Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Complexity Of Alcohol In The Abs Diet

Calories are an important part of the abs diet and are usually the most misunderstood problem with the other fad diets out there. Most other food programs focus so much on calories scrimping that they forget the other aspects of nutrition; the abs diet differs in the sense that in order to lose weight, you need to lose more calories than you take in. This eating plan is not an unscrupulous calorie-counting food program, but one which is based on principles of healthy nutrition.

If you are on the abs diet and you are at least a social drinker taking in at least a bottle of beer once in a while, then you are fortunate enough to be able to take part in the benefits which alcohol can provide.

While there is a misconception about beer that destroys the diet entirely, a liter of beer can provide up to 20% of the body's daily requirement of fiber. Such misconceptions should be blamed on the poor eating habits of an individual. Alcohol such as wine and beer are beneficial in your abs diet if you drink on occasion, since it helps in the unclogging of the arteries and prevent strokes. More amounts can however be destructive to your abs diet, since alcohol is known to encourage your body to eat more, and it also causes your body to burn less fat.

Excessive amounts of alcohol are treated by your body as poison, and your body makes an effort to get rid of it. If you are on the abs diet, this can be self-defeating, since your liver will first concentrate on flushing out the alcohol, and ignoring all other calories.

In order for your abs diet to achieve its maximum effectiveness, you'll have to get rid of the alcohol, or at least minimize it to healthy amounts. For better results, try replacing the empty calories from alcohol with the hydrating properties of water. Eight glasses a day are enough to wash away the toxins in your body.

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