Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Secret To Flatter Abs Is Surprisingly Not Crunches

If you have a little extra weight around your abdominal area you would like to get rid of, then you will be amazed at the results you will get if you follow a few common sense guidelines. One of the first things that you have to do before you begin is to be absolutely motivated to get the results you want. Getting a tight, flat midsection simply is not going to happen unless you put some work into it. If you are not afraid of working to get what you want, then by all means read further, if not then we are done here!

There are three things which used together will lead to rock hard abs. These three things are hard work, proper nutrition and dedication. The hard work will consist of doing the proper exercises. Of course the proper nutrition means that you will be eating healthy on a regular basis, with no giving in to temptations. Finally, you must truly be dedicated to getting your body in shape; there is no middle ground on this point.

One fact about belly fat that most people do not know is that it is the last part of the body that wants to lose its fat. If you will notice, most people will say that their belly is the hardest part of their body to get in shape, and now you know the reason why. It is therefore important that you focus on total body fat loss, and not just on your midsection. The abs will come when you get the rest of your body in shape.

You should know that if you plan on buying all sorts of gadgets that are supposed give you flat abs within days, you are just wasting your money. You do not need any special equipment to lose weight. If you would like to use equipment to lose weight, then just a regular set of weights which include a barbell and a regular set of dumbbells will give you all the equipment you will need. Luckily these are rather cheap when compared to gym equipment.

Your exercise regimen should include both weight training and cardio exercises. You should create a weight training program which will target each area of your body to help strengthen all your muscles and to eliminate excess fat. A good aerobic workout will burn more calories and provide excellent muscle toning. Remember that muscle burns fat, the more muscle you have the less fat you will have to lug around.

Your diet is a key element to your success. It is recommended that you eat a serving of complex carbohydrates about an hour prior to working out. This gives your body the fuel it needs for the workout. You should also be certain to have a well balanced, nutritious meal within the first hour following your workout. If it is at all feasible for you to do so, it would be best to spread your meals out into six smaller meals all throughout your day. If you can do this, you will be able to boost your metabolism and also inhibit the storage of new fat.

Finally, you must remain dedicate to the program you have started and avoid being sidetracked. Staying motivated is a necessity, and will determine whether you attain your goal. If you need a workout partner to help keep you motivated, then by all means get one. If this isn't an option for you, turn on the television and workout with an exercise program. You can look in your local listings and record several shows to help keep your motivation in full force.

Attaining the look you want is certainly within your grasp. It is solely up to you to make sure that you get what you are looking for.

Patricia is a health focused content author, today helping you learn more about How To Get Flatter Abs Stop by Patricia's site at How To Get 6 Pack Abs Quickly to pick up a free special report called "The Stubborn Fat Solution"

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How To Get Abs And Flatten That Belly

Hear are some great tips how to get abs so you won’t fall flat while losing that fat!

Although they are an excellent start, crunches and sit-ups alone will not fetch your desired results. Here are a few more tips to get you started:

Tip #1: Eat smart,eat healthy

One key is reducing calories low enough to lose the fat, while keeping calories high enough to sustain your energy. It's a balancing act.

Your diet and food intake, when used optimally, can actually stimulate the metabolism to lose unwanted body fat. This is best accomplished by having four to six smaller proportioned meals per day. As opposed to three larger meals.

That is one key here, smaller proportioned meals, not seven-course feasts. A meal could include an egg white omelet with low-fat cheese and yogurt with blueberries in it; a protein shake with peanut butter; some cottage cheese with fruit or maybe a veggie burger and spinach salad with light dressing.

Tip #2: Working out with weights

Lifting weights will force the abs to work harder and feel tighter. Lat pull-downs, free weight squats, dumbbell rows, the chest press etc will all help with your ab work, as it will stabilize core muscles to perform each of these movements properly.

Tip #3: Cardio is a must

Cardiovascular exercise will help you get those abs. But, keep in mind that as you burn calories, use exercising as a tool. Quantity does not equal quality when it comes to your workout.

Following these tips on how to get abs will surely help you on your way to achieving that six-pack.

For more great information on how to get abs, please be sure to visit http://howtogetabs.blogsome.com

There you will find a wealth of awesome tips and techniques to help you get the body you want.

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Belly Fat - How To Lose It And Tone Those Abs

The key to losing belly fat lies in a combination of reducing calorific intake and aerobic exercise. The importance of losing belly fat cannot be over emphasized; a slimmer waistline not only looks and feels better, but has significant health benefits too.

Research has found that waist size rather than overall body weight is a key indicator of heart disease(1). Belly fat is much more dangerous than fat around the hips. So what can we do?

Consume fewer calories than you burn off and YOU WILL lose weight. Unfortunately where you lose it from first is largely dictated by your genes. This may be disheartening, especially if the weight comes off your face or bust first and you still have that belly fat to contend with. However it’s unlikely that you will continue to lose fat from areas that you are satisfied with without losing it from your belly.

There is little evidence to support the theory that eating certain foods will help you lose fat. A well balance diet is essential in any weight loss program. Quick fix diets often rely on cutting out certain food groups, depriving the body of essential nutrients. A diet low in fat is certainly preferable, but, for example a no fatdiet will cause the body to store any existing fat (natural defense mechanism)making any fat loss extremely difficult. Alternatively a diet high in fat and low in carbs( fuel) such as the Atkins Dietmay have serious health implications and leave you feeling exhausted. Plan your meals according to your lifestyle: if you work days, make breakfast the main meal of the day. Night workers are best making their evening meal their main one. Whenever possible avoid eating a main meal 4 hours before you go to bed.

Eat wisely and incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle; that way the weight will not only come off but more importantly, stay off.

Aerobic Exercises are great for burning fat and are therefore imperative for any weight loss program. If you prefer not to exercise alone but don’t have the time, means or inclination to join a fitness class, why not organize a game of rounders/baseball or a kick-about in the local park. Your kids will love it-especially if they can beat you!

Running, cycling, swimming and brisk walking are great ways to burn fat . These activities may be easier to build into your program because you can do them on your own. Be sure not to overdo things, particularly if you are grossly overweight, of advancing years or simply haven’t exercised for some time. Don’t take any unnecessary risks-if in doubt consult your doctor.

Toning is important at all stages of your weight loss program. Toning exercises unlike aerobic exercises can be performed by those of us with a low tolerance to exercise.. Toning is site specific. leaving you firmly in control. Strengthening the abdominal muscles will help you to hold your belly in. This will automatically make you look slimmer. Lose the fat and show off those well toned muscles.

Try out the following toning exercises and enjoy the instant gratification.

Stomach Crunches

Lie on your back with your feet as close as possible to your bum.

Place hands on chest and lift your shoulders off the floor whilst keeping lower back on the floor and the neck still to avoid straining. Hold for 5 seconds then relax. Gradually increase reps and length of holds.

Aim for tolerable discomfort


Great for the abdominals. Follow my simple guide to avoid putting pressure on the lower back.

Sitting on the floor with knees bent hook your toes (soles down) under a secure fixture such as a wall rail, ideally no more than 3inches high because you’ll need to keep your bum and heels firmly on the floor.

Clasp hands behind the back of the head and lean back keeping the back straight, until you can feel the abdominal muscles working, hold for 10 seconds then using the toes as a lever (this will put any pressure on the legs rather than the back) return to position 1.

Aim to increase repetitions and length of hold.

Leg Raises

I have found this exercise really affective over the years because it works on all the abdominal muscles from the stomach right down to the pelvic region. Be warned, its not for the feint hearted. You will need a watch that shows the seconds.

Lie flat on the floor or a hard surface, feet together with toes pointed.

Raise both legs together till you feel your heels are roughly 7 inches (18cm) off the floor - hold for 5 seconds.

From position 2 raise legs a further 7inches (18cm) so that the heels are roughly 14inches (36cm) off the floor – hold for 5 seconds.

From position 3 raise the legs so that they are at right angles to the torso – hold for 5 seconds (this will give some relief so best not to omit this stage).

Use the same stages as 2 and 3 above (omit stage 1) lowering the legs to 14 inches then 7inches holding for 5 seconds at each position.

Hold the left leg 7 inches from the floor whilst raising the right leg to 14 inches – hold for 5 seconds. Hold the left leg at 7 inches from the floor and raise the right leg to right angles to the torso – hold for 5 seconds.

Use the same stages as 6 and 7 above to lower the right leg to 14 inches then 7 inches from the floor holding for 5 seconds at each position ( at this stage both legs should be 7 inches from the floor) Repeat stages 6, 7 and 8 this time raising then lowering the left leg whilst keeping the right leg at 7 inches from the floor.

Both legs should now be 7 inches from the floor, hold this position for 20 seconds before returning both legs to the floor.

This exercise is particularly strenuous so don’t be put off if you cant hold positions for the time suggested above. For each different position you will feel different muscles being worked on so try not to miss any stages out, if you find it to exhausting reduce the length of the holds instead.

Plan your weight loss program so that it includes plenty of exercise and healthy eating, tailored specifically to your needs. Remember that losing a few inches off your waistline may add that vital few years to your life.

Visit http://www.oph-good-housekeeping.com for more exercise, dieting, homemaking and good housekeeping tips

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Don't Neglect Your Health And Start Toning Up Your Abs Right Now!

Our health is very important to us. Having lower back pain can cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience to our lives. Our abs muscles will be more targeted if we use core exercises instead of crunches or sit ups.

Toning up your middle muscles will definitely give them a tighter, flatter, firmer appearance. And when you lose weight overall, you are bound to downsize your waistline. Your abs are part of your core musculature. They, along with your lower back, are responsible for your posture and your carriage and are essential to a well-toned, fit body.

They assist in dozens of movements and exercises. And they help you feel strong and centered. if you indulge in the typical diet and sedentary lifestyle, this often results in reduced insulin sensitivity. Added on top of everything else, your fat tissue becomes so incredibly resistant to your attempts to lose it, it seems like you will be stuck with it forever.

By firming up the abs muscle, lower back pain can be greatly reduced. Diet is only half the battle. You will also need to exercise in order to effectively tone up up your abs. Exercising without the right diet is can be done, but it will take an awful long time.

Lower the risk of back pain by exercising properly, targeting the core muscles in your abs. So get started on a program that creates core fitness through a workout program that will flatten your abs and reduce lower back pain.

Want to know about how to get washboard abs and eliminate back pain woes, visit http://www.goodhealth-n-fitness.blogspot.com

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Over 40? Reduce Belly Fat And Get 6 Pack Abs

This is not a story of 'washboard' abs. Rather suggestions on ways to achieve great looking abs - firm, maybe even rippled and most importantly well-toned abs - and a trim waistline. All those are achievable, but beware accepting any myths about flat stomachs and spot reduction around the waist. False promises about reducing belly fat are abundant!

First some basics. When you are exercising, you are consuming energy measured in calories. When you consume enough to deplete the available energy, and enough to reduce the sugars that convert easily, the body goes after stored energy. That stored energy is largely in the form of fat deposits in adipose tissue.

That process however takes place non-selectively. It's not your choice which fat deposits the body converts. That would be way too convenient! This means, you can't achieve 'spot reduction' by working on your abs. The effect is still doable, but doing abdominal exercises alone will not target that fat.

By focusing your workout on the abs, you are building strength in that area. This is done by by increasing the muscle mass in those muscles. That's beneficial for a number of reasons:

- It provides for a firm, strong layer of muscle

- This muscle helps keep the stomach and other internal organs well inside the plane defined by your hips.

- You can achieve a reduction in belly fat

- You get a nice lean, trim, flat look...and maybe the start of those 6 pack abs!

The is an additional benefit to abdominal workouts. As the abdominals are proportionately larger muscles, they consume a proportionately larger percentage of energy than, say, your jaw muscles. That means that as you work them, they have to be supplied with more energy to move through the range of the exercise. The benefit is that working this muscle group burns many calories, resulting in weight loss and fat reduction.

Sadly no shortcuts exist. There are no gadgets, supplements or drugs currently on the market that will accomplish this task safely and effectively as a substitute. Real, lasting results are only achieved through proper diet and regular, moderate to heavy exercise. There's no shortcut to a trim waist, at least not yet.

Not to add insult to injury but the effects are also limited by genetics and age. Some folks store more fat around the middle (belly) more readily than others. Gender - read men - obviously makes a difference as well.

Often women in their 40's will naturally develop a pouch in the lower abdomen. This is frequently a result of hormonal changes. Men frequently will naturally develop 'love handles' at the side, since they store fat in adipose tissue there more readily in their 40s than they did in their 20s.

The desired effect is only achieved by working out and approaching muscle fatigue. Performing one hundred crunches will not accomplish that. When performed correctly, 20 proper reps is enough. You don't even have to go to the gym. You can do pelvic tilts while sitting in a chair in the office.

For best effect, warm up by running or briskly walking for 15 minutes and try the following exercise:

Lie on your back, with your knees raised and cross your arms across your chest. Then lift your shoulders off the floor and hold for 30 seconds. You can feel the effect on your abs already. To make the exercise more difficult, put your hands at the side of your head. Don't use your hands to lift your head, just keep them still. For maximum effort, put your hands above your head, then perform the same shoulder lift and hold, focusing on the abs.

This is just one of many exercises designed to get rid of this over 40 belly fat. While wash board six pack abs might not be in reach, a leaner, fitter you certainly is.

The author, R.A. Shore, knows firsthand the benefits of fitness over 40 are weight loss, lower cholesterol, leaner body composition and more energy, to name few. Review real life case studies, find out more about maintaining a health life after age 40 and to listen to a free audioFIT newsletter visit Physical Fitness Articles Make the most of your ab and core exercise head over to Physical Fitness Articles today

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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Truth About - Six Pack Abs

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a new publication that offers help for 'all frustrated six pack seekers'. It appeals to the masses by rejecting other such publications claiming that they are fraudulent and do not work. Instead it recommends customers towards their product which concentrates on a tight diet and various abdominal exercises.

The book is a lot more scientific that other ones that I have read in that it really digs deep into the diet side of the equation. The writer clearly believes that the key to success when it comes to having perfect abs is having a diet that will compliment your body well.

This un-revolutionary publication uses tried and tested methods to give a sensible, down to earth and guaranteed to work fitness plan which has been proven by none other than hard, solid science. The world revolves around facts and these particular ones are the straightforward path to glory, pure and simple.

Not only do they tell you which exercises you should undertake, they tell you how to do your abs exercises properly so that energy is not wasted on something that will not benefit you in the long term. Not only is this good from a safety point of view, it also means that your exercises are more efficient and you get the most out of what you do.

The main consumers that will be targeted by The Truth About Six Pack Abs are those individuals that have had several difficulties and have been ripped off by programmes that never seem to work, prompting the consumer to give up after a short space of time. After doing my research on Mike Geary, the guy appears to be genuine and his main goal, aside from making money, is to specifically satisfy those mentioned above.

The thing that I like about The Truth About Six Pack Abs is that it touches on the psychological side of things which are often ignored when it comes to trying to get your body in the best possible shape. It gives motivational tips that will keep you going whereas with other products without mental guidance it is likely that you would simply give up. These tips will enable you to think positively about all phases of your fitness programme, and although they are scarce in places, Truth about Abs still contains more than enough psychological guidance, more than other such products anyway.

My name is Gary Everson and I have specialized in nutrition and fitness for more than 20 years. I have experience as a personal trainer and offer fitness and nutritional advice. The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a fitness program which straightens out all of the fluff and fallacy that is currently in circulation about getting washboard abs. It has been written by fitness expert Mike Geary after years of practical application and after countless hours of research in preparation of this complete solution.

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Forget Crunches If You Want Six Pack Abs

That can't be right can it?

Surely if you do nothing else but do ab crunches all day long you'll end up with a stomach like a washboard?

Er, well no, that's not strictly true...

In fact, not only is it possible to get six pack abs without a single crunch, it's also possible that relying on relentless crunching is moving you away from your desired flat stomach!

Ok, before I get carted off by the men in white coats, let me explain. Come to think of it, even if you *did* call the men in white coats, it would be *me* they would agree with!

It's all to do with the physiology, the construction of the body around the abdomen. A six pack is a display of defined abdominal muscles. Crunching is a superb way of strengthening and building these muscles, but it's vital to bear in mind, that if you currently don't have that six pack, your ab muscles will most likely be covered with a layer of fat. It doesn't have to be a rippling spare tire, Homer Simpson style, but there will be a layer of fat covering those muscles.

If you simply concentrate on building the abs, but do nothing about the fat, then as your abs develop, not only will they not be visible, but they will actually be pushing the layer of fat outwards! This is the last thing you want!

The layer of fat is one of the hardest areas to get rid of, so you need to start an all-round fitness regime if you really want a six pack. Try to focus on a good cardio workout, some sort of aerobic type exercise that will get your blood pumping and keep it in your target heart rate zone for at least 30 minutes and do your cardio at least 5 days a week for best results. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming and TaeBo are all good examples of a cardio workout. Gradually, and this won't and cannot happen overnight, as the fat layer disappears, your ab muscles will become closer to the surface, and therefore more visible.

Take it from me, as someone who's done it, the ab muscles get plenty of workout in everyday life, so are often defined enough so that once the fat layer had gone, they give off that familiar six pack look.

So there you are, a simple explanation of biology has got rid of almost any need for those horrible crunches! You may want to do them to buff up your abs once the can be seen, but blimey they are hard enough to do at any time let alone if the effort is just going to waste!

Getting that elusive 6 pack doesn't have to be hard, you just need to know the facts. To learn the best way to get Rock Hard Abs and receive a free copy of the special report "The Stubborn Fat Solution" please visit:http://www.squidoo.com/flatten-your-abs

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Training Our Abs Basic Techniques

Are you conscious of what your ab muscles are doing when you are sitting down? Or how your abs and lower back muscles relate to each other and the rest of the body?

For basic information, whenever we bend, twist, or arch backward, our central muscles spring into action and their main function is to work together, so that we can stand upright with relative comfort and security. If they did not, we'll be walking around on all fours like other warm blooded mammals.

Hence, to get the most from our abs training efforts, we will need some basic techniques.

When doing exercises, first of all, we should remember to exhale through the mouth as we exert an effort and inhale through our nose as we release the effort. This will remind us to use our abdominals since more of our abdominal muscle fibers get into the act when we breathe forcefully.

Monitoring your speed when exercising is also a crucial consideration. Always work slowly with control. You know you are moving at the right speed if you feel a continuous contraction (strong pull) through your muscles when both exerting and releasing efforts.

During any exercise in which you are lying on your back, keep your lower back pressed firmly onto the floor, unless that exercise specifically states lifting your entire back off the floor. This is to protect your lower back from injury and to remind you to engage all your muscles for the entire duration of the exercise.

If you feel pain anywhere else, slow down the exercise and review through the process carefully again. If the pain continues, stop the exercise immediately. Try all the exercises so you can know which are the ones you can do and which ones you cannot do.

For the exercises to be really effective, you must focus your attention on the muscles being trained. Bending or exercising your muscles a few dozen times do not always mean you've worked your abs. You must be clear where you are supposed to be concentrating on, what the exercise is supposed to feel like, and where you are supposed to feel it.

Before you start exercising, make sure you know what you doing and are doing things right, to gain maximum benefit from them. Getting the basic techniques correct is the important first step.

For more information on how to unleash those washboard abs, and getting rid of those love handles, head on to http://www.trainthoseabs.info

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tight Abs

If you would like to get in good shape and you want to get healthy and to have tight abs is not the problem that many people face. No, the problem that many people have is a far simpler one of being not able to find it inside themselves to act upon their dream to get the tight abs they want.

Just think about it, how many times have you looked jealously at a person sporting a truly formed and well cut set of tight abs? How many times have you wished it was you, and how many times have you virtually made it out of your easygoing chair and to the gym to get started on your destination only to fall back down because it was too much trouble Too many times, right?

There’s nothing to strange about if this scenario even remotely knowledgeable to you, there are more people out there than you think who are going through the same thing as you are. You know you have the destination of getting tight abs, now if only you can find the want required to set the wheels in motion on this particular goal, you will be on your way to acquiring those tight abs.

However, and this is likely one of the things which put you off to begin with, you should know from the beginning on out that it will take a little hard work on your part in order to make this work, and in order for you to get to your destination of tight abs. But then again, if you think about it, nothing worth having ever came easy, correct ?

Unfortunately, if you feel that exercising was something fictitious by the Devil himself to torture you, then you might have to pitch yourself up to really go out there and get down to it when the time comes.

That said, once you really get on the path to doing sit ups and crunches and all mode of other ab muscle-working exercise, you will find that it is easier to stay the course. Of course, since it is also evenly easier to stray from the course, you are likely better off finding some motivational cause to keep at it if you want to ultimately end up with tight abs!

This is something that many of us do, if you only think about it, when faced with having to finish something or do something that we don’t want to do. We steal ourselves into staying the course, and since we finally get the chore done, or in this character end up with tight abs... to learn more on this topic, please check our web site by following our link...

Finally, I’d like to thank you for reading this article and i hope it was helpful information to you.

Michael Malega presents several tight abs articles for your information. You can visit Michael's web site at: Tight Abs


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How to Get Flat Abs Fast

There is no real secret to getting abs. We all have been fooled by the infomercials and so-called experts, that tell us if we take pill, drink a supplement, and do a couple of sit ups, then we will have the abs of a Greek statue! Well, guess what? They tell you all this in order to make a buck or two off of you!

They create a fantasy world before your eyes to convince you to buy. But, what they won't tell you is, that everyone already has a six pack. Yes that's right! We all have six pack abs. But, where are they? They are hiding under the extra fat that your body stored. The abs are right under there. So, you could do 1,000 push ups a day, and it still wouldn't matter!

The secret to developing abs, is burning off the extra fat that you have stored on top of your abs! This can be done by doing cardio for 30 minutes a day or every other day. Activities like walking, running, and climbing the stairs. You must do activities like this to catch up with your bodies storage of fat. You have fat on your abs because, you are falling behind in the amount of calories you should be burning during the day. You are eating more calories than you burn. Let's say you take in 2,500 calories per day, but you only burn off 1,000.

Well, this here is a problem, because the body will be forced to store this extra fat from the calories into certain areas of the body. This could be the stomach for men, as well as the stomach, waist, and thighs for women. Once you start see in your abs again (that you haven't seen since childhood!) then you can begin to shape them up by doing crunches and other exercises. But, make sure you do them the correct way, and in moderation.

For more FREE advice on weight loss and to receive your FREE weight loss report, visit: www.continualfitness.com

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Want A Fit Stomach? The Truth About Six Pack Abs is The Key

How many times have you turned on the television or opened a magazine to be confronted by the next best workout plan or diet program or exercise machine or fat burning pill that promises you to lost stomach fat and have rock hard abs or a super taut flat tummy in 8 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 weeks or whatever? Each new gimmick comes with its own set of promises and some pictures or videos with great models showing their lean trim bodies with tanned glistening six pack abs all saying if you buy this machine or video or diet program, you too can look like me!

Let me tell you the truth, there are so many myths about flat stomachs and six pack abs out there its no wonder all these new gimmicks come out as they are cashing in on those myths and thousands upon thousands of people are buying into them which spells a huge money making industry.

Here are some myths that you should know about before you decide to shell out some of your hard earned money on the next best gimmick to give you the stomach you want:

1. So called Ab Exercises like stomach crunches, leg raises and sit ups or even cardio workouts can be the least effective method of getting a flat stomach or six pack abs! In some cases for people doing cardio workouts, they even gained body fat! Whilst these have some value, they are in fact not the most important thing and should only make up a small portion of your time in your efforts to get six pack abs. What you need is a proper program of resistance training done in the right way so as to promote your production of fat-burning hormones.

2. There are many foods that are contained in so called diet programs that will in fact prevent the likelihood of your body shedding its excess fat around your belly. Some foods that are contained in these diet programs even produce a hormonal imbalance in your body that triggers belly fat to resist burning and signals it to be stored excessively.

3. Fat loss pills and other dietary supplements are not the answer and about 95% of them have very little to no effect on your stomach fat. There are only a very small amount of supplements that will actually help you. Don't believe the marketing hype!

4. All those great gizmos they promote on tv - super ab cruncher 2000?, ab-rockers, ab-rollers are all a waste of time. Don't believe those models - they weren't like you to start with - they are paid to be that way and they definitely didn't get that way by using that gizmo!

So what is the answer you may ask and how can I trust yet another so called program? Is this just more marketing hype in a bid to take away my hard earned dollars? Well, let me share with you a program that I believe is very well worth your money and has helped thousands upon thousands of people because its based on scientific fact and not on a bunch of well paid beautiful models with great bodies promoting the next best gimmick.

At the end of the day, what you want to do is to get your own body working for you to burn off excess fat. You want your what your body naturally produces to be working in a way as to help you with your excess belly fat loss and to tone up your muscles around your stomach. Testosterone, growth hormone, insulin, and many other natural hormones are the key to long term effective weight and fat loss as well as, of course, your own metabolism - this is a scientifically proven fact.

What you need is a program that gets all of these natural hormones working in a way that will burn off your fat even in the hardest place around your abs. The Truth About Six Pack Abs is the result of intensive research around the best ways of stimulating these natural hormones and igniting your metabolism to burn off the fat and get you the kind of stomach you want. The program provides full body training routines that focus around the secret method to maximize your fat burning and metabolism boosting effect. And for this reason, this fat loss, six pack abs program is the best program I have seen. It doesn't tell you about crazy fat loss pills or push you to purchase some snazzy gadget or gizmo, its about proven scientific facts and it shows you how to get your body working for you naturally.

The author, an expert in weight loss and exercising, has put together a 117 page ebook with comprehensive information and detailed pictures to help you understand which types of exercises stimulate your fat burning hormones and how to do them the right way. He offers a detailed program that is better than cardio workouts and better than interval training. The program also features bonuses including ebooks on Turbulence Training and Smoothie Recipes for Athletes.

I believe that if you are serious about wanting a six pack abs, then stop buying all the latest gimmicks, pills and fads, and get your own body to work for you in the way that nature intended and to show you how to do that comprehensively, you should have a look at The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Best Workouts Programs : Best workout programs for men & women looking to lose weight, get fit & stay healthy.

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