Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Abs Diet - Based On Sound Nutrition

If you have adapted the abs diet as your food program, the first thing you will notice is the variety of foods which is available to you. In fact, there are a lot of foods which are included in the abs diet which have been judged as unproductive and even unhealthy by other food programs, such as bread and meat. The abs diet differs from the other diet schemes in such a way that it puts emphasis on what you could consume, and not on what you are prohibited to eat.

Of course this does not mean that you can eat whatever you want in your abs diet, and still expect favorable results. The variety of food which is offered in the abs diet is included in order to give the best nutrition possible, without compromising your cravings too much. You should not be restricted to eating lettuce leaves and a tall glass of water all the time. You need variety, which is fortunately the main feature of the abs diet, in order to soothe your palate. You need to tickle your tongue at least once in a while.

The abs diet plan is based on sound nutrition; the meals are designed to include the recommended amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, in food portions which are enough to last you all day. In addition, the abs diet should be complemented with a determined exercise routine so that you get the most out of the program.

But in order for the abs diet to ultimately be effective, you need to begin conditioning your mind; with discipline, focus and enough will power, you will be able to squeeze out all the benefits of this food program and use it for a healthier body, and consequently, an improved and over-all healthier lifestyle.

When Eugene weighed 311 lbs, he never though he would cut weight,gain muscles and sculpt abs. He now teaches freelance dieting lessons and muscle-building exercises with his success largely contributed by "The Truth About Six-Pack Abs" by Mike Geary. Visit Ab Workouts to find out more today!

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Complexity Of Alcohol In The Abs Diet

Calories are an important part of the abs diet and are usually the most misunderstood problem with the other fad diets out there. Most other food programs focus so much on calories scrimping that they forget the other aspects of nutrition; the abs diet differs in the sense that in order to lose weight, you need to lose more calories than you take in. This eating plan is not an unscrupulous calorie-counting food program, but one which is based on principles of healthy nutrition.

If you are on the abs diet and you are at least a social drinker taking in at least a bottle of beer once in a while, then you are fortunate enough to be able to take part in the benefits which alcohol can provide.

While there is a misconception about beer that destroys the diet entirely, a liter of beer can provide up to 20% of the body's daily requirement of fiber. Such misconceptions should be blamed on the poor eating habits of an individual. Alcohol such as wine and beer are beneficial in your abs diet if you drink on occasion, since it helps in the unclogging of the arteries and prevent strokes. More amounts can however be destructive to your abs diet, since alcohol is known to encourage your body to eat more, and it also causes your body to burn less fat.

Excessive amounts of alcohol are treated by your body as poison, and your body makes an effort to get rid of it. If you are on the abs diet, this can be self-defeating, since your liver will first concentrate on flushing out the alcohol, and ignoring all other calories.

In order for your abs diet to achieve its maximum effectiveness, you'll have to get rid of the alcohol, or at least minimize it to healthy amounts. For better results, try replacing the empty calories from alcohol with the hydrating properties of water. Eight glasses a day are enough to wash away the toxins in your body.

When Eugene weighed 311 lbs, he never though he would cut weight,gain muscles and sculpt abs. He now teaches freelance dieting lessons and muscle-building exercises with his success largely contributed by "The Truth About Six-Pack Abs" by Mike Geary. Visit Ab Workouts to find out more today!

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An Ideal Healthy Nutrional Abs Dieting Plan

There is enough variation in the suggested foods in the abs diet for every person, and for every craving. Particular of these foods in the abs diet are 12 of the more beneficial ones, which, when properly incorporated into a meal plan, will give the body a well-balanced nutritional overhaul. Consequently, it is designed to fulfill several aims for the body, aims which differ from other known diet programs in the sense that they are thoroughly beneficial in the long run, and not mere quick fix, guilt-easing starving sessions.

The abs diet intends to build muscle through a sufficient protein intake. An increase protein leads to better muscle mass, which is the key to a leaner body, since the muscles give it its definition. The abs diet also promotes weight loss because all of its meal suggestions are low on fat and sugar, the culprits of obesity and a host of other complications.

There is also enough calcium to ensure that the bones are well taken care of; these minerals come from suggested portions of cheeses, milk, and vegetables. Since there is less fat in the meals, you will also be free from the preliminary causes of high blood pressure, and prevents you from developing heart disease and clogged arteries.

It has been proven that sufficient amounts of certain vegetables can help fight cancer, and this supports this fact by including a variety of veggies, such as carrots which contain beta-carotene and tomatoes which are rich in lycopene; these nutrients are known to help in the fight against certain forms of cancer.

Vegetables, fruit, and healthy protein also help in the strengthening of the immune system, so that you have the drive to keep on going throughout your program. Finally, the abs diet also has enough amount of dietary fiber in the meals to see to it that your body's accumulated toxins are effectively dealt with.

When Eugene weighed 311 lbs, he never though he would cut weight,gain muscles and sculpt abs. He now teaches freelance dieting lessons and muscle-building exercises with his success largely contributed by "The Truth About Six-Pack Abs" by Mike Geary. Visit Ab Workouts to find out more today!

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5 Surefire Ways Not to Have Six Pack Abs

1) Eat and Drink Whatever You Want.

Keep eating the fried food, take aways, fast food and other fatty foods.

And why not include the soda drinks, diet sodas and beer to make a perfect meal.

It's Great for your belly fat.

Keep exercising without a proper diet, you'll have no six pack.

Diet is the most important key factor and after all, losing the stomach fat that is covering the abs is the MOST important aspect when trying for flat abdominals.

Plan your nutrition in advance, to avoid dietary downfalls.

2) Do as Many Sit ups, Crunches and Other Stomach Exercises.

It doesn't really matter how you well perform the stomach exercises, just aim for as many repetitions.

Not only will sit ups and stomach crunches harm the lumbar spine in your lower back, there are not effective and offer very resistance on your abdominals.

Besides, it doesn't really help in developing your core - nor reveal your stomach muscles.

So stop pumping away with all kinds of different abs-specific exercises.

3) You Can Lose Tummy Fat With Crunches

Again do as may crunches, and you will lose that stubborn belly fat!


The truth is, you don't lose belly fat by doing exercises that target the stomach area.

The only way to reduce stomach fat is with a good total body exercise program that indirectly work the abs and the entire "core" area, and - eating a healthy diet.

Try to incorporate compound movements that targets the largest portions of your body as it greatly stimulates the fat-burning hormones within your body.

4) Infomercial Products Will Help You Get a 6-pack

Listen to the promises and start buying them now before the product runs out!

Waste your hard earn money!

Forget the gimmicks or ab gadgets, and save your money and time.

You can't expect anything you order from TV to help you get a six-pack.

Proper nutrition and proper training achieves results.

5) Train Your Abs Daily

C'mon...let's do the crunches, and sit ups everyday.

And If you forgot point 2 and point 3, stomach exercises do not work.

So avoid the stomach exercises that are too easy, where someone can do 50 or 100 repetitions.

Instead, focus on higher resistance exercises that actually stimulate the muscle fibers to a much greater degree, and get your repetitions down.

Look at twice a week training the abdominals, using multi joint exercises (or non conventional exercises) such as Mountain Climbers, Stability Ball Jackknives, and hanging leg raises with a proper "pelvic curl up" to reduce the stress on your low back.

So if you want to ignore the truth about six packs abs, just follow the 5 tips to six pack failure.

Is The Truth About Six Pack Abs a Scam?

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