Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How To Get Tight Abs Looking Great

The way to get tight abs is often a source of confusion for people. Most people simply decide they want tight abs and start working them in the hope of getting what they want. Lets look at exactly what we want so we can better understand how to get it.

Everybody wants nice tight abs. The reason why is because everybody recognizes, that the abs are the most visually appealing part of the body. There is a technical reason for this. It has to do with the science of Aesthetics. It is actually an optical illusion.

A flat area, or featureless area always looks larger to the eye, because the eye travels to the outer edges of the area because there is nothing to look on the inside of that area. When our mid section is featureless, when the skin is thick because it is full of engorged fat cells. The eye travels instantly to the outer edges of the mid section and takes a reading and makes a decision about whether that area is large or small. The eye takes a few things into account. Especially, it considers the proportion of the shoulders and the waist. This differential is used by the brain to decide whether this torso is thin or thick. Whether this person is fat or slim.

So the familiar 6 pack bumps and ridges we long for actually have a real reason for existing in terms of looking good. The six pack attracts the eye to the center, forcing the eye to ignore the outer edges of the torso. This typically makes the torso look smaller.

When you have a layer of fat covering your abs, what happens is you have a featureless area on your torso so the eye focuses on the outline. When you work your abs, which is what we have established is what most people want to do when they decide they want a nice six pack, we enlarge the muscle group. Now what is happening here is we are actually working towards the opposite of what we want. The eye travels to the torso, to look at the six pack on any muscular body, not because it is large, but because it is SMALL in comparison to the upper body. The shoulders chest and arms.

The key to a great looking set of abs is to make the skin covering them as thin and as supple as possible. That is the essential task of a great looking six pack. Cardio and limited calorie intake will do wonders for you.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Abs, Diet, Food and Nutrition

Most people think that doing thousands of sit ups and crunches will give them a perfect midsection. Unfortunately for most people, this won't work. To get a nice set of abs you have to work hard in the gym as well as in your own kitchen. You don't have to start working out on your kitchen counter but you do need to eat the right foods.

The reason that the midsection is such a big problem for so many is because this is where the majority of people store fat. To get your abs to show you need to get rid of this fat through diet and exercise. The simplest way to put it: you need to consume less calories than you burn so that your body uses your fat stores for energy.

One common misconception is that eating fat makes you fat. The truth is that eating too much of anything (fat, carbohydrates or protein) will make you fat. Fat is no different. You shouldn't totally avoid fats but you should reduce your intake of saturated and trans (bad) fats.

Sugar is a big concern if you're trying to eat for your abs. Sugar is digested very quickly and if you don't use all of those calories right away, (which you likely won't) all the extra calories will be converted and stored as fat.

Stay away from foods that are high in sugar such as candy, soda, sugary snacks and other junk foods. If you really want to eat these, do so in moderation. Don't eat the whole bag of cookies in one sitting.

In addition to sugar, you should also stay away from refined carbs. These include white bread, white rice and white pasta (or anything with white flour). Like sugar, these are digested quickly, and if not burned immediately, are stored as fat.

You shouldn't cut all carbs out of your diet. Whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta and brown rice are all digested slowly. These will release energy steadily throughout the day and give you more flexibility on when to burn the calories. Eat foods that are high in fiber, low in calories (fruits, vegetables, salads, whole wheat flour) to make you full for longer and keep your total calories down.

To get results in the shortest amount of time you need to put yourself on a good exercise regimen that will burn calories and build abdominal muscles. Diet alone won't give you the perfect set of abs.

Guide to Getting Nice Abs and Six Packs

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