Friday, August 6, 2010

Abs Hips Thigh Workout - Get In Shape - Look Sexy

Abs hips thigh workout is necessary for a shapely body. So for those women who want to look really sexy, the abs hips thigh work out is for you. However, there is so much of information about these kinds of workouts that it is difficult to touch on one particular workout.

The overload of information takes on several forms such as advertising, news stories, internet blogs as well as staged infomercials.

Articles are constantly published about the 'latest breakthrough' workouts that mainly tap into the heightened emotional buttons. Instead of providing hope, these so called treatments cause a great deal of heartache and a sense of hopelessness.

Instead of being bogged down by manipulative marketers whose main goal is to extract lots of money from you, take charge of your life and body right from the confines of your home. Vow to be strong in your determination to lose weight. Then, no body would dare to stop you from reaching your goal. You maybe surprised to note that most of the best hip and thigh exercises have been popular for several decades. A lot of these exercises withstood the test of time but at some point or other, they were modified or perhaps even forgotten.

Let's not ignore floor exercises, particularly the one leg hip extension as well as the 90 degree thigh lift. You can easily do these exercises in combination with multi dimensional, exercises while standing. Even if your main goal in exercising is to burn fat, you shouldn't worry because the right hip and thigh exercises will take care of these trouble spots.

Kick Up: Lie on the floor. Make sure that the shoulders and hips form a balanced line, followed by the knees and ankles. Your ankles may be a little in front of you. Make sure that your abdominal muscles are pulled in correctly. You would have to move carefully through the top leg, kick it up in the direction pointing toward the ceiling. The hip bones should remain stacked but don't let the pelvis tilt. When you pull your abdominals up, it should oppose your leg's lengthening movement even as you move to control its descent.

Please note that the exercise isn't a kick but is extremely effective to help your abs get toned and flat. Sideleg lifts: Breathe deeply before you begin this exercise. Make use of your abdominals to make your legs rise up a few inches from your exercise mat. Keep your inner legs together, straighten your legs back on to your mat. It is a good idea to do this exercise at least eight times a day.

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