find toned abdominals so sexy...they know that the rest of the body must look toned as well! So if you focus on a 6 pack, everything else will fall into place.

Getting a Washboard Stomach is Mainly About Diet and Cardio

I swear that you could drop all those crunching and sit up movements and get amazing abs. How do I know this? Well, I haven't done a crunch in over 5 years and my abs are more defined then ever. Have you ever seen the TV show "Survivor". By the end of the show almost every person has really defined six pack abs and I know that none of them got there by ab exercises. You don't want to go to that extreme, but it does show you what low body fat will do.

Ab Exercises Probably Account for Only 10% of the Results

I don't think you need to directly target the abs to get a great mid section, but if you want pick one and hit it for 4-5 sets. The majority of your time should be spent on a bit of lifting for the rest of your body and intense cardio. As far as choices of cardio go, running on a treadmill or running outside is the way to go. Your abs work harder with running, because there is a certain amount of balancing involves between your legs and upper body. If you are on an exercise bike, your abs don't have to work at all. Your body is being stabilized by the seat.

Summary: You probably just need to increase the cardio and decrease the calories if you don't have six pack abs. I know it sounds almost too simple, but believe me it will work for you.

About The Author: Rusty Moore is the author of the controversial fitness blog...The Fitness Black Book. Learn advanced aerobic exercise and lifting routines that give you a sexy lean body instead of a bulky one! Too much muscle is "cheesy"...find out how to look attractive! Visit his site today... Fitness Black Book

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How To Train Your Lower Abs - Is This Even Possible?

I've been involved with exercise and fitness training in some form or another for 22 years. It has become a passion and a way of life for me. So it's no wonder that I get so miffed when I read an article or hear people giving bad information about it.

I understand that some people are only trying to help, but others are doing it to sound important or who knows why. There is one in particular that bothers me the most, exercising your lower abs to get rid of belly fat.

According to the American Council on Exercise, the American Fitness and Aerobics Association and countless others, there is no such thing as lower abdomina's or abs in terms of exercise and muscle grouping. Therefore, it would be impossible to work your lower abs.

Let's look at this scientifically. The abdominals consist of six muscles. The transverse abdominal muscle, which is closest to the spine and responsible for correct spinal posture.

The internal and external obliques (one each on each side of the torso) running from the rib cage down to the pelvis. These are involved in rotation and lateral flexion of the spine or bending from side to side.

And lastly, the rectus abdominus muscle or the six pack muscle which runs from the bottom of the sternum to the middle of the pelvis. This muscle also helps with maintaining, among other things, correct posture.

As you can see, there was no mention of lower abs. I believe the term comes from the fact that belly fat accumulates on the lower portion of our abdominal area and that it has long been thought by many unknowing people that you could reduce body fat in certain areas of the body by working that area.

The muscle everybody is talking about when they refer to upper and lower abs is the rectus abdominus. This muscle is responsible for the six pack that everyone is after.

Something I need to point out, when a skeletal muscle contracts, it does so using the whole muscle. This is important because this explains why we can not work one part of a muscle and not the other. It's as simple as all or nothing.

The second reason for the misinformation besides lack of scientific knowledge, is that many people have the understanding that the abdominals are responsible for hip flexion, or bending at the hip. This however, is not the case. The abs are for spinal flexion and the hip flexors are for hip flexion.

One common exercise people use for targeting the so called "lower abs" is some form of supine leg lift. The muscles that cause the legs to lift or flex are the group of muscles called the hip flexors. You can also feel the muscles in the stomach tighten because of the pelvic tilt. This is a stabilization contraction for the hip flexors.

The muscles that are worked the most during hip flexion are the hip flexors which attach to the spine directly under the abdominal muscles. This is why you may feel sore in the area that would be you lower abdominals after exercising the hip flexors. Exercising these muscles will have no effect on the abs accept possibly help make you stand straight, with good posture.

So now that I have dispelled the myth about spot reducing fat, and the mystery muscles called the lower abs, what can you do to get a stronger, leaner, sculpted set of abdominal muscles?

Join our news letter at to get more information about training your abs

Chris Bower

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Monday, November 21, 2011

5 Great Tips to Flatten Your Abs

Are you not satisfied with the way your stomach looks? Embarrassed to go to the beach or the pool? Or do you just wish to make your abs more flat and firm? If so, then read on. I will tell you five simple tips that will greatly help to flatten your abs - they're easy to do and free. Follow these and create the body that you desire.

1. Perform different ab exercises each week. If you change your abdominal exercises up each week you will speed up your results. Change is good for building muscle because it constantly targets new muscle groups and keeps your muscles from "getting used to" your workout, which limits its effectiveness. So try changing you routine each week and I am sure that you will notice results faster.

2. Proper breathing. They way that you breath during exercise can actually help build your muscle. You should always exhale during exertion. This decreases your internal air pressure, which results in your abs being more involved during the exercise.

3. Eating habits. You should eat fresh, whole, unprocessed foods, while staying away from the foods high in sugar and sodium. You also should try to drink eight glasses of water a day (and no soda or coffee). Try drinking ice water - the extra coldness will actually speed up your metabolism and increase the amount of calories that you burn.

4. Aerobic exercises. Try doing 30 - 45 minutes of cardio 3 days a week. This will help burn extra fat and expose your abdominals, thus increasing the speed at which you start to see results.

5. Keep your abs contracted. Try contracting and hold your ab muscles while you sit, stand, drive, or perform other exercises. This will help flatten your mid section and will actually reduce strain on your back.

These five tips are easy and effective. If you do them properly and consistently, I guarantee that you will start to see results soon. Now is the best time to start building that new, sexy you! To learn more on how to firm and flatten your abs, visit

Would you like to know how to get rid of your belly fat once and for all and get six-pack abs with minimal effort? Click here to learn how I got firm, flat abs.

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How Often Should I Work My Abs?

If you're like me, once you start an exercise routine you want to do it everyday how you can see results as soon as you can. However, this can actually hurt your body more than help it. Your abs are no different than the rest of your muscles - you wouldn't work your biceps or calves everyday, and you shouldn't work your abs everyday either. Your body needs some recovery time in order to grow stronger and change.

To get the best results at the fastest speed, work your abs 3 non-consecutive days a week. For example, do ab exercises on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Make sure to target all of your different ab muscles - the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and internal and external obliques. Some example exercises that target these muscles are the following:

Rectus abdominis - ball crunches
Transverse abdominis - the plank
Internal / External obliques - the bicycle

You should perform 10 - 16 repetitions of each exercise 2 - 3 times, just like any other muscle. Make sure to check your form (making sure you are not using momentum), and you can always increase the difficulty and effectiveness of your workout by slowing the movements down.

You need to be careful not to work your abdominals too much or too frequently, otherwise they will not repair between exercise sessions. It is critical that you let your body heal properly between workouts how you can maximize your muscle gain and minimize the possibility of injuring yourself. Remember, it takes a very long amount of time to recover fully from an injury.

Would you like to know how to take your ab workout to the next step and achieve rock hard six pack abs - this has worked for me and many other people just like you. So check out and start on the road to a new, sexy you!

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4 Health Benefits Of Strong Abs

Not only do toned abs look great, they also provide some practical health benefits. Working your abdominal muscles is more than just trying to achieve the perfect beach body, it is about improving your quality of life and increasing your health. So what type of health benefits are we talking about?

Having strong abs:

1. Improves your posture, by helping you stand up straighter and taking the strain off of your back.

2. Decreases your risks of back injury. When lifting heavy objects it is easy to strain your back, which is why strong abdominal muscles help prevent back injuries - your abs will share some of the load.

3. Decrease your risk of developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. This is because by working your abs you are burning body fat, and the less body fat that you have the lower your risk is to develop these diseases.

4. Help protect your during athletic activities. Playing sports or doing other athletic activities exposes you to many possibilities of injury, like pulled abdominals. However, by working your abs and making them strong, you decrease the chance of injury.

So you see that strong abs also provide practical health benefits - even more motivation to keep working them! There is no better time than now to start down the road to a new, healthier and stronger you.

Increase your self-image, confidence, and health by working your abs. To learn more on how to firm and flatten your abs, visit

Would you like to know how to get rid of your belly fat once and for all and get six-pack abs with minimal effort? Click here to learn how I got firm, flat abs.

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