Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Driving Force Behind Your Abs

The abs diet is a program which focuses on well-balanced meals, for better nutrition throughout the course of your weight loss program. These well-balanced meals in your abs diet contain the right amounts of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to get you through the day without feeling hungry or bloated.

The abs diet is based on the premise that as you eat more of the healthy foods, your body's muscle mass follows accordingly; with the proper exercise, this would result to less excess fat in your body, and also less of the flab that comes with it.

The problem with programs other than the abs diet is that they put too many restrictions on your meals in order to lose as much fat as possible. The abs diet disagrees completely with this method of weight loss, since you may also lose important nutrients which can be found on certain food groups; less nutrients leads to lowered muscle mass. With the abs diet, your body needs will be properly taken care of, and you won't have to worry about starving your body in order to get a desirable physique.

The abs diet advocates a regimen of six evenly spread out meals every day in order to keep your body's nutritional sustenance maintained. These six meals in your abs diet are divided into three square meals with three healthy snacks in between, to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

The meals must have enough time in between them, in order for the body to effectively digest the food before the next comes in. Try spacing your meals every two to three hours for a more balanced eating schedule in your abs diet. This food scheduling technique will ensure that you don't go hungry, and be easily tempted to compensate for the hunger by going on a food binge.

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