Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Six Pack Abs and How to Get Them

Six pack abs are a physical feature just about everyone wants but are incredibly difficult to get. We spend countless hours and dollars each year trying to create six pack abs. We see our favorite TV and movie stars with them and get jealous because they have all the time and money in the world to spend on creating those beautiful abs and we don't.

So what is the secret to creating six pack abs anyway? Lucky for us, there isn't really any secret movement or exercise to creating six pack abs. Instead, it is a combination of diet and exercise, but what diet and what exercises? There are several excercises you can use to achieve results, but the best options are as follows:

If you want to have six pack abs you need to do the following things:

Exercise those abs and lose the body fat.

What exercises are the best? Abdominal of course, but more importantly:

1. Crunches
2. Sit ups
3. Leg lifts
4. Jack Knife Sit ups
5. Static Holds and Side statics
6. Push Ups
7. Pull Ups

These exercises will strengthen your abdominal muscles so that they will appear once you start losing the body fat. There is nothing more awesome than seeing your ribbed stomach muscles for the first time. It is best to start out with 10-12 reps of each exercise with 3-4 sets each. As your muscles get stronger you can increase the number of reps.

Now how to lose the body fat:

1. Lift weights
2. Perform cardio (running, jumprope, riding etc)
3. Watch what you eat

Lifting weights will increase your muscle mass which does several things. It causes you to burn more calories from the food you eat. This helps to lower your fat reserves. Cardio work helps your heart as well as your metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn both during activity and at rest. This is key. Lastly, you need to cut down on portion sizes at meal time, eat smaller meals but more frequently, and increase your lean meats, vegetables and fruits in your diet. Try to stay away from all sugars as much as possible. Drink plenty of water as well! Increase your fiber intake and eat breakfast.

Eric Sage is a fitness and weightloss fanatic. Learn more about creating that dynamite set of abs at

Good luck!

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4 Weight Loss Supplements That You Can Add To Your Flat Tummy Diet To Get Those Killer Abs

How is your flat tummy diet coming along? There have been some new interesting research that can definitely aid you in losing those abdominal fats by adopting some of the supplements recommended here. Find out how Vitamin C, fish oil, oligofructose and avoiding sports drink can enhance your body's ability to burn abdominal fats and achieve great weight loss results.

1 - Fat loss supplements may soon be a thing of the past or there may be a new ingredient. And that new ingredient is your simple vitamin C tablet. There was a new study and provides very interesting results. And it will also be considered good news for everyone who wants to lose weight. Taking 500 milligrams of vitamin C in a day can induce the body to burn 39 percent more fats while you are exercising.

But do take note that if you are thinking of saving money and just consuming orange or orange juice, you need to read this. When orange juice, after being processed, only contains 82 milligram out of 250 mililitres of orange juice, and the vitamin C also loses up to 50 percent of its content.

2 - Drink water or consume protein-only drinks after every workout in order to achieve best results. A new research was done on the effects of sports drink after each workout and the results were not encouraging. The findings concluded that consuming the sports drink after your workout will affect your body's ability to burn off more fats.

3 - Start consuming fish oil. It was found that having fish oil will actually be good for your abdomens as well as your heart. Apparently, the enzymes can be stimulated by the fish oil to improve the fat burning process in your body.

4 - Start recognising the word Oligofructose. This is a type of fibre that has been research and found that it can help people to lose weight effortlessly. Take just one and a half teaspoon of the nutrient around 2 times per day. You can do more research on this fibre before you start consuming it.

Do you think you can add the above into your flat tummy diet? Start doing your own research first, and if you are comfortable, then start adding the above into your diet and start seeing results to your path to that killer abs.

For you are seriously trying to slim your waistline, stop piling on the fats, get discipline, enforce determination and get your own personal health magazine washboard abs at

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How To Guide for Six Pack Abs - Get Abs Fast

Ok so you like many other people want there six pack abs ?!?!?

Unfortunately for many that thought will simply remain a dream, as they do not get the education needed to form the best workout and know how as to what food to eat.

When i say the right food - I'm most definitely not talking about eating less and no carbs no this and no that, I'm talking about finding foods that naturally help your body convert its fat stores into energy to burn.

You also need to make sure that you restrict the amount of foods that prevent your body from burning of fat and of coarse the foods that load you up with fat to begin with !

You must begin to increase your meals to 5 - 6 meals a day in order for your body to run at full steam, if you don't your body's metabolism simply slows down; this will lead to you feeling sluggish but more importantly, you will slow down how your body burns fat.

Ok quick rehash - Metabolism Booster foods + 5 - 6 Meals a day is the general key to nutrition, I will not be able to come this topic in full i suggest you write that down to continue your research! But please also know that this is simply one element.

You'll also need to get the exercise portion of your plan sorted out !

I strongly suggest a mixture of resistance workouts and interval training for maximum results. These exercises are guaranteed to burn maximum amounts of fat.

Please further your education in interval training, resistance training + metabolism booster foods groups.

If you really want to achieve your goals its crucial that you learn the above.

Dont be like most people and give up here! Believe it or not your not far away from having the stomach your after ! Keep up the good work ! The fact your reading this shows your dedicated.

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Six pack Guide

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How To Get A Six Pack - The Truth To Ripped Abs & Flat Stomachs

There is a incredible amount of advice out there on how to get those abs that your looking for - well in most cases i would not really say that 80% of the info pass as sound advise, so please be careful what you do or don't take in from people.

I highly recommend when finding a new fact that could possibly have a impact on your training that you go of and validate that "opinion" by a few other professionals. If that opinion seems to be shared by the top authority's in the field THEN id implement that strategy into my overall training plan.

One thing that I'm sick to death of hearing about the ultimate abs machine or exercise - I am heavily against all ab machine & pills as the results will either not occur or will dishearten you as you will relapse into your old fat self if you don't get the right education to begin with. So really people get yourself educated.

Its hard for me to teach you about the entire process of how to get those abs your after in just one article, so what ill do is break down what it is that you need to go of and study to get yourself that abs that your after.

4 Things

- Interval Training
- Resistance Training
- Metabolism boosting foods
- Metabolism blocker foods

If you get yourself a general overview of these 4 topics you will be well on your way to the abs that you want or simply to give yourself that flat stomach your after. The above methods will also help with your over all health and loss of fat all over your body.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How To Get Flat, Ripped, Six Pack Abs Fast

For a long time now people in the fitness industry have said that in order to achieve quick fat loss and a flat stomach you are to do lengthy cardio sessions and a considerable amount of abdominal exercises in order to pin point flat loss to your stomach region.

I'd like to firstly make note that there is no natural method to pin point fat loss to a specific region of the body, If your goal is to loose fat from your stomach then I highly recommend looking at what your currently eating & looking in the concept of "interval training".

Its been proven that our body's were not developed to endure such lengthly periods of exercise such as running and cycling just as animals are the same. Instead we like animals have many start and stops throughout the day. So this being the case we need to commence in some interval training which will stimulate our body's even more and cater for recovery as more often throughout our exercises. Because we will be better rested between bursts you will also be able to raise the intensity of your exercise.

The other method for rapid fat loss that you should look into it resistance training, you will find that resistance training for 10 - 15 mins will leave you feeling as if you have just done a hour solid of cardio.

If you are trying to get your body to run into overdrive to burn of its excess fat stores i suggest that you start using your large muscle groups such as legs, back and chest and raise the intensity.

The right ratio of resistance training, interval training and diet will give you some incredible gains.

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The Fastest Way To Get Six Pack Abs Effectively

We are all trying to aim for the fastest way to get a six pack abs effectively. And many people will choose to go to a fitness center to get a fit body. In the fitness center, most people would focus on getting a toned abdominal. One of the most effective ways of training abdominal muscles is to do crunching exercise. Research has shown that we should lift our legs between 30 to 45 degrees. Our hip muscles will begin to take charge of the crunch movement when we lift our legs beyond 30 degrees. Crunches with bent knees and unsupported legs maximize abdominal activity without risk to the lower back.

Focus on the quality of abdominal movement by doing the exercises slowly, with control. Try to visualize your abdominal muscles contracting tighter with each exercise, stressing the importance of the contraction. Try adding light hand held weights (2 to 4 lb) to some of the exercises only when you feel you really need that additional challenge.

During the design of an abdominal workout, choose between 5 to 10 exercises. Perform 8 repetitions of each exercise before going on to the next exercise. We should add variety to our workout every 2 to 3 weeks. This is to vary the type of muscle contraction used (shortening, lengthening, and static). Shortening contractions are more useful in training abdominal muscles than lengthening contractions.

Perform the abdominal exercises with accompanying music. Slow and controlled movement is the best when we exercise. When the music is too fast, we may not be able to perform each repetition to achieve its full effects. So we should never let the music dictate the tempo of the exercise.

It is important that we train our abdominal muscles at least 3 - 5 days per week. Unlike other muscles, we seldom fatigue the abdominal muscles enough so that they need an additional day to recover. So we should always do some abdominal exercise on a daily basis to counteract the excessive tightening of your lower back muscles and hip flexors. Although the abdominals are a troublesome spot for many people, these points will us to get the fastest way to get a six pack abs effectively.

For you are seriously trying to slim your waistline, stop piling on the fats, get discipline, enforce determination and get your own personal health magazine washboard abs at

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How to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs

Do you have six pack abs? When you're getting ready for work in the morning, do you take a moment to look at your self in the mirror? Are you happy with what you see? or do you long for sexy six pack abs? I'm sure its the latter. Having a sexy six pack abs is a desire most men have, and any man or women for that matter can gain great abs more easily than you may think, with a little bit a dedication and a simple exercise routine, but the most important factor is the foods we eat.

To take the first steps towards a great body and a ripped six pack, is to lose all the excess weight possible. The flabby bit under you chin, otherwise known as a 'double chin', lose the beer belly and the flaps of skin underneath your arms.

You may be thinking, 'oh yeah easier said than done' well true, but if you have trouble knowing how to lose weight effectively and which exercises to do that will work, then your probably better off following one the brilliant courses available on the Internet. The courses are very easy to follow and with a bit of dedication and sticking to the course as in eating the correct foods at the right time of day and doing a small amount of effective exercise when possible then you'll find that the weight will drop off and in no time at all you'll have the body you've always wanted. It's not all about low fat diets and eating rabbit food, following the right courses, you can still enjoy the food that you want you just have to moderate your self.

To see which course helped me rediscover my six pack go to and read my review.

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Exercise Abs for Symmetry

The ripped look is something most body builders and even average people strive for. It is a particularly attractive look but to exercise the abs is the wrong direction. Let me explain. The abdominals are the center piece of a ripped muscular body. No two ways about it. If a guy or gal has a nice developed body but their belly has a pouch or is distended in the case of a pot belly, the muscular body some how loses it's legitimacy. It's just a fat guy or girl with nice arms or shoulders or whatever. The reason for that can be found in the science of aesthetics.

In the case of men, the V shape is a natural triangle that is sought out by the eye. There is a certain symmetry the eye looks for when assessing the athletic attractiveness of a body. The V shape is the key. The differential between the size of the shoulders and the narrowness of the waist is recorded by the eye and the brain makes a quick assessment, defining the person as fat or thin, attractive or not attractive.

Another aspect of aesthetics is the optical illusion. When we look at any area, our eye immediately looks for detail. If there is no detail, the eye looks to the outer edges and makes assumptions, decisions and judgments about the area based on the outer edges. This applies to the abdominals. When you have a layer of fat across the skin of your abdominals, the abs themselves do not show through. This means the torso is featureless apart from the belly button. The eye naturally wanders out to the edges and focuses on the broadness, creating the optical illusion that the torso is bigger than it really is.

Conversely, when the layer of skin across your torso is thin and supple, showing the subtle shadows and arrangements of the abdominals, the eye settles on this detail. It ignores the outer edges and therefore judges the torso to be narrow. This is a documented and scientifically conclusive phenomenon. An optical illusion.

The eye travels easily from the wide shoulders to the detail of the abs, giving it the impression and perception that the V shape is particularly strong. This V shape is identified, subconsciously by women, as good breeding stock. Good genes. Naturally it is not genes at all but simply a little work and effort.

The best exercise for abs is no exercise at all!! Haha. Now you are really confused. The fact is people are confused about abs. They think, yes I want nice abs and begin to train them. What happens when you train your abs? They GROW! They get bigger! This destroys the V shape that you are after in the first place. The abdominals is a large group of muscles that respond easily to a little pedestrian exercise. They rip easy! The trick is keeping them small. That means controlling your calorie intake and reducing your body fat percentages. In this way, you get what you are really looking for-. Symmetry.

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