Saturday, May 23, 2009

How To Get Flat Abs

How can you get flat abs? Actually, it's not that hard. Let's think about it for a minute - the reason your abs are not flat is because of two things. Firstly, you may have high levels of body fat. Although in men and women body fat tends to deposit on different parts of the body, the stomach and abs is a common location for both genders. A little beer gut or a little extra paunch around the waist makes your stomach rounded, which isn't good when you want to get flat abs.

What can you do? Well, let's go through a few simple changes to your lifestyle that'll show you hot to get flat abs in no time. The most important thing is to reduce your body fat levels, and that requires a two pronged attack.

The first prong is cutting down on your calorie intake during the day, so that means eating less sugary sweets, foods and drinks, avoiding fatty foods like triple cheeze pizzas or pork pies, and choosing low-calorie, diet, light or fat free alternatives wherever they're available.

On their own, each of these little changes might not seem like much, but when you combine them all you can drastically reduce your bad calorie intake during the day, and that's how to get flat abs. Without so many calories each day, your body will turn to its long term storage for energy - your body fat, and that means you'll lose weight naturally.

The second prong of this attack to get flat abs is to encourage your body to reach for those long term stores through regular exercise. Jog for 20-30 minutes a day, or do 60 minutes of brisk walking, or even swap the car journey to work for a bike ride twice a day. Regular exercise will burn off calories, reduce your body fat levels and flatten your abs.

The second reason why you may not have flat abs is your muscles may not be well toned, so while they're relaxed your internal organs may be pushing out your stomach. Firm muscles with good strength will naturally be tighter on your body and won't sag. By strengthening your ab muscles you'll find it easier to hold your stomach in all the time, and that's the second tip for how to get flat abs.

To toughen up your ab muscles, along with your 30 minutes of exercise do 20-30 minutes of ab exercises such as situps, crunches, leg raises and torso twists. You can find information about ab exercises online, in your local library or bookshop, or even by asking a personal trainer at your local gym for a short routine you can do at home without any equipment.

If you want to get flat abs, you need to firm and tone up the muscles. Once your abs are stronger, you can hold them in all day without even noticing. Making these small lifestyle changes doesn't have to be a big deal. A few little alterations to your daily routine and that's how you get flat abs!

It's all very well getting your diet right, eating healthily and losing plenty of bodyfat so your abs are on show, but if you don't workout properly you'll never get flat abs that look as good as the guys in the bodybuilding magazines. David Spencer is a fitness nutcase, and has spent years learning about weight loss and bodybuilding, and he recommends The Truth About Six Pack Abs training program -

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A Diet For Flat Abs - 5 Steps To Flat Abs

Having the right diet for flat abs is vital to actually getting flat abs. You need to make sure that everything you do in your day to day routine, including everything you eat in your diet is geared towards flattening your abs. This isn't as hard as it sounds though, and a flat abs diet doesn't necessarily need to mean huge changes to your current diet.

Here's some top tips for your flat abs diet.

1. Eat low calorie alternatives wherever you can. Most foods come with a "Light", "Diet", "Low-Fat" or "Sugar-Free" option, so always try to take that option when it's available. Doing it once or twice won't make much of a difference, but doing it everywhere you can will make a big difference to your daily calorie intake.

By dropping the amount of calories you take in while you're on your flat abs diet, your body will be forced to burn off your bodyfat to compensate, so you'll lose weight and your abs will flatten. Plus, you'll barely notice a difference in your day to day life - it won't even feel like you're on a diet.

2. Cut out sweets, crisps and cakes. Now this might sound drastic, but it's the same idea as the last point. The aim is to reduce the amount of high sugar calories you take in through things like sugary drinks, sweets, crisps and cakes. It's this high fat, high sugar food which piles on as bodyfat and that's what we don't want. Cutting out sweet things altogether is hard though, and you shouldn't have to go cold turkey.

Having a balanced flat abs diet is about taking in luxury foods every now and then to treat yourself, and because your body does need small amounts of sugar, fatty oils and the other bits found in sweet foods. So, once a week treat yourself to a small cake or some sweets, but don't go overboard and ruin a week's worth of hard work!

3. Have slightly smaller portions of high carbohydrate foods like bread, rice and potatoes. These foods are chock full of calories (the right sort that you want when you're on a flat abs diet), but you still don't want to eat too much of it. Too many calories means your body has too much energy, and rather than waste it your body will store it all up as bodyfat. Rather than cut the good foods out of your flat abs diet, simply have slightly smaller portions.

4. Drink plenty of water. Our bodies run on water, the same way that engines run on oil. Your flat abs diet should include 8 glasses of cold water a day to keep your body running smoothly. Plus, cold water will raise your metabolism for a while as your body tries to warm it up, and that means you'll burn more calories during the day.

5. Lastly, eat small meals throughout the day. Our bodies naturally want to stockpile food, so by spreading your flat abs diet over 4-5 smaller meals a day, your body will soon learn that it doesn't need to hold onto the fuel and so it won't store so much as bodyfat. Make sure that even though you're eating more meals, they should be smaller than a regular meal, more like a snack. It's no good eating 5 normal sized meals a day!

If you're working on your six pack abs, you may be going about it all wrong and wasting your time and energy. David Spencer is a fitness fanatic, and has spent years learning about the best way to get six pack abs as fast as possible. He swears by The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Getting a six pack is actually down to a few very simple key principles that many people simply aren't aware of. Visit and make sure you're doing it right!

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Flat Abs - Everything You Need To Know

Everyone wants flat abs, and if you're reading this now, my guess is you do too. But it's difficult to get flat abs though, right? Wrong. Flat abs are a combination of three key ingredients:

1. Eat right.

This is the crux of flat abs really. You see, the reason people don't have flat abs is because of the stored body fat that sits over their stomachs. For men, this is naturally where the body deposits long term energy storage (fat). For women, the body stores fat on the stomach, but mostly on the thighs and hips. Unfortunately for us, it's impossible to reduce fat in specific areas - your body will burn the fat evenly all over.

By reducing your levels of body fat, your abs will naturally flatten. The less fat you give your body the better. There's one surefire way to reduce your bodyfat levels, and that's eating low calorie foods. Aim for low fat foods, and avoid sugary and sweet foods as well

Secondly, eat lots. That might sound silly if you want flat abs, but bodyfat storage is the body's long term defense mechanism back from our days as cavemen when food was scarce. Cavemen didn't know when the next meal might be, so we developed a tendancy to stockpile energy in the form of fat. If you eat little and often (say, 4-5 small meals a day), your body will learn to stop holding onto the fat. As an added benefit, your metabolism will go up when you eat so your body will burn more calories off during the day!

2. Workout.

Flat abs are possible, but only if a) your body fat is low, and b) you have good muscle tone around your midsection. If your ab muscles aren't very strong, they may naturally push out and give your stomach a rounded look. By strengthening and firming up those muscles, your abs will be much flatter.

The second reason for working out is to help burn off excess body fat that you're already carrying. Try and do 30 minutes exercise a day, even if it's just walking (briskly) to the shops, taking the dog around the park or swapping the drive to work with a short bike ride. Once you work it into your lifestyle, flat abs will come naturally and stay forever!

3. Drink plenty of water.

This is a quick one really, but our bodies live on water. Without enough water, everything stops working properly. Drink 8 glasses of cold water a day, and see how your digestion improves, your skin tone improves, your alertness improves and so on. If your body is working in peak condition, you're much more likely to achieve flat abs quickly.

These tips for flat abs are taken from the many tips available inside possibly the best book on six pack abs (or just flat abs if you don't want a six pack), The Truth About Abs.

As the author shows, getting flat abs isn't hard, but it does take a bit of effort on your part, but so does everything else that's worth having. There isn't any magic button, single exercise or instant pill that will give you flat abs, but there are certain ways of doing everything to make sure you get the most out of what you put in. Follow the tips above, and you're halfway there -

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