Friday, August 28, 2009

How To Get Them Abs

Let's be honest, everyone wants those abs. As Bodybuilding guru Vince Gironda once said; "Sharp, well defined abdominal muscles are worth a king's ransom. To my mind, there is no more treasured possession."

Some people do absurd regimens to try and get them, many have thought about doing 1000 + crunches a day to get that king's crown. Yet anyone whose tried that knows it just doesn't work.

So what does work?

The simple fact is, showing off that sick pack means melting that bodyfat. While proper exercise helps, you've gotta get that diet in line if you ever want to line up your abs.

You can have the most developed muscles your body can possibly grow, but if your body fat levels are too high, you'll never see that hard earned tone. While everyone has their own genetic blueprint determining body composition, one thing remains pretty standard; no one distributes their fat perfectly evenly. Men and women, in fact, tend to distribute their most stubborn fat differently. In Men, the gut sticks around the longest, while for women fat clings to their thighs and hips more than anywhere else.

Focus more on lower ab exercises all you want. Do all the leg raises you can stomach. You'll develop those muscles just fine, but you can't 'spot reduce' that resilient fat away. So what's the advice? Scale back your ab work. Drop those reps and sets, and only perform them a few times a week. Bump up your cardio to fill that time you just cut from your workout. Work cardio as often as ......

The 3000 is dedicated to giving you the life and body you always wanted.

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6 Idiot Proof Ways To Great Abs Quick

There are many ways to achieve great abs quick in a short time. A lot of us will try many methods before finding the best method to achieve the dream abs that we want. I have here six points you must take note before embarking on the journey to achieve the abs that you want.

First, remember that all of us have to burn calories to lose fat. No matter how we train them, the abs will not become visible unless we lose the fats around them. Many people focused too much on training their muscles and neglect to lose the calorie, which is why they fail to achieve their dream abs even though they train very hard everyday.

Second, proper nutrition is important when we are trying to burn calories. When we are trying to lose weight, we should always try to keep to a low calorie diet. While keeping our intake of calories low is important, it is also important to burn off the existing fats in our body. That is why exercise is also important. Proper diet with the proper exercise will generate the results that we want to get.

Third, it is very helpful to get a Swiss ball to help us with our calorie burning exercise. The Swiss ball will help us train different muscles through a full range of motion. Most of the abs exercises are designed with a Swiss ball in mind.

Fourth, we should do many different types of exercise to keep our calories burn constant. Different exercises also help us train different parts of our body. For example, jogging and cycling helps us to train our leg power while swimming will actually help us train all parts of our body. If our body is too used to one exercise, we will soon stop burning calories as the body is too used to it.

Fifth, do not use supplements to help you burn calories. Although supplements containing Ephedra can help us burn more calories while we work, it can cause heart rhythm problems and even lead to stroke in some people. Besides all these side effects, our appetite and weight will also come back when we stop taking Ephera.

Last, genetics is an important factor in determining whether we are fat or slim. Some people are born fat, while some will not get fat no matter how much they eat. That is why we say that the world is unfair. Follow some of the idiot proof ways and get to those great abs quick.

For you are seriously trying to slim your waistline, stop piling on the fats, get discipline, enforce determination and get your own personal health magazine washboard abs at

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Flatten That Stomach - Easy Exercises for a Great Body and Abs!

If you're dreaming about a great body then you're not alone... that's something we all want.

I think having a great body is just a natural genetic thing all bound up in that whole interaction around finding a healthy attractive mate to produce a family with... and that doesn't seem to diminish, no matter how old people get.

But from the look of North America and lots of the developed world today, we're all falling down on the job.

Having amazing abs is the ideal, but finding them can be a big job. We know they're buried here somewhere beneath that spare tire and all that belly flab... but hey!... it's often a full scale archaeological dig just to unearth them.

And we got this way because basically humans are lazy; eating is fun and exercise is just plain hard work.

Whether it's just a pad of baby fat on your tummy, some love handles or a full blown case of obesity, the plan is the same; burn off the fat and tighten up the muscles.

That sounds awfully like diet and exercise to me!

Well it sort of is... but it doesn't have to be an ordeal... in fact it can be really easy and enjoyable. A bit of easy exercise tones your muscles and promotes hormones to burn off the fat.

You can lose the weight without any pain and without ever needing to go hungry. On the plan I can show you the fat will come off your tummy first. Just click my link below and get my free book to find out how.

And the exercise part can be a real blast... I like to do it in bed... well on the bed anyway!

Get yourself some light weights-dumbells-maybe 5 to 15 pounds to start depending on your strength and size; but not too light... you've got to do a bit of work.

Lie on your back on your bed with your legs bent at the knees and dangling over the edge with your feet on the floor... if your legs are long enough for that.

Note: Ask your Doctor about these exercises before you start and stop any of these movements immediately and consult your Doctor if you feel any discomfort; especially in your lower back.

Do five to ten reps for each of these simple movements.

You can work your abs and legs just by just lifting your legs off the bed. Start with feet on the floor and lift your knees maybe six inches and lower them. Build this up until eventually you are raising your knees up to your chest.

Next straighten your knees and raise your legs off the bed from your waist down. Eventually you can raise the legs as high as you can, eventually to the vertical.

Now for some really easy weight bearing exercises:

You're still lying on the bed. Pick up a dumbbell in each hand and do some simple arm exercises. Here are some ideas... I'm sure you can invent lots of variations of your own.

1. With your arms flat on the bed, raise the dumbbells until your lower arms are vertical and lower them back to the bed. This will work your biceps.

2. Start with arms bent and dumbbells at your shoulders and raise them to the vertical. This will work your lower triceps.

3. With your arms stretched fully above your head, lift the dumbbells to the vertical while keeping the arms straight. This will work your upper triceps and deltoids and put some tension on your tummy.

4. With arms bent resting on the bed but at right angles to the body, forearms vertical, raise the arms from the shoulders until the dumbbells touch above your chest. Lower them back down again and repeat.

5. Repeat 3 starting with arms on the bed stretched out sideways from the shoulders and raise to the vertical and back. This will work your deltoids and pectorals.

So isn't that amazing... you haven't even gotten off the bed and already you have a beautiful bod.

If you still have some flab around your tummy (maybe even a whole lot of flab) that you would like to lose I can show you a proven program to get rid of that. Combine that with the simple exercises and you can be looking amazing in no time at all.

I have recently written a book entitled "Lose Weight -Never Go Hungry" which lays out a plan for overcoming carbohydrate addiction and losing weight.

You can download it FREE here: "Lose Weight - Never Go Hungry"

Kirrily Keayes is committed to bringing health and wealth to everyone she encounters

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

How To Get Flat Abs By Creating Muscle Tone Fast

Getting a slimmer waste line is on almost everyones agenda, but what about a bumpy, ripped set of flat abs? If you are going to put in the effort of trimming down, why not get a new set of abs, that will make your partner or significant other, very pleased.

If we feel our tummy right now, and push into it, more often than not it will be soft and quite a disappointment to feel. Quite likely it is even less impressive to look at. The reason why is because the muscles under the skin layer are probably atrophied and soft. This should alarm you! It would me, mainly for health benefits. You see if your abdominal muscle group is weak, it means you are using other muscles to support your posture. Back aches and pains in the lower back can result in the future.

You may notice quite commonly, that the stomach distends. If you relax it and look at the mirror sideways, you may see a circular shape, a pouch. What you are looking at is your organs and intestines pushing their way out. The abdominals job is to hold in your organs and inner workings. When they are atrophied, the result is the familiar pot belly.

So to get flatter abs, the first step is to reverse the atrophied abdominals so they are toned. When a muscle group is toned, it means it has a natural tension, even when relaxed, the muscle fiber is thicker and more dense, meaning the muscle group holds its shape without needing to be consciously tensed.

By creating that tone, your pot belly becomes less obvious and your inner organs and intestines are comfortably held in position by your abs.

The next step, after getting the muscle tone is to lower your over all body fat percentage, so the skin layer around your abdominals is thinner, in this way, the muscles you have developed will show through.

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How to Get Abs in a Month

Ever found yourself with your hand on your belly, wondering what it would take to transform that belly into a set of rock hard abs? Often it's easier just to dream. But sometimes. Sometimes its simpler just to put in the work, get it over with and get what you want....isn't it? Sure it is. This article shows you how to get abs in a month!

When you press into your belly, and feel how spongy and soft it is, often you may feel disappointed until you remember you are not tensing your muscles. Relieved, you tense those abs hiding under a fleshy outer skin and sure enough there is a reasonably hard wall of muscle there. Cool.

But you look up at the TV and see a couple of fitness models and it strikes you quite plainly, that your hard abs and their hard abs LOOK different. It is little consolation to know you have abs just like they do. Virtually the same. But yours are hidden under some spongy flesh and theirs is defined and tight looking.

So defining this we realize something new. Abs are not about the actual muscles but the presentation. You have the same muscles as the fitness models but when you take your shirt off at the beach, no members of the opposite sex even pay attention. When the fitness model take their shirt off, everyone looks right?

What's the difference? What's the confusion? The difference is the quality, texture and thickness of the skin covering your abs and theirs. That area of skin on a fitness models abs is thin, supple and taught across their abs. Yours may be loose, flabby and thick filled with engorged fat cells.

It is this area of skin you must work on and not the actual muscles underneath!

So this is what is required to get abs looking good. If you follow these steps diligently, you should have a nice looking set of abs.

Limiting your calorie intake for just 30 days, then all there is left to do is maintenance. You really can eat what you like thereafter, as long as you keep an eye on your weight gains, and if you inadvertently ad a pound or two, you can drop it in a few days. That is a lot easier than dieting for a month!

Walk 1 hour every day. Believe me this burns calories like crazy. Walking along with limiting your calorie intake is a powerful way to make the skin thinner around your abs. If you limit your calories to only say, 1200 a day for 30 days only, you will have a nice lean set of abs (depending on your starting weight of course)

Finally, in the final stage, your tummy is slim, now I am going to ask you to eat more than your required calorie intake for a week after the 30 days. Muscle doesn't grow unless it is fed protein. You can do 1000 sit ups, but the muscles will not respond in size and definition unless they get the building blocks of muscle fiber which are amino acids. Which are found in protein. For that week, eat lots of protein and build up to 100 sit ups a day.

A final note. Weighing your self is useless. When your muscles grow you actually put on weight. Also you weigh water and other things that really makes weighing yourself futile. If you are serious about charting your progress, you must get a set of calipers, and pinch test specific fat areas every day. This is the most accurate way to see whats really happening.

If you would like to get a six pack in 23 days or less, buy The "Abs In 23 Days" training program. You can learn more about this award winning, abdominal pumping, fat stripping product by clicking HERE

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How to Get Abs of Iron - Fast

Powerful abs look hot. There is no two ways about it. A good looking set of abs is a marvelous center piece on a muscular body. Nice developed delts and big guns are somehow not legitimate if the tummy has some fat on it or a pouch. Somehow without those rock hard abs of steel, the muscular body is seen more "gross" (less refined) on a guy and simply fat on a girl, even if other body parts are well developed.

Everyone wants nice looking abs. The question is how to get those abs of steel fast. Then it's just a matter of maintenance.

The answer is simple. It's a two pronged approach.

Apply crunches and sit ups to increase the size and thickness of the abdominals. By enlarging this large muscle group we do something very important. It is well known that muscle burns more calories. A bigger muscle, burns a bigger amount of calories even at resting rate. An extra pound of raw lean muscle will on average burn 10 calories extra per day, so if you doubled the size of your abdominal muscles and added 10 pounds of raw lean ab muscle, you will be burning an extra 100 calories a day than you do now, at resting rate.

This, of course, makes the second part of the process easier. We restrict calorie intake, eating special foods. Proteins. Also we employ a cardio program in an effort to burn off fat and reduce our over all fat levels. (Spot weight loss just on your tummy is a myth)

You can easily start dropping 4 pounds a week this way simply because your body burns a lot more calories just functioning. Also any cardio you do, the calories burned are multiplied by the new raw lean muscle you have gained. Within a month, almost anybody can look like a fitness model and have those abs of steel.

If you would like to get a six pack in 23 days or less, buy The "Abs In 23 Days" training program. You can learn more about this award winning, abdominal pumping, fat stripping product by clicking HERE

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Get Lower Abs Tight and Lean

So you want to know how to get lower abs tight and lean. It is not impossible nor hard nor time consuming to achieve this. How you say? With just three exercise techniques, you too can get lower abs tight and lean.

Let's look at how and why our stomach muscles loosen and become flabby. Muscles maintain their tightness with exercise. When we do not exercise, the muscles atrophy (reduce) with time. People tend to confuse the fact that if we exercise, we wear our body out. Nothing is further from the truth.

Keeping our body strong and healthy requires exercise, as exercise rejuvenates the muscles. People do not get abs tight and lean while sitting watching television, they get abs tight and lean by exercising. Unfortunately, people do not like to exercise, as they conceive it to be boring and hard. Which in a way is fortunate for you because if you do the work, your abs are so much more special. If everyone could easily do it, there would be nothing special about a tight lean set of abs, in fact I would wager that a flabby belly would be the desired fashion!

But this also is not the case abs are not hard to develop. Three simple exercise techniques can give you great looking and healthy lower abs. Let's now go through the steps and very shortly you will know how to get lower abs tight and lean.

First think of the exercise as a health benefit, not a way to look better, although you will look better. Studies tell us that people who look at exercise as a health benefit, rather than a look good benefit, kept up the routine longer and stayed fit past two years.

Second, drink water, as water nourishes the muscles and refreshes the muscles as you reshape them.

Third, repetition is the key to fitness and long term results. So here we go.

Lie down on your back and bend your knees toward you. Place your hands behind your neck but do not apply pressure. Inhale and exhale. Inhale again, but this time when you exhale, lift your head up toward the ceiling until you feel a pull in your abs. Hold for a few seconds and then release. Breathe in and out. When breathing out, lift your head again toward the ceiling but this time instead of lifting straight up, lift to the right.

Hold again for a few seconds. Release. Breathe in and out. This time when breathing out lift up and to the left. Hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat these steps 12 times. Do 3 sets of these exercise techniques repetitiously every day until you have the desired result, then perform them 2 to 3 times a week to maintain.

Start today because now you know how to get abs tight and lean.

If you would like to get a six pack in 23 days or less, buy The "Abs In 23 Days" training program. You can learn more about this award winning, abdominal pumping, fat stripping product by clicking HERE.

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How to Get the Perfect Abs in Record Time

Wow, you just saw a commercial with the man and woman with the perfect abs. You assume that it took them years to achieve this goal. Not so. Abdominals can be built in a few weeks. This large muscle group is extremely responsive to exercise and is easily turned quite tight and attractive. They say that your abdominals are built in the kitchen and not the gym. This is quite true.

I have helped many people build a remarkable set of abs in record time and without fail the most difficult part was not doing the exercises. The most difficult part was removing the layer of fat that covered the attractive new six pack. That is whats meant by abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym.

Most people, even the "fatty's" among us have an attractive set of abs. The problem is the thick skin covering them is too full of fat cells to allow the details and definition show through. Imagine putting a mountain bike on the ground and putting a thin curtain across it. Once the curtain settles, the details of the mountain bike will show quite clearly, theres the peddle, theres the shape of the wheel, theres the steering column. Now imagine the same scenario, but instead of a thin curtain, we place across the mountain bike, a bed mattress and try and identify parts of the bike... can't do it. Cant see a thing. The mattress shows no shapes through. All you see is the mattress.

This same scenario can be applied to showing off your abs. If your skin is thin, your ab muscles show through proudly. If your skin is thick, like the mattress, the muscle is invisible. No hints of abdominals show through even though, you most likely already have nice abdominals.

So what we are doing is two things. We are going to limit your calorie intake if you are overweight and we are going to hit your abs with crunches and sit ups in an effort to enlarge the muscle group. This is how to get the perfect abs in record time.

If you would like to get a six pack in 23 days or less, buy The "Abs In 23 Days" training program. You can learn more about this award winning, abdominal pumping, fat stripping product by clicking HERE.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to Get Hard Abs in a Month

Everyone wants to know how to get hard abs! In this hectic world, exercising in our lives is often a low priority. Often people assume that for exercise to benefit it must be done for hours a day and to see results will take years. This is far from the truth. Exercise is beneficial as soon as you do it and results can be had in just one month. To learn how to get hard abs in under a month keep reading!

Let's examine the role of the abdominals. The stomach muscles help us maintain good back health, but when not exercised, they begin to atrophy and we begin to rely on other more awkward muscles to perform movements, like the lower back. Eventually the lower back is left to maintain our posture. The lower back was never meant to support the body in this way, hence the aches and pains that follow. You also begin to communicate weak and awkward body language which has social ramifications, when your abdominals are atrophied.

The stomach muscles are huge and strong if healthy and can keep the rest of the body strong. Exercise can transform the stomach muscles in just days and become easily hard in less than a month.

So let's look at how to get hard abs in a month. First, remember that you must want to be healthy and want to strengthen your form with exercise. This is the key to success with any exercise routine or technique. Often people self sabotage themselves with negative thoughts, so getting your mind right about training your abs is crucial.

Lets go over a typical leg raise.
Lie down on the floor on your back and bend your legs slightly at the knees with your feet pointing outwards. You may put a pillow under your feet, not for support but to give you a stopping place for your leg raises. When we exercise we tend to forget about our form. The pillow will be a reminder to keep the legs in motion and not letting them rest to the floor after each rep. Then lift your legs smoothly, steadily and slowly, until you feel a pull. Breathe in and out and then release. Repeat this exercise 12 times, then rest. Do 3 sets.

As you do this exercise the stomach muscles will begin to respond to the pedestrian strain you are applying to them. Always pull the stomach in toward the back as you do these exercises. Do these exercises every day for a month and watch how amazingly hard your abs will be.

Also drink plenty of water during the day and with exercise. Once you have reached the desired effect usually less than a month, maintain this exercise 3 times a week.

If you would like to get a six pack in 23 days or less, buy The "Abs In 23 Days" training program. You can learn more about this award winning, abdominal pumping, fat stripping product by clicking HERE.

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How To Get Cut Abs In A Few Weeks

A set of beautiful abs is so desired these days, often people assume that only professional gymnasts or fitness models can have such a highly prized body part. This is not true. These people simply know how to get cut abs. Yes, in just a few weeks!

This sounds almost impossible, but it is not. The key is in the form and the right exercise. Bare in mind that fitness models and gymnasts have low body fat. So their abs will show through when they cut them up. If you are slim, this will work for you too. In fact this will work for anybody, but for people with a thick layer of fat on their tummy, the new muscles will not be visible, so if that is the case, you will need to go on a strict calorie intake diet to get to the point where your muscles show through a little.

How to get cut abs in a few weeks
First make sure to drink lots of water. When you hydrate your body, you allow the anabolic environment the resources it needs to begin creating the new muscle fiber. Second, eat lots of protein. The basic building blocks of muscle fiber is amino acids which are found in protein.

Chicken breast, tuna in spring water and protein shakes are great, eat a lot! You may even gain a few pounds over the days you do this, but you will need to do some cardio after "bulking up" to remove the excess fat. The reason why you must eat is because when you do your ab crunches and sit ups you are putting strain on the muscle. The muscle group responds by rebuilding itself and growing. If it doesn't have the correct materials to build muscle it simply wont. In other words you are wasting your time exercising. Without proper nutrition, you may as well not bother exercising. You will burn calories and thats great but there are better cardio exercises around than crunches and sit ups. Like walking or running.

However if you want to build muscle, you are going to have to accept that you will add some fat too while you are bulking up the muscle group because you cant be laser accurate. You need to give the muscles the nutrition it needs and that means lots of food. Some fat is bound to be added too, but this can be taken care of later by cutting in with cardio workouts to remove fat and lower your body fat percentages so the muscles show through your skin because it is now thinner.

If you would like to get a six pack in 23 days or less, buy The "Abs In 23 Days" training program. You can learn more about this award winning, abdominal pumping, fat stripping product by clicking HERE

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